Beyond High School Workshops 2016

Are you just about to finish high school (or have just recently graduated)? This page is for you.

With thanks to the Collier Charitiable Fund, Vicdeaf hosted Beyond High School workshops. Below are videos of the keynote presentations, covering topics from six areas. 

  • Further Education
  • Travel
  • Personal Health
  • Work
  • Independent Living
  • Voting
  • NDIS

The videos will empower you with knowledge for a fun and supported journey beyond high school. 

Workshop 1 - I finished high school. What now?

3 May

What happens in further education after high school? Learn about disability support in further education presented by Ramas from deafConnectED

Workshop 2 - Help! I’ve been bitten by the travel bug

10 May

A popular workshop from last year, Matthew from Deaf Children Australia focuses on gap year opportunities, and accessible tours. 

Workshop 3 - Check Yourself

17 May

There is more to staying healthy than not being sick. The first keynote presentation by Sarah, an experienced health teacher, covers sexual health, awareness and accessible support. The second presenation by Kate from Deaf Survivors of Domestic Violence Australia discusses Dating Violence, signs of unhealthy relationships, and where to seek help. 

Workshop 4 - Working Class Wo/Man

24 May

Want to know more about the work force? Sophia, a representative of SensWide Employment discusses the benefits of the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF).

Workshop 5 - Packing is hard. Moving 101

31 May

Enjoy a show and tell by Pina from Hearservice of their accessible technology for the home, such as flashing doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks. 

Workshop 6 - NDIS. What is it?/Voting. Have your say

14 June

This workshop is in two parts. With the roll-out of the NDIS, Michael from Vicdeaf will provide a summary of the NDIS, how it affects young Deaf and HoH people; the changes to the current system, and who they can see about the NDIS. As future young adults, you will vote in elections. Jen from Deaf Victoria shares some information about the upcoming election year, what to expect, and accessible voting.