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Expression Australia

Deaf Parenting Stories - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Deaf and hard of hearing parents share advice and stories for other parents to gain tools, knowledge and skills to make decisions and develop confidence in raising their children.

Click to see Deaf Parents at Expression Australia.


Conexu, Country Fire Authority and Expression Australia

Introducing FireReady and OpenAccess Alerts apps for bushfire season - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Expression Australia explains how the new smartphone apps can assist deaf, hard of hearing and many others to prepare for the bushfire season. 

Click to visit Community Safety at Expression Australia where other Auslan videos about bushfire safety are also available. 


The Other Film Festival

The Other Film Festival 2014 - Auslan translation with captions, no voice over.

The Other Film Festival is the big party where everyone gets invited. The festival programs the very best new cinema about the lived experience of disability from around the world. The festival screens these films in the most accessible way possible, delivering global best practice in meeting the access requirements of all patrons. All speeches are Auslan interpreted, all films are captioned, all films are audio described and the venue is fully accessible. Inclusive, accessible and welcoming, the festival reveals how disability looks right now. 

Expression Australia partnered with the Other Film Festival, offering Sign Language classes for OFF employees and volunteers, Deaf Awareness Training and Auslan interpreters. The Other Film Festival 2014 offered screenings of films about the deaf and deafness. Click to visit the Other Film Festival website. 


Federation Square

Learn Auslan - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Expression Australia staff offer common Auslan (Australian Sign Languae) phrases to use in day to day activities. Enjoy learning Auslan at Expression Australia !

To learn more Auslan, click to visit our Auslan classes

Expression Australia

How to Call a Friend on Facetime - Auslan with captions, no voice over

A Step by Step guide for those who want to learn how to video call with two new technologies: Apple iPhone or iPad and Skype. 

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Victorian Deaf Education Institute

Blue Bear Gets Ready for School - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Blue Bear wears hearing aids and he is about to start school! Join Blue Bear as he experiences getting ready for school. Follow his antics as he rummages for his hearing aids, puts his school uniform on and then discovers he has the wrong shoes! This is a story that will endear readers to Blue Bear, particularly families with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.


Public Transport Ombudsman

Making a Complaint to Public Transport Ombudsman in Auslan - an Auslan translation with captions

Public Transport Ombudsman is committed to making services accessible to all consumers who have complaints about public transport services. The Ombudsman regularly speaks to community groups, disability advocates and government agencies to explain how the PTO assists consumers. The Ombudsman collaborated with Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy and Sign Language Productions at Vicdeaf to produce the following spoken word and Auslan video about what PTO do and how consumers can access the services. 


The University of Melbourne

Introduction to Physiotherapy in Auslan - Auslan with captions, with voice over

This Auslan resource was created by physiotherapy students from The University of Melbourne as part of the Health Promotion Project in 'Deaf Awareness and Physiotherapy' in collaboration with Vicdeaf.
A primary aim for this online resource is to increase Deaf community awareness regarding the physiotherapy services that are offered and how these services can be accessed. A report by Queensland Health in 2001, identified a widespread dissatisfaction with healthcare interaction within the Deaf community and poor treatment outcomes as a consequence.  Therefore, educating the Deaf community on expectations during interactions with healthcare professionals (e.g. physiotherapists), can potentially lead to better health outcomes for this community. Currently, sites such as the “Better Health Channel” are readily available to the general public. However, studies have shown that health literacy within the Deaf community is lower than the general population (Jones et al., 2007). This gap has been attributed to communication barriers, in combination with lack of funding for interpreters during health appointments. These findings highlight the need for the development of Auslan-based information resources in the aim of improving the Deaf community's health literacy and potentially bridge the identified gap in current care.


Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

FOS presents: Sarah's Story in Auslan - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Sarah explains to a friend how the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) helped her to resolve a financial matter with her bank.  FOS is a not-for-profit external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme that provides free, fair and accessible services to consumers (including some small businesses) who are unable to resolve disputes with financial services providers that are members of FOS. For more information go to www.fos.org.au.


State Government of Victoria & Vicdeaf

Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Produced by Vicdeaf with assistance from the MFB, the Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme was created to assist deaf and hard of hearing people living in Victoria to purchase the visual-vibrate alarm at a more affordable price. 


State Government of Victoria and Vicdeaf

Vicdeaf's Baby Cry Alarm Loan Scheme - Auslan with captions, no voice over

Vicdeaf has secured a small amount of funding from the State Government of Victoria to purchase 20 specialised baby cry alarm kits for profoundly deaf parents. 

Further information can be found here. 

About Video Productions

Do you have information in English you are wanting to be accessible to the Deaf community in their language? It may be a website page, document, forms, information sheets, brochures, lectures, books, flyers or policies.

Our experienced staff will work with you to create a video solution which is both professional and engages your target audience, in-corporating your branding and logos to ensure it fits in seamlessly with your other marketing materials. 

Services we offer include: 

  • Preproduction services including consultation, creative development, casting and scheduling
  • Production
  • Postproduction including editing, motion graphics and captioning. 

Through our production, we engage with: 

  • Producers and Videographers
  • Experienced Deaf presenters
  • Auslan consultants assisting in translation
  • Quality Assurance and focus groups

SLVP strives to achieve two goals: 

  1. To improve communication between Expression Australia and the deaf and hard of hearing community. We serve through the availability of more Auslan video content on our website and; 
  2. To encourage organisations and Government departments to use our services to make their publications and information available in Auslan and captions for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.