Expression Australia's vision is for our clients and community to live in an accessible, inclusive society with equal opportunity in all areas of life. 

And who can argue with that? 

Our work is broad so that we can make a difference in every aspect of a person's life. 
But without you, many people who are deaf, hard of hearing or experiencing barriers to participating are not included in vital and every day activities. 

With your help, we can do more so that no person is left out. 

Be a part of creating an inclusive society!

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Your kindness today will make a difference

Through the support of people like you, our work has helped to:

  • Help people who are Deaf with disabilities to live independently in their daily lives
  • Help people who are Deaf, have a sensory or other disabilities find employment
  • Enable vital information to be translated into Auslan
  • Enable parents who are Deaf to communicate better with their children's schools
  • Provide tailored support for individuals
  • Teach basic Auslan to hundreds of Victorians
  • Provide assistive listening devices to help people hear or be alerted to noises around their home (including fire and baby alarm systems)
  • Allow people have access to interpreting services (including in medical, emergency, legal and financial scenarios and at funerals)
  • Helped many more people who access our various services and programs

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Much of our work goes unnoticed in the general community but every day our work helps us to ensure that Deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy increased access and equity in their lives.


Please contact us on 03 9473 1111; TTY 03 9473 1199 or to discuss your fundraising initiatives.