About Expression Australia

We have changed our name and brand to Expression Australia and our associated service names: Expression Audiology, Expression Employment, Expression Access and Expression Learning. Expression Deaf serves to connect with our community, culture and language (Auslan) through Deaf events, programs and activities.

Expression Australia represents the unique and diverse way our clients express themselves.

Through extensive community consultation and an innovative Auslan (Australian Sign Language) first approach - which we believe is an Australian first - we developed a new Auslan sign, logo, name and appearance. These elements combine to form our new brand.

Watch our fascinating journey in the videos below.

Respecting our history and moving forward
Consulting our community
Our Auslan-first approach
How our new brand works
Frequently asked questions
Brand announcement community event

We need your help

Please take the time watch Our brand journey series and help us share the story behind this exciting change with your family and friends.



Our brand journey series - Part one

Lance Hately takes us on a journey through our past and how our name has changed throughout the years. Do you know what our name was 100 years ago?



Our brand journey series - Part two

Stephen Nicholson discusses the extensive community consultation that we undertook, reveals your feedback and how it has helped us create our new brand. Find out what you, the community, thought about developing our new brand.



Our brand journey series - Part three

Ramas McRae and Anabelle Beasley explain what an Auslan-first approach involves, how the Auslan brand sign was developed and how our language, values and culture are embedded in the brand. Find out how we embedded our Deaf culture into the heart of our new brand.



Our brand journey series - Part four

Brent Phillips and Kim Kavanagh explain the how the new brand will work, why there are so many colours, how we represent our Deaf space and different services. Find out about the values that inspire our new brand.



Our brand journey series - Part five
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After visiting many Deaf clubs, communities, organisations and sporting teams, Kim Kavanagh discusses and answers some of the frequently asked questions around the new brand. Find out what some of the frequently asked questions our new brand were.



Brand Announcement Livestream

On June 28, 2018, we announced our new brand to the Deaf community via Facebook Livestream and in the JML Centre. The livestream reached over 6,000 people online via Facebook and positive discussion and feedback was received. If you would like to view the full 47 minute livestream, you can watch below: