Active Deaf Sports Clubs Program


The Active Deaf Sports Club (ADSC) is run by Deaf Sports Australia to provide mainstream sports organisations the opportunity to integrate inclusion practises for their deaf and hard of hearing sports participants. Deaf Sports Australia is also a partner of Vicdeaf who will also offer their services throughout this program.

The ADSC program gives coaches, sports administrators and parents the opportunity to learn best communication practises when working with deaf and hard of hearing participants in sports settings.

Sports organisations and clubs will be involved in a workshop provided by Deaf Sports Australia where they will learn the following:

  • Deaf culture and community
  • Deaf Sports History
  • Deaf Sports Pathways
  • Communication Tips
    - How to work with deaf and hard of hearing participants
    - Issues/barriers that deaf and hard of hearing participants face
  • Upcoming Deaf Sports events

The workshop runs for 2 hours and can be hosted at your clubrooms or office.

At the conclusion of the workshop, with the support of Vicdeaf, sports organisations will have the opportunity to put their skills to practise such as learning sports specific sign language which is customised to the needs of the sports organisation and their deaf and hard of hearing participants.


Vicdeaf will provide sports specific Auslan Classes that is run for 6 weeks. The classes will include:

  • 6 sessions – 12 hours in total
  • Auslan Alphabet & basic communication signs
  • Sports specific signs
  • Resources


Are you interested in learning Auslan at your club?
Would you like to talk to us about a workshop for your team?

Contact Sports Development ManagerIrena Farinacci