Filthy Rick

Event Date
October 13, 2017
pin Hide Map Guild Theatre first floor, Union House, University of Melbourne, Parkville

O Earth, gape open wide and eat him quick!

In the beginning, there are all these really self-centred people and they're walking around like they own the place. This goes on for a while until the earth decides it's had enough: it rejects them! straight up just REVOLTS !!! The Gut (FKA Planet Earth) claws its way up up up into their dreams, bursting out through their ear holes and lungs and kisses and shameful, broken promises of what they could never be. What occurs is some big, weird, stupid, upsetting (possible hopeful???) theatre. 

*key aesthetics include: grossness, revolt[ing], not being good enough, speed dealer sunnies, vomit, unburial, trash, privilege

*key audience: people who love shakespeare, people who really don't like shakespeare and think it should be abandoned in the name of a better future for Theatre, people who have always worried that they don't understand shakespeare.

Oh also this is loosely an adaptation of Richard iii by Sir Lady Willian Shakespeare...

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