Raising Children Network (2012)
“We recently approached Vicdeaf to produce Auslan interpretations for a new batch of videos on the national parenting website, Raising Children Network. We found the video production department to be responsive, thoughtful and thorough. The whole approach to this project was very professional. They paid attention to the brief, had good communication throughout, and delivered on time and within budget a finished product of the highest quality. We look forward to working with Vicdeaf again”.

Ed Austin
Parenting Research Centre 

Vicdeaf Smoke Alarm Subsidy (2012)
"Working with Vicdeaf on the Smoke Alarm Subsidy video provided a great opportunity to get information about the subsidy and the smoke alrm for Deaf and hard of hearing into the community. Vicdeaf were also open to including some additional fire safety information in the clip to enhance the fire safety knowledge of people who are Deaf and hard of hearing." 

Frank Stockton 
Acting Director - Community Resilience 
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board