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What level of Auslan can I learn? Expression Australia offers basic Auslan – Level 1 & 2. Our courses are for people with little or no signing experience. They enable a person to communicate with a deaf person at a basic level. If you are interested in full time study or becoming fluent in Auslan it is best to contact Melbourne Polytechnic.

What does the beginner's sign language course involve? 

Expression Australia teaches basic everyday sign language to enable students to have simple conversations with Deaf people. All courses are taught by qualified teachers and no voices are used in class to create an effective and fun learning environment. Click here to enrol today.

How long does it take learn basic Australian Sign Language (Auslan)?

Auslan takes the same amount of time to gain fluency as any other language, such as Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc. Melbourne Polytechnic offers Diploma of Auslan and it is a two year full time course (four years part time equivalent). 


What are the courses like at Expression Australia? 

Expression Australia courses are offered in two ways. They can run over a six week period, one class per week for two hours. Six week courses run once a term, but not during the school holidays.


The same courses are also offered intensively over two or three full days. Intennsive courses are run each term. Click here to enrol today.

Will this course enable me to begin communicating with other Auslan users?

Yes, though at a basic level. It’s best to do Level 1 & 2 straight after one another to gain a strong understanding of the language.

If you want to progress to becoming fluent in Auslan, then we highly recommends continuing on to complete Auslan Certificate II to IV and Diploma at Melbourne Polytechnic. Click here to go to their website. 

What can Expression Australia sign language courses offer that others don't?

Expression Australia has been providing Auslan courses since 1982 and has a qualified team of passionate teachers.

Expression Australia only utilises Deaf teachers as they have the best understanding of the language. Click here to enrol today.

Can we learn Auslan at our workplace?

Yes, we provide Auslan In The Workplace training on-site, please click here for further information.

Current Auslan classes are too far for me to travel. Who do I contact? 

Do please contact us through the online query form below  so we know you want to join our Auslan classes! We will continue to grow our locations where there is demand. 

Will I receive a qualification or certificate upon completion? 

Upon completion of our community courses students will receive a certificate of completion. If you want national recognition, Melbourne Polytechnic offers certified courses such as Diploma of Auslan.  


What's the pathway to become fluent in Auslan? 

We would highly recommend for students to follow this pathway. 

1. Expression Australia community courses - Sign Language One and Sign Language Two*.

2. Complete a two year full time course, Diploma of Auslan, at Melbourne Polytechnic.  

3. To become an interpreter: complete RMIT Auslan Interpreting Course. 


3. To become a Teacher of the Deaf: complete a teaching degree and special education degree.

*It is highly recommended to participate in Expression Australia's Auslan community courses before deciding to progress further. Expression Australia offers a 'taster' of what it is like to sign in a visual language and be part of the Deaf culture and community. 


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