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Gippsland: Auslan Training Info Session

COMMUNITY MEETING ABOUT AUSLAN TRAINING IN GIPPSLAND. deafConnectEd and the Melbourne Polytechnic Auslan Training Program are holding an information session to discuss the options for regional delivery of Auslan training in 2015.

Delivery modes, including face-to-face, online and video conferencing will be discussed as will course schedules.


1 December 2014


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The First Six Months - VATC Summary Report on Auslan Training Program - Released March 2014

Partners for Learning Success imageMelbourne Polytechnic is contracted by the Victorian Government to deliver Certificates II, III and IV in Auslan and the Diploma of Auslan from July 2013 as part of the Victorian Auslan Training Consortium (VATC) for 3.5 years until December 2016. The VATC will maintain the cultural, linguistic and scholastic integrity of this important training course. The course is integral in ensuring Deaf Victorians are able to continue to participate in every day community life. The VATC, is pleased to release a review of the first six months of the training. Below are some highlights from the report:

Community Engagement

Active community engagement is an important part of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Auslan training provision and the VATC recognises that it is integral to success of the course and the employability of graduates. Every effort is made to ensure students have a range of opportunities throughout their studies to engage with the Deaf community on a regular basis.

Bendigo Pilot

A regional pilot was conducted with students in Bendigo (October to December 2013) to test and refine a proposed model of delivery to regional centres in Victoria. The pilot used a blended delivery model that included video conferencing sessions, an online learning platform and local regional community activities. It also built in opportunities for language immersion outside the video conferencing classroom by engaging a local Deaf trainer as a Auslan language tutor to facilitate communication activities to give students maximum opportunity to gain knowledge of the local Auslan ‘dialect’.

Student experiences

The report details the experiences of the students and shares the journey they found themselves on as they learnt and absorbed a dynamic, visual language.

“It’s like shutting off one sense and opening another so much more. I wouldn’t find this kind of learning environment anywhere else”

“Excited is how I feel when I come to class. I haven’t missed a single class. I was part of the pilot program in Bendigo and it was fantastic. You get so involved in the class you forget its via video conference.”

“As a parent of a deaf child, learning Auslan has been essential not only to our communicaitn but also so I can serve as a positive role model. Learning Auslan shows my child that I value her Deaf identity and opens the world of rich Deaf culture and heritage to both of us.”

deafConnectEd wishes to congratulate our consortium partners at Melbourne Polytechnic, La Trobe University and Vicdeaf, without whom the start up of this new program could not have been achieved.

We also wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Auslan management, teaching and administrative staff at Melbourne Polytechnic, all of whom have gone above and beyond what was expected of them in order to deliver an outstanding program.

Enrollments for semester 2 classes will open soon, with classes being offered in Certificate II, III and IV in Auslan from July 2014. For enrolment enquiries and to join our Auslan updates mailing list, contact deafConnectEd and the Auslan training team at or on 9269 8306 for more information.

VATC 6 Month Summary Report - March, 2014


Vicdeaf is an important partner of the Victorian Auslan Training Consortium which will deliver accredited, innovative and multi-modal Auslan training in Victoria from July 2013 to December 2016. Auslan training will be delivered by skilled teaching staff employed by Melbourne Polytechnic.

Consortium partners and roles are as follows:


(formerly the Centre of Excellence for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing) manages the following functions:

  • lead agent for the consortium including contract management
  • learning, curriculum and e-learning innovation
  • technical specialist function
  • workforce development strategy
  • coordination of regional hubs

Melbourne Polytechnic 

Melbourne Polytechnic is a leading TAFE institute based in the northern region of Melbourne with seven campuses stretching from inner metropolitan suburbs to Ararat in Western Victoria, and an additional six training centres in primary industry and English language studies.

  • Delivery of Certificate II to Diploma of Auslan training throughout Victoria
  • Marketing of Auslan course

For information about the courses, check out their website:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Certificate II:

Diploma of Auslan:


  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder steering committee
  • Resource production

La Trobe University

  • Workforce development strategy
  • Resource development
  • Research

Prospective studentsclick here to view course information, fees and details.

For employment opportunities at NMIT, please click here – be sure to check this page regularly.

Community Engagement – VATC will create a Stakeholder Steering Committee chaired by Vicdeaf which will include representatives from relevant industries including Auslan interpreting, education and the deaf sector as well as individual community and student representatives. Information on how to be involved in this Committee will be provided soon.

On 12 June 2013, Vicdeaf and the VATC hosted a Community Information and Briefing Session, to explain how the consortium will operate and the training delivery model being rolled out over the next 3.5 years. This session was streamed live to the community to view on the night, you can download a copy of the recording here if you missed it. To assist with understanding the video, please download a copy of the evening’s presentation here. If you have any questions about VATC or Auslan training, please email

A list of questons and answers will be posted shortly to this page.