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Auslan Updates

On this page, we will be providing regular Auslan only video updates accompanied by a English text summary. These will also be posted on our social media channels: Facebook, InstagramTwitter.

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Auslan update – 9 July 2020, 6:30pm


  • Prime Minister has announced how Australia can support Hong Kong residents and people living in Australia with working or student visas.
  • Australian Government will extend student and working visas for Hong Kong citizens living in Australia, for an additional 5 years.
  • Government will provide assistance for future permanent resident applications.
  • Hong Kong businesses are also being encouraged to relocate to Australia, and all permanent staff will be provided with visas.
  • People travelling from Victoria to Queensland who are not residents of Queensland, will not be allowed across the border or be able to quarantine in Queensland.
  • Queensland residents returning from Victoria will be allowed across, but they must quarantine in a hotel for 14 days at their own expense.
  • Government announced some exemptions for essential service workers entering the state from Victoria, who will need to apply for a border pass, and will not be required to quarantine.
  • A condition of applying for a border pass is to get tested for COVID 19.
  • Fines of up to $4,000 will apply for anyone who develops symptoms, and does not get tested.
  • Tuesday night, 48 passengers on Jetstar Flight from Melbourne to Sydney, arrived in Sydney but were allowed to leave the terminal before NSW Health officials arrived at the gate to screen passengers for COVID 19. Jetstar Group CEO said the screening protocols are different in every state and which causes confusion.
  • NSW chief medical officer said all passengers have been contacted and tested.


  • Overnight Victoria has reported 165 new cases of COVID 19. Today marks the first day back to stage 3 lockdown restrictions for many shires across Victoria.
  • Health authorities encourage people to wear masks when they have to go out in public. Stay in your primary residence. Only leave your home for essential work, food and medical supplies, to give or receive care and local exercise.

Please see the map and link below for the list of shires across Victoria that are lockdown.

  • Deaf Victoria and Expression Australia are working together with DHHS to make sure any Deaf residents in the lockdown towers in Flemington and North Melbourne receive correct information and support.
  • We will continue to work together to advocate for the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people and continue to work with DHHS and other services like Victoria Police.


  • Today Tasmania’s Premier has announced the State of emergency in Tasmania will be extended until 31st August (was due to finish 11th July). They will not open their borders to Victoria as planned on 24th July. This announcement is due to advice from health authorities due to the increase in cases in Victoria. He said he wants to stay alert so if there is risk of a new outbreak they will be ready to act quickly to protect Tasmanians.

Victorian shires under lockdown stage 3 restrictions:

Stage 3 lock down in Victoria July 2020



Auslan Update - 8 July, 2020

National news:

  • From July 17th the Northern Territory will open its borders to other states. 
  • The NT Premier said no travellers from Victoria will be permitted to enter the Northern Territory when the borders are open. 
  • If other states develop hotspots, people from those hotspots will not be allowed to travel to the NT either.  
  • NT borders will open to Victorians depends on when cases are under control and start to decrease.  

Victorian news:

  • Police have stopped five people from Melbourne hotspot areas trying to enter NSW. 
  • From today, anyone from Victoria wanting to enter NSW must apply for a permit. 
  • 44,000 people applied for permits to travel from Victoria to NSW. 
  • The permit website has crashed after 45 minutes because of too many people trying to apply for permit. 
  • Anyone caught lying on their application to enter NSW could be fined $4,000 
  • People from Victoria found to be in NSW illegally face $11,000 fines or six months in prison 
  • Victoria has found 134 new COVID-19 cases overnight. 
  • 11 from known outbreaks that are now under control 
  • 123 are under investigation to see where people could have caught it. 
  • The 9 public housing towers that have been shut down now have 75 confirmed cases. 
  • From midnight tonight metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will return to stage 3 restrictions for the next 6 weeks. Which you only have 4 reasons to leave home: work/school, shop for food or medicine, receive and give care, exercise 
  • Roughly 265 Australian Defence Force staff will come to Victoria to work at the boundary around metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. 
  • If you breach the COVID-19 rules, you will receive on-spot fines. 

International news:

  • Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID-19  
  • Mr Bolsonaro began feeling ill on Sunday and was tested on Monday 
  • It's the fourth time he has been tested for the virus 
  • He has repeatedly played down the severity of the disease, calling it a "little flu", and refused to wear a face mask in public.  
  • President Jair Bolsonaro is at least the 4th world leader to have caught COVID-19. 



Auslan Update - 6 July, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Victoria has recorded 127 new coronavirus cases overnight.
  • 16 were detected in the public housing towers that have been locked down.
  • 2 people have died including a man in his 90s in a Victorian hospital.
  • The Victorian border with New South Wales will be closed from Tuesday night following talks between Premiers Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
  • The Victorian Premier said the three leaders agreed closing the border would be the "smart call" at this point in time.
  • Mr Andrews said there would be a permit system for people who needed to cross the NSW border.

International news:

  • The north-western Spanish region of Galicia has imposed restrictions on about 70,000 people following an outbreak.
  • It comes a day after Catalonia imposed a local lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the south of Spain.
  • Spain has registered 205,545 coronavirus cases and 28,385 deaths, making it one of Europe's worst-affected countries.
  • Health experts fear celebrations in the US for the July 4th Independence Day weekend may causes cases to surge.
  • Despite warnings by the health experts to limit gatherings, President Donald Trump went ahead with an event at which he gave a speech.
  • Trump used the speech to stoke divisions and dismiss coronavirus and the Black Live Matter movement.
  • Trump said he believed that Coronavirus is “99% harmless”.
  • So far 2.8 million Americans have been infected and 130,000 have died from coronavirus.
  • England's hospitality sector reopened for the first time in more than three months.
  • For the most part, people appeared to follow the rules.
  • But in some places the amount of people who went out made the situation difficult.
  • The chair of the Police Federation said it was "crystal clear" that drunk people struggled to follow, or ignored, social distancing rules.
  • Some people are concerned the British Government is being too hasty with easing restrictions.
  • The UK has experienced one of the world's worst outbreaks — the death toll of 44,220 is the third-highest behind the US and Brazil.
  • India has reported another record daily jump in coronavirus cases.
  • The Health Ministry added 24,850 confirmed cases on Sunday, bringing the nationwide total to 673,165 and making India the fourth hardest-hit country in the world.


Auslan Update - 7 July, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Overnight Victoria has reported 191 new cases of COVID 19.
  • The Premier has ordered all of Melbourne and Shire of Mitchell back into Stage 3 restrictions.
  • This will start from tomorrow midnight for 6 weeks. · You can only leave your home for 4 reasons.
  • For essential work or study, to get food and other essentials, to give or receive care and for local daily exercise only.
  • On Monday, students in Year 12, Year 11 and Year 10 students who study VCE subjects will return to face to face learning.
  • Specialist schools will also reopen on Monday to support children with additional needs.
  • School holidays will be extended by one week for all other students, while teachers prepare and plan for a return to online home learning.
  • All restaurants and bars will go back to take away services only.
  • Police will set up “booze bus” type stops between metropolitan and regional Victoria, where they will check why you are entering the regional area. If it is not for essential you will be turned away.

National news:

  • At midnight tonight the border between NSW and Victoria will close and there has been no indication when it will reopen.
  • From tomorrow you will need a permit to travel across the border.
  • Special permit allowances will be given to people who live in border regions, including Albury-Wodonga and cross the border regularly for work and essential services.
  • The Police force will secure the border, they will be set up and monitoring roads, bridges, water ways and dirt tracks.
  • Drones will be used to monitor the border 24/7.
  • If anyone breaches the border or provides false information, they will face fines and possible time in jail.


Auslan Update - 6 July, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Victoria has recorded 127 new coronavirus cases overnight.
  • 16 were detected in the public housing towers that have been locked down.
  • 2 people have died including a man in his 90s in a Victorian hospital.
  • The Victorian border with New South Wales will be closed from Tuesday night following talks between Premiers Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
  • The Victorian Premier said the three leaders agreed closing the border would be the "smart call" at this point in time.
  • Mr Andrews said there would be a permit system for people who needed to cross the NSW border.

International news:

  • The north-western Spanish region of Galicia has imposed restrictions on about 70,000 people following an outbreak.
  • It comes a day after Catalonia imposed a local lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the south of Spain.
  • Spain has registered 205,545 coronavirus cases and 28,385 deaths, making it one of Europe's worst-affected countries.
  • Health experts fear celebrations in the US for the July 4th Independence Day weekend may causes cases to surge.
  • Despite warnings by the health experts to limit gatherings, President Donald Trump went ahead with an event at which he gave a speech.
  • Trump used the speech to stoke divisions and dismiss coronavirus and the Black Live Matter movement.
  • Trump said he believed that Coronavirus is “99% harmless”.
  • So far 2.8 million Americans have been infected and 130,000 have died from coronavirus.
  • England's hospitality sector reopened for the first time in more than three months.
  • For the most part, people appeared to follow the rules.
  • But in some places the amount of people who went out made the situation difficult.
  • The chair of the Police Federation said it was "crystal clear" that drunk people struggled to follow, or ignored, social distancing rules.
  • Some people are concerned the British Government is being too hasty with easing restrictions.
  • The UK has experienced one of the world's worst outbreaks — the death toll of 44,220 is the third-highest behind the US and Brazil.
  • India has reported another record daily jump in coronavirus cases.
  • The Health Ministry added 24,850 confirmed cases on Sunday, bringing the nationwide total to 673,165 and making India the fourth hardest-hit country in the world.



Auslan Update - 5 July, 2020

Victorian news:

  • Overnight, Victoria has recorded 74 new cases of COVID 19.
  • The total of COVID 19 cases linked to the public housing towers in Flemington and North Melbourne in now 27.
  • Health authorities expect more to be found.
  • Today the Premier has announced support for the more than 3,000 residents living in the public housing towers.
  • These residents will not have to pay rent for the next two weeks.
  • Those (individuals) who are employed but because of the lockdown cannot go to work, they will receive a $1,500 hardship payment.
  • For those households (family) where there is no-one in employment, they will receive a $750 hardship payment.
  • Public health teams including nurses will go door-to-door to test every person.
  • The Government is working with the Red Cross to provide residents with a single point of contact where they can ask for any type of support.
  • Throughout the night teams of health and Redcross workers organised food, medical support, drug and alcohol support, family violence support and other essential services.
  • Health authorities said the drastic move was necessary because the apartments have many people living in closely and sharing facilities including lifts and laundries.
  • The residents of the towers will not be able to leave their apartment for any reason.
  • “Staying in your flat is absolutely essential. This is not about punishment, it’s about protection” says the Premier.
  • Residents told the ABC this morning that they had not yet received any information or food supplies.
  • Many reported they learned of the lockdown from the media or when they tried to enter or exit their building and were stopped by police.
  • The premier said some basic supplies were distributed last night but more support, including activities packs for children (books, pencils etc) and meals, will be distributed today.



Auslan Update - 4 July, 2020
This video summarises key details from the Victorian Premier's statement on 4 July.

Statement from the Premier:
Today’s numbers represent the second biggest increase in confirmed case since this began – and the biggest jump since 28 March.

As these figures show, we are still on a knife’s edge. Rather than spread across the state, we know many of these cases are located in specific communities.

That means the need for targeted, swift action is stronger than ever before.

In recent days, 23 cases across more than 12 households have been identified in the Flemington and North Melbourne public housing estates.

This represents a challenge we’ve not yet encountered. This is not like an outbreak spread across multiple homes or multiple suburbs.

The close confines and the shared community spaces within these large apartment blocks means this virus can spread like wildfire.

And just like fire, we need to put a perimeter around it to stop it from spreading.

It’s why, effective immediately, these estates – encompassing nine sites – will be closed and contained. Residents will be required to stay inside their homes.

Just as we’ve done with similar outbreaks in closely confined settings like aged care, the only people coming in and out will be those providing essential services.

This will be in place for at least the next five days, ensuring we can test every single resident. The lifting of this restriction will be determined by our success in testing and tracking this virus.

Operation Benessere will be supported by onsite police and PSOs, ensuring safety, compliance and security.

Residents will be supported with onsite clinical care, as well as food delivery and care packages.

I know this is big. And I know this is unprecedented. But as always with this thing, an unprecedented challenge requires unprecedented action.

On the advice of our health experts, the number of “hot zone” postcodes will also be expanded to include 3031 and 3051. This will be effective from 11:59pm tonight.

For residents in these postcodes, the message is clear: stay at home.

There’s only four reasons to be out. Again, shopping for food and essential items. Care and caregiving. Exercise. Work and study – if you can’t do it from home.

These postcodes are experiencing elevated community transmission – and the only way to combat that is with stronger restrictions.

But it’s not just enough to impose them.

We need people to abide by them. To follow the rules. To listen to the advice.

To think not only about themselves but their families and friends and communities.

This virus is dangerous. It’s indiscriminate. And it has the potential to undo everything that’s been achieved.

I understand people are tired. They’re frustrated too.

But just as we drove down this virus before, we must do it again.

We need Victorians – your collective commitment and courage.

Because we all have a part to play.

And it’s up to all of us to make this work.


Auslan Update - 3 July, 2020

National news:

  • In late May a potential COVID -19 vaccine began human trials in Melbourne.
  • Soon in Adelaide an Australian potential vaccine, COVAX-19, will start human trials.

  • 40 people have volunteered to be injected with COVAX-19. They will either bet two shots of the drug, or a placebo.

  • Trials will first be done on people aged 18-65, to see if they develop antibodies to fight the virus, as well as to see if there are any negative effects.

  • The results are expected to be ready in 8 weeks.

  • If this first stage goes well, the next step will be to test on more vulnerable people, such as the elderly.

  • After that the vaccine would need to be trialled on a large population with high case numbers before it could be passed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration before it can be used widely in Australia.

  • Today the AFL announced that St Kilda, North Melbourne, Essendon, Western bulldogs, Richmond and Carlton players will be moving to Queensland for rest of footy season.

Victorian news:

  • Victoria has found 66 new COVID-19 cases overnight.

  • 17 are linked to controlled outbreaks.

  • 1 is in hotel quarantine.

  • 20 are from routine testing.

  • 28 are under investigation.

  • Due to the recent outbreaks in Victoria, the Government increased contract tracing and used genomic testing to trace where the virus was coming from.

  • Genomic testing results have lead health authorities back to security guards and staff at hotel quarantine in Melbourne.

  • Further investigation has brought to light that private security contractors and hotel staff have been socialising with people quarantining, sharing cigarette lighters, allowing families in separate rooms to mingle, also reports of some staff having sexual contact with people quarantining and staff member who was also working as uber driver whilst working as quarantine staff.

  • Also reports of poorly trained contracted security guards has forced the Government to now take control of the hotel quarantine programremoving private contractors and placing the program under the supervision of prison service Corrections Victoria.

  • The decision to employ private contractors to manage the program instead of police and army officers is unclear.

  • The Government has now ordered an inquiry into breaches of hotel quarantine protocol and infection control.

International news:

  • Yesterday in Myanmar, at a jade mine, a landslide has killed at least 162 people, more feared dead.

  • There has been a series of deadly accidents at these mine sites in recent years but this is the worst.

  • Deadly landslides are common in the poorly regulated mines.

  • People blame the Government's failure to take action against unsafe conditions.

  • The miners were collecting stones when a heap of mining waste (rock and debri) collapsed (down a hill) into a lake and buried many workers.

  • The mines draw in many impoverished workers from across Myanmar in search of gems mostly for export.

  • Most workers usually work and live in abandoned and unstable mining pits.

  • They are unregistered migrants from other areas, making it hard to determine exactly how many people are actually missing and in many cases leaving the relatives of the dead in their home villages unaware.



Auslan Update - 2 July, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Since 6th April the NT has reported no cases of COVID 19.

  • Last night, the first case of COVID 19 was reported.

  • Health authorities said the local Darwin man local had arrived in Melbourne from overseas, quarantined for 14 days, then stayed with family for a few days before returning to NT.

  • The man’s family lives in one of the hotspot suburbs in Melbourne.

  • Authorities are now contacting any passengers on the same flight, but said the risk of contracting COVID 19 on the flight is low.

Victorian news:

  • Overnight, Victoria has reported 77 new cases of COVID 19.

  • 31 are from community transmission, this is the highest number of community transmission reported in Victoria since the pandemic started.

  • These cases have no known source.

  • Health authorities are continuing to investigate.

  • Today, 36 suburbs across Melbourne reenter lockdown restrictions for the next 4 weeks.

  • Police are set up at check points across these suburbs randomly stopping cars and conducting ID checks.

  • The health minister has advised all Victorians to reduce nonessential travel, and reduce contact with others including family and friends, even if you live outside these suburbs.

  • The message to all Victorians is the same, we are all responsible for controlling the spread of COVID 19.

  • During the recent COVID 19 testing blitz in Victoria, over 1000 people have refused testing.

  • Due to this the Government is providing another testing method to people in hotel quarantine and those living in hotspot locations in Melbourne.

  • Victoria became the first state in Australia to provide the saliva test for COVID 19.

  • This test is not there to replace nasal/throat swabbing, it's another option for those who have refused nasal/throat swab testing due to its discomfort.

  • The target audience for this testing is children and vulnerable people including the elderly and some people with disabilities who may prefer this type of test.

  • The Saliva test is approximately 87% accurateand the throat/nasal swab is more than 90% accurate.

International news:

  • International health authorities have criticised the USA for buying almost all of the world’s supply of remdesivir for July to September.

  • Remdesivir is the only drug licensed to treat severe cases of COVID-19, where patient is in hospital with severe respiratory problems.

  • Australian health authorities advise they have enough supply for Australian’s now, but there is concern for the future if outbreaks continue across the world.



Auslan Update - 1 July, 2020

National news:

  • Last week PM Scott Morrison announced that government will give the Australian Defence Force $270 billion over the next 10 years.

  • The funding is to improve Australia’s defences, including strike weapons, cyber capabilities and a high-tech underwater surveillance system.

  • The focus on strengthening Australia’s defence force if in preparation for what the world might be like after COVID-19.

  • The NSW Government has announced that it will not allow people living in Melbourne’s hot spot areas to travel to NSW.

  • Health minister has said anyone from one of the 36 affected post code areas found in NSW will be jailed for 6 months or be fined $11, 000.

  • This also applies to any NSW people who visit the lockdown areas.

  • Police will be increasing checks on Victorian travelers in NSW.

Victorian news:

  • Victoria has found 73 new cases of COVID-19 overnight.

  • 3 in hotels quarantine, 9 linked to known outbreaks that are now under control, 19 are from routine testing, 42 are being investigated.

  • Yesterday 20,682 people were tested across Victoria.

  • More than 900 people in in Broadmeadows and Keilor Downs have refused to be tested.

  • Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said that making tests mandatory will be a last resort.

  • From midnight tonight, 36 suburbs across 10 post codes will go into lock down.

  • Premier Daniel Andrews has said, if case numbers keep increasing, more areas could be locked down.

  • He has said, for the locked down suburbs to be reopened, case numbers would have to decrease consistently until he is confident any outbreaks are under control.

  • Second Wave – What is it? What does a ‘second wave’ of COVID 19 mean?
  • There is no formal definition, but think of it like a wave in the ocean.

  • The number of people infected goes up, and comes down again, this is a cycle of a wave.

  • In order to say one wave has ended, the virus would have to be under control and case numbers fallen substantially.

  • For a second wave to happen there would need to be a sustained rise in infections.

  • A second wave can occur when lockdown restrictions are lifted too much too soon.

  • Local outbreaks will happen as restrictions are lifted, but that does not mean a guaranteed second wave.

  • Lockdown restrictions and social distancing have controlled the spread of infection in many countries around the world.

  • Please do not panic. Continue to follow the Victorian Government restrictions.


Auslan Update - 30 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Overnight, Victoria has reported 64 news cases of COVID 19.
  • Last Thursday, a testing blitz began in hotspot locations and found 233 cases of COVID 19.
  • The Premier thanked everyone who participated and agreed to get tested but said more than 928 people refused testing.
  • He has asked all the people who refused testing to please rethink and get tested asap.
  • Due to the high numbers found and concern of community transmission in some of the hotspot areas the Government has now announced a lockdown of postcode areas.
  • These postcodes are: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.
  • As of tomorrow night, 11.59pm, if you live in these postcodes you will need to stay in your home until 29th July.
  • Stage 3 restrictions will apply this means you can only leave home for 4 reasons; if you must work or go to school, for basic daily exercise, for food or essential reasons like medical care.
  • For anyone living outside these postcodes do not travel into to these suburbs unless essential.
  • Police will be in these suburbs on foot and in ‘booze bus’ like check points, randomly stopping vehicles and pedestrians for ID checks.
  • Businesses in these areas will be closed or offer take away services if available.
  • The Government will provide financial support to these businesses.
  • The Prime Minister has agreed to provide additional staff to support Victoria with testing and quarantine support.
  • He has also agreed to divert any international flights away from Victoria for the foreseeable future.
  • The Premier has advised if we do not follow these restrictions the whole of Victoria could be locked down in the future.

 Victorian news:

  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer says, this is not a ‘second wave’ of COVID 19.
  • He has praised the actions of most of the Victorian people for their support during the recent outbreaks.
  • The Government is urging young people in particular to take COVID-19 seriously and for everyone to take the isolation and quarantine rules seriously.
  • A reminder that testing is free for every person in Australia, even without a Medicare card, you do not need to pay.

National news:

  • This morning, the SA Government announced they will not be opening their borders to VIC as planned on 20th July.
  • This decision will impact the AFL footy season.
  • Any team coming into SA from Victoria will have to do that two weeks of isolation.
  • Any South Australian team that travels to Victorian or plays against Victorian teams must quarantine in South Australia for two weeks when they return.
  • For more information about which borders are open and closed to Victorian’s, please see the link in comments below.



Auslan Update - 29 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Victoria is experiencing a "concerning" upward trend in coronavirus infections, with 75 new cases identified overnight.
  • Vic Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said the latest cases were concentrated in 10 Melbourne suburbs identified as community transmission hotspots.
  • 1 case is a returned traveller in hotel quarantine.
  • 14 cases are linked to existing cases.
  • 37 cases were detected through routine testing at testing sites set up by health authorities.
  • 23 cases are still under investigation.
  • The total number of cases in Victoria since the pandemic began now stands at 2,099.
  • A testing blitz has started and is aiming to test 100,000 Victorians over a 10-day period.

National news:

  • The AFL has been forced to reshuffle its fixture due to the current coronavirus outbreak in Victoria.
  • Thursday night's game between West Coast and Richmond on the Gold Coast has been postponed.
  • It’s because the Queensland Government introducing new restrictions on sporting teams from Victorian COVID-19 hotspots.
  • The guidelines now state that any Queensland-based team which plays against a Melbourne team in Queensland is required to quarantine for 14 days.
  • How the Queensland Government's new rule will impact the rest of the 2020 AFL season is unknown.
  • It is likely to force a significant rethink as Queensland teams will now no longer be able to play Melbourne-based opponents with the freedom the AFL had expected.

Victorian news:

  • Victoria's surge in cases has some states worried that allowing Victorians in will make their own situation worse.
  • Victoria's Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen last week urged Victorians to try and minimise social gatherings over the school holidays and be mindful of current restrictions.
  • Outside of the home, people can gather in groups of up to 10.
  • People can travel freely between New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT without having to quarantine.
  • Western Australia, Tasmania, and Queensland are yet to announce when they will open their borders to Victoria but it's very likely they won't be open during the school holidays.
  • Victorians with tickets to NRL matches in NSW will not be allowed into the stadium.
  • The AFL is expected to follow suit but hasn't announced it yet.
  • No one is banned from travelling within Victoria at this stage.
  • But accommodation providers can turn people away at their discretion, so it's worth checking they are accepting people from Melbourne's hotspots before booking.

International news:

  • The world has now recorded its 10 millionth person infected with the novel coronavirus.
  • It’s 180 days after the first cases were reported in Wuhan, China.



Auslan Update - 26 June, 2020

National news:

  • Today is Brendan Murphy’s last day as Australian Chief Medical Officer.
  • Murphy should have started his new role as Secretary of the Health Department in February this year, but due to COVID-19, he has continues as CMO until now.
  • Murphy’s deputy Paul Kelly will take over as temporary His deputy Chief Medical Officer next week.
  • Murphy will move into his new role in July.
  • The arts and entertainment industry has been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic, with many job losses and many people not eligible for the job keeper scheme.
  • Yesterday, the Prime minister has announced a $250 million support package for the arts sector.
  • This package will provide grants and loans over the next 12 months.
  • Guidelines about how the loan and grants will be distributed will be released in the coming weeks.

Victorian news:

  • The Victorian Government trying to do 100,000 tests in 10 days, starting yesterday.

  • 30 new cases have been found overnight. Brining in total of 183 active cases.

  • 7 linked to known cases.

  • 5 are in hotel quarantine.

  • 5 found through routine testing.

  • 13 are under investigation to see if they are in quarantine, community transition or linked to known cases.

Tasmanian news:

  • From 12pm today, Tasmania will be easing more of their restrictions.

  • Outdoor gatherings will be allowed up to 500 people and up to 250 for indoor spaces. These limits include all people (including staff, spectators, volunteers);

  • The rule of one person for every 4sqm will change to every 2sqm.

  • People can have garage sales, car boot sales and second-hand sales.

  • Stadiums, casinos, markets and saunas can reopen.

International news:

  • Early this morning FIFA announced that Australia and New Zealand have won the bid to host the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup.
  • It will be the biggest sporting event to be held in Australia since the 2000 Olympics.

  • The games will be held at 13 stadiums across 12 cities. (8 in Australia, 5 in New Zealand).

  • Auckland Tower and Sydney Opera House were lit up to celebrate.

  • 32 teams will come to Australia and New Zealand for group stages. 1.5 million people are expected to attend.

  • The event is expected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy.


Auslan Update - 25 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Overnight, Victoria has reported 33 new cases of COVID 19.
  • 7 of those are from community transmissions, this is one less community transmission than yesterday.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews said community transmission cases are the important number to focus on, because they are of concern to health authorities.
  • This morning he announced a 10 day ‘testing blitz’ of the 10 most affected suburbs.
  • 800 people will knock on doors in Keilor Downs, Broadmeadows, Maidstone, Albanvale, Sunshine West, Hallam, Brunswick West, Fawkner, Reservoir and Pakenham.
  • Door knockers will go out to every home and encourage people to get tested even if no symptoms.
  • Ambulances and vans will be in the streets for quick and easy access to testing for residence.
  • Broadmeadows and Keilor Downs are the worst affected suburbs of the recent increase in COVID 19 cases, they will be tested first.
  • Also, from next week we can test through saliva samples – much more comfortable.
  • If you get a door knock, and would like interpreters – EA AC has free VRI for COVID – just text 0438 723 342 9am-5pm.
  • Other state Governments have offered the Victorian Government support of their labs to assist during the increased demand for testing.

National news:

  • This morning, Qantas CEO said that all airlines are in the middle of the biggest crisis their industry has ever seen.
  • He announced they will cut 6,000 jobs due to the impact of COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Another 15,000 employees who work in the international sector and whose jobs are on hold, will continue leave without pay, possibly until the end of this year.
  • They are currently in discussions with state and territory governments about their border openings, once borders open more of people can get back to work.

Victorian news:

  • Last night, Premier Daniel Andrews made the decision to request the support of the Australian Defence Force due to the recent increase in COVID 19 cases.

  • More than 1,000 soldiers will assist withotel quarantine, making sure people are following the rules.

  • The Premier said, the soldiers are not police and do not have the right to arrest or prosecute.

International news:

  • Last week, the organisers of the US open tennis tournament made the decision to cut wheelchair tennis from the tournaments schedule.

  • This resulted in an abundance of complaints including outrage on social media from Australian wheelchair tennis champion Dylan Alcott.

  • Today, thankfully, organisers have announced they have changed their decision and wheelchair tennis is back on the tournaments schedule.


Auslan Update - 24 June, 2020

Victorian news:

  • A man in this 80s had died from COVID-19, bringing Victoria’s total deaths to 20 (Australia total 103).

  • Overnight there have been 20 new cases of COVID-19 found in Victoria.

  • New testing locations are open today. One at Flemington Racecourse which opened at 1 pm today for students of Keilor Secondary and their families. This location will be open to the general public tomorrow.

  • Footscray Bunnings also has a new testing site from 10 am-6 pm.

  • Best to contact your GP and go in for a test if you can, to take the pressure off testing sites.

  • See link to DHHS website to see where you can get tested.

  • On Monday morning in Melbourne CBD, 21 years old man was attacked with a knife and killed.

  • Marco Deng, 22, has been named as a suspect.

  • Victoria police are asking the public, family and friends to help them find him.

  • Mr Deng is 180cm tall, medium build, brown eyes and short dark hair. Known to visit Brimbank and previously lived in Burnside Heights.

  • A photo of Mr Deng has been released in the hope someone recognises him.

  • Anyone who has information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers via an anonymous report online or via 1800 333 000.

Tasmanian news:

  • Due to heavy rain across southern Tasmania, the natural filling of ‘the Disappearing Tarn’ has occurred again.

  • The small mountain lake is on Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, and is often empty. But after heavy rainfall, the lake comes back fill of clear/blue-green water.

International news:

  • Tennis world #1 player, Novak Djokovic has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • He is now the fourth player from the Adria Tour to test positive, as well as two trainers.
  • The Adria Tour was a charity tennis tournament organized by Djokovic, which has its final game cancelled due to players testing positive.
  • The tournament had been criticized for not having safety rules that most Governments are recommending.
  • It is now unsure if US Open in August will be able to go ahead.



Auslan Update - 23 June, 2020

National news:

  • September 2014, William Tyrrell, aged 3, went missing from his grandmother's backyard in NSW north coast.
  • A large search failed to find any trace of the boy and the investigation continues.
  • (His photo is well known- see photo in comments, wearing a red and blue Spider-Man suit).
  • Yesterday, after new information, police officers and volunteers started a new search in bushland near where he went missing.
  • Frank Abbott, a paedophile in prison for unrelated charges, is a person of interest in his disappearance, but has never been charged.
  • Police are asking the public to please contact them if they have any new information.

Victorian news:

  • Overnight, 17 new cases of COVID 19.
  • 14 cases are being investigated as their source is unknown.
  • 2 more schools in Melbourne’s north have closed for cleaning as 2 students have COVID 19.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews very concerned about ‘significant community transmission’.
  • The increase in numbers is believed to be due to large family and friend gatherings.
  • He urged, if you are not well stay at home, if you have mild symptoms go get tested, stay quarantined until you receive your test results.
  • Areas listed as COVID 19 ‘hotspots’ are Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin.
  • (see below map and link to search your location)
  • Health authorities advise people living in these suburbs is not to travel regionally or interstate.
  • Victorian Government is working with health providers, local councils and community groups in these areas to support communities.
  • Additional testing sites will be set up in hotspot areas.
  • (see below link in comments for current testing sites)
  • ‘Task forces’ (group of people-not known if they will be police or government workers) to door knock, set up at shopping centres, train stations, church groups etc to provide information in hotspot areas.
  • There are concerns for migrant groups as information about COVID 19 may not have been accessible in their language.
  • SBS will support information access to migrant communities.
  • Some councils will start letter drops with COVID 19 information.
  • Police will be in these areas making sure people are following restrictions.

Tasmanian news:

  • In the past 24 hours in Hobart, 170 ml of rain has been recorded.
  • The State Emergency Services (SES) said it received 42 calls for assistance overnight.
  • Most calls reported flash flooding and water damage to houses.
  • Flood warning for the Coal River, and possible flooding expected around the Richmond area, (north of Hobart).
  • Heavy rain is expected to continue today.



Auslan Update - 22 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • The Victorian Government will increase its coronavirus testing program in 6 Melbourne local government areas that are hotspots for new coronavirus cases.
  • People are advised against travel to and from Hume, Casey, Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin until control of community transmission has been confirmed.
  • Victoria is experiencing a surge in cases and has had 5 days in a row of new coronavirus cases in double digits.
  • many of the new cases are linked to clusters within families.
  • The increase has prompted Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to again tighten restrictions around family gatherings, including: 
    - restricting the number of visitors in homes to 5 
    - limiting outdoor gatherings to 10 
  • A team of 50 health officials would also be doorknocking, starting with the Brimbank and Cardinia areas, to increase community engagement in hotspots areas.

National news:

  • NSW Deputy Premier said the NSW State Government will discuss "managing" the number of people coming in from Victoria.
  • It’s due to the surge in coronavirus cases in Victoria.
  • More than 83 per cent of new cases in Australia over the past week were recorded in Victoria.

Victorian news:

  • Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said there will be testing available for people without symptoms at Keilor Downs College and Albanvale Primary School.
  • Both schools were recently closed for deep cleans afetr cases of coronavirus.

International news:

  • The World Health Organization reported a record increase in global coronavirus cases on Sunday, with the total rising by 183,020 in a 24-hour period.
  • The previous record for new cases was 181,232 on 18 June.



Auslan Update - 20 June, 2020

This video summarises key details from the Victorian Premier's statement on 20 June.

Statement from the Premier:

From the outset, we have always listened to our medical experts. And they’re telling us we’ve come to a critical crossroads.

Today, our case numbers have hit the highest they’ve been in more than two months. I know that’s not what people want to hear – but sadly, that is our reality.

The experts tell us that, largely, the numbers are being driven by families – families having big get-togethers and not following the advice around distancing and hygiene. In fact, around half of our cases since the end of April have come from transmission inside someone’s home.

You can see how this could happen. People feeling relaxed at home. Letting their guard down. Letting old habits creep back. But we are still in a pandemic – and people’s lives are still at risk.

It’s why today, we’re announcing a number of changes.

From 11:59pm on Sunday, the number of visitors you can have at your home will reduce to five. Outside the home, families and friends can meet in groups up to ten.  As we’ve seen across the world, this virus has the ability to turn a few cases into hundreds in a matter of days.

That’s why we also need to delay an increase to gathering limits in businesses and community facilities.

That means restaurants, pubs, auction halls, community halls, libraries, museums and places of worship – will all stay at a maximum of 20 people in any one space until 12 July. Businesses that were set to open on Monday like gyms, cinemas, theatres and TABs can do so – but again, only with a maximum of 20.

Community sport for kids and non-contact competition for adults can proceed as planned. Ski season and accommodation facilities with communal spaces will also open, but with increased screening and safeguards in place.

I know this is not where we wanted to be. And that Victorians will feel disappointed and frustrated. I’m frustrated too. But we have to channel that frustration into action.

We can’t let this thing get away from us. We must act – while we can.

That means staying safe while out in the community – but just as importantly, staying safe at home.  And that means only seeing those you need to – if you need to. Not your third cousin. Not your third best friend from primary school.

Each of us need to be aware that the more people you see and the more often you see them – the more danger you are putting people in. There are other things we need to do.

If you do have to see people, keep your distance. No handshakes and no hugs. Maintain good hygiene. Don’t share food or drinks. And if you’re feeling unwell – stay at home.

Don’t visit friends and family. Don’t go on holiday. Don’t go to work. Stay home.

We want to make this as easy as possible.

Which is why we’re also announcing a new $1500 payment for those who have a confirmed case or are a close contact and who can’t rely on sick leave. This is about making sure there’s no financial reason for these people not to isolate and to go to work instead.

I know businesses are keen to open further – which is why we’ve all got to play our part.

That means ensuring those who can work from home continue to do so at least until 31 July. And if you do have people on the job – having a zero-tolerance approach to sickness. Having symptoms must mean you go home, and you get tested.

We’ll also look at ways we might begin to contain hotspots – if we keep seeing high case numbers each day, we will have to consider putting whole suburbs back into lockdown.

The vast majority of Victorians have been doing the right thing.

But this is a wake-up call. We cannot be complacent.

And the only thing between us and a second wave is what we do next.


 Auslan Update - 19 June 2020

National news:

  • Today PM Scott Morrison said that Australian organisations have been experiencing ongoing cyber-attacks for the last few months.
  • The attacks have been targeting many areas such as all levels of Government, political organizations, education and health.
  • Due to the force of the attacks, it is thought to be a sophisticated, organized, large scale operation.
  • PM Scott Morrison did not want to say where they thought the attacks were coming from.
  • This afternoon the media heard from ‘senior sources’ that the attacks are thought to be coming from China.
  • Chief executive officer of the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC), Rachael Falk has said it is time for people to increase their cyber security.
  • She added that it doesn’t matter where the attacks are coming from, the focus should be on strengthening our defences.
  • The South Australian Government has announced it will open it’s boarders to travellers from Queensland as of midnight tonight.

Victorian news:

  • Overnight Vic has reported 12 news COID 19 cases.
  • Health authorities are monitoring COVID 19 data, and updating the data every hour.
  • The Victorian Government have confirmed they will be going ahead with easing restrictions on Monday.
  • The Victorian Government has issued the first interim protection order under the Aboriginal Heritage Act.
  • The protection order is to protect a section of Mount Arapiles known as Taylors Rock, which is culturally significant for Aboriginal people.
  • Last year, 50 Aboriginal rock art works on a rock face were rediscovered.
  • It comes after Rio Tinto destroyed two rock-shelters in WA last month that were recognised as one of Australia's oldest known Aboriginal heritage sites.

International news:

  • This morning in New Zealand two police officers were shot during a routine traffic stop west of Auckland.
  • One officer has died, the other is seriously injured.
  • The shooter drove away, hitting a person with his car as he escaped.
  • Police have locked down eight schools in the area.
  • There are now police searching the area.



Auslan Update - 18 June 2020

National News:
Australia's unemployment rate has increased from 6.4% in April to 7.1% in May. The highest percentage in 19 years. Approximately 227,700 jobs lost last month. Economists predicted an average of 100, 000 job losses. This high number of job losses is a further indication of the impact pf COVID 19 pandemic.

The Federal Government says international holiday visitors may not be allowed into Australia until 2021. Qantas has cancelled international flights up to late-October, however some flights to and from New Zealand may be allowed if travel between the two countries is permitted. 11 airlines worldwide, including Virgin Australia, have collapsed and many others are at risk. Some of the most vulnerable airlines are from South-East Asia. Governments around the world have contributed $130 billion to keep some airlines afloat.

Victorian news:
Overnight, Victoria has reported 18 new cases of COVID 19. Now, 3 protestors who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne on 5th June have COVID 19. Due to yesterday and today’s high number of new COVID 19 cases, authorities said this could delay people returning to offices and the easing of further restrictions. Some restrictions will still be lifted on 21st June as planned.

Due to the gang killing of 15 year old Solomone Taufeulungaki on Tuesday, police will remain in Melbourne's western suburbs. Police are concerned of the threat of revenge for the fatal attack and will remain active in the area over the next couple of weeks. Police are still investigating the incident, no one has yet been charged with his murder.

Tasmanian news:
In August this year, the US Open is due to begin, but wheelchair tennis has been removed from the schedule. Today, Dylan Alcott, Australian Paralympian, winner of several wheelchair tennis titles and disability advocate, has accused the US open organisers of discrimination. He posted on twitter that he is not at higher risk of contracting COVID 19 because his is disabled. He said he is disabled, but not sick.

Last Friday, in Atlanta, African American man Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by a police officer. The police officer who killed him has now been charged with murder. If found guilty, he faces life in prison without or the death penalty.



Auslan Update - 17 June 2020

National news:
  • Yesterday the South Australian Premier announced that SA will be reopening its borders to travellers from Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 14 days quarantine will not be required.
  • The South Australian government is still worried about the number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria and NSW, so they will not be accepting travellers from these states.
  • They are considering opening boarders to travellers from Queensland.
  • Yesterday, the results of the COVID 19 drug trial for steroid were announced.
  • They show that the commonly used steroid reduced death rates in severely ill patients by about a third.
  • Patients who did not need respiratory support did not improve when give the steroid.
  • It is cheap and easy to for hospitals to buy. It is usually used to reduce inflammation in other diseases such as arthritis.
  • “This result shows that if patients who have COVID-19 and are on ventilators or are on oxygen are given dexamethasone, it will save lives.”
  • Manufacturers of the drug will look to increase supply.

Victorian news:
  • Yesterday a 15-year-old boy, Solomone Taufeulungaki, was stabbed and killed at Brimbank Shopping Centre in Deer Park.
  • Eight to ten boys, thought to be students from the same school, approached the boy and stabbed him.
  • Today the 6 boys who were arrested yesterday have been charged with violent disorder and affray which means they used or threatened violence, either as a group or alone. Police are still looking for the other people involved.
  • Hours later around 30 people broke through police tape and a fight started.
  • One person was treated for a cut to the head and a police officer was taken to hospital with minor injuries.
  • 3 more people were arrested due to the fight, one has been released and two may be charged with assault.
  • Overnight, Wellington Shire Council in central Gippsland voted to a keep landmark honouring Angus McMillan.
  • In 1840’s Angus was involved in mass murders of GunaiKurnai people — he has killed people including women and children.
  • Roughly 240 people contacted the council about the statue, more than half supported removing the 2 landmarks in Sale and Stratford.
  • Councillors voted five to four in favour of keeping them.

Tasmanian news:
  • Due to recent low COVID case numbers, Tasmania has brought forward some of their planned easing of restrictions.
  • From today, Tasmanians will be allowed up to 20 visitors in their homes.
  • Up to 80 people will be allowed in restaurants, camping grounds, cinemas, zoos and museums/galleries.
  • Sporting activities can be done in groups of 20 and gyms and pools will be allowed up to 20 people at a time.
  • Markets will continue to be for fresh food and produce only.

Auslan Update - 16 June, 2020

National news:

  • Last night, several videos were posted on social media which show South Australian police officers in Adelaide, holding down and aggressively handcuffing an Aboriginal man, then hitting him several times.

  • It was reported he did not receive any medical care when he arrived at the station. This is now being investigated.

  • Black Lives Matter and Aboriginal Rights advocates are demanding an investigation into the police actions.

Victorian news:

  • In the past 24 hours, 1 minister has been fired and 2 other ministers have resigned from Premier Daniel Andrews cabinet due to allegations of ‘branch stacking’.

  • The anti-corruption commission and Victorian police are now investigating.

  • Yesterday, two schools in Melbourne, in Broadmeadows (north) and Pakenham (south east), were closed for cleaning after two students tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Today, Victoria has reported 9 new cases of COVID-19.

  • Strathmore Primary School in Melbourne's north has closed after one student tested positive for COVID 19.

  • Health authorities urge parents if your children are showing any signs of sickness please keep them home.

  • Tonight, the Wellington Shire Council in Victorian will vote on whether to remove or rename historical landmarks in Sale and Stratford, honouring Scottish explorer Angus McMillan.

  • Angus McMillan was a farmer and pioneer during the white settlement in the Gippsland region.

  •  In 1843, in the Gippsland region, he was involved in the mass killing of Aboriginal people.

  • If the vote is successful, the council will ask the state government to approve the removal of another seven McMillan landmarks.

International news:

  • In USA, the law ‘Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964’ makes it illegal for employers to discriminate employees because of their race, colour, nationality and religion.

  • Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled that this antidiscrimination lawnow protects LGBTQ workers.

  • This means employers can now be sued if they discriminate their employee’s due to their sex and sexuality.

  • The decision is the most significant moment in the fight for LGBTQ rights since same-sex marriage became legal in 2015.


Auslan Update - 15 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has sacked Local Government Minister Adem Somyurek.

  • The sacking came after Channel Nine aired a recording of him using offensive language about a ministerial colleague.  

  • There are also allegations of branch stacking.

  • Mr Andrews said "He is not worthy of an opportunity to resign. He was sacked. And that is the fact of the matter,".

  • Branch stacking occurs when large groups of people are recruited to become members of a local political party branch and instructed on how to vote on key internal party decisions, including preselection for seats in Parliament.

  • Mr Somyurek denies the allegations of branch stacking.

Victorian news:

  • There has been 12 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Victoria.
  • They include:
    - 7 people linked to a Coburg family outbreak 
    - 2 people linked to a hospital patient 
    - one person in hotle quarantine 
    - and a young woman who attended the Black Live Matter rally on 6 June.

  • The new cases bring the total number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Victoria to 1,732. 

Tasmanian news:

  • The majority of Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) facilities are open again to the public.

  • the Tasmanian Government will extend all annual and two year parks passes by three months.

  • This reflects the time the parks were closed to the public due to the COVID-19 situation.

International news: 

  • A US police officer has been fired and another is on restricted duties following the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta in the US.

  • Mr Brooks, a black man, was shot dead in the car park of a restaurant after he was found asleep at the wheel of his car in the drive-through lane.

  • Video shows that after grappling with the officers Mr Brooks runs with the officers in pursuit, then several gun shots are heard.

  • The police said they were arresting Mr Brooks for drink driving after he failed a sobriety test.

  • The Mayor of Atlanta has said she does not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force,".

  • The killing has led to further protest in the city.


Auslan Update - 12 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave an update after the national Cabinet Meeting.

  • He announced that Australian should be moving into Stage 3 of easing restrictions in July. This means:

  • For all venues, a ‘one person per 4 square meters’ rule with apply.

  • Gatherings of up to 100 people indoors with be allowed (as long as the 4 square meter rule can be followed).

  • This rule applies to restaurants, funerals and weddings. Nights clubs will not be reopening.

  • State Governments have been told they have a couple of weeks to announce when they will be opening their borders to other states.

  • More protests are planned to happen tonight and over the weekend.

  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison today said again that people should not be organising or attending protests during the COVID-29 outbreak.

  • A Black lives Matter protest planned to be held in Sydney tomorrow.

  • The Supreme Court sided with police to make this protest illegal.

  • This decision means that police can hand out fines and arrest people.

  • 3000 people are expected to attend the protest.

Victorian news:

  • Refugee protests in Melbourne tomorrow “refugee lives matter.”

  • Health Minister has called protests ‘irresponsible’.

  • Protest organisers have decided to split the protest across 8 separate locations so people can social distance.

  • 4 new cases in Melbourne in the last 24 hours. None linked to the protest.

  • Last night, in the first AFL match since lock down started, Collingwood and Richmond.

  • Before the start of the game, all the players knelt to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • The two teams drew with 36 points each (both 5.6)

  • It’s the first time these two teams have drawn since 1917.

International news:

  • America’s COVID-19 cases increase to over 2 million.
  • Queen Elizabeth II did her first zoom call to publicly thank England’s carers.


Auslan Update - 11 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • OvernightVictoria has reported 8 new COVID 19 cases.

  • A man in his thirties has tested positive and attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne on Saturday 6th June.

  • Health authorities said its unlikely he caught the virus at the protest; however, he was possibly infectious at the time.

  • They are urging anyone with even mild symptoms to please get tested.

  • This also includes loss of taste or smell, diarrheavomiting.

National news:

  • The Prime Minister has demanded an end to further Black Lives Matter protests.

  • Saying it is a worthy cause but against current health orders.

  • He wants protestors at future events to be charged.

  • He has accused protesters of impacting the lifting of further COVID 19 restrictions.

  • This weekend in Sydney further protests are planned against the number of black deaths in custody and the rights of refugees in Australia.

  • Four Labor politicians have been sent for COVID 19 testing after attending Black Lives Matter protests in Australia over the weekend.

  • None of them are showing any symptoms but have been sent for testing as a precaution.

  • They will not be allowed to return to Parliament until their results show they do not have COVID 19.

Victorian news:

  • Tonight, the AFL season will start with the first game at the MCG, Richmond vs Collingwood.

  • There will be no crowd, but supporters can watch the game live on channel 7.

Tasmanian news:

  • Over the past 6 months, Tasmanian Police, the Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force have been investigating Bandidos motorcycle gang members, supporters and associates in the Dover area.

  • Yesterday in Dover (South), witnesses reported plain-clothes police raiding a business in the town's main shopping centre on Station Road.

  • Two people have been arrested and may be charged with fraud, drugs and involvement in a criminal organisation.

International news:

  • The Ukraine is a popular country in Eastern Europe for families wanting legal overseas surrogacy.

  • After the country locked down their borders due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many babies were left stranded with their surrogate mothers.

  • Finally, authorities have allowed overseas families into the Ukraine.

  • Yesterday, 31 families arrived from countries all over the world and were united with their babies for the first time.


Auslan Update - 10 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Today at 12.50pm William Callaghan was found alive by a volunteer.

  • He was given water before reuniting with his mum and family.

  • Victoria Police thanked the community for their support during the search.

National news:

  • Yesterday was the first day that Australia had no new COVID-19 cases through community transmission.

  • There were three new cases found in NSW, but they are all from overseas and in hotel 14 day quarantine.

  • Right now Raine Island in the barrier reef is being visited by roughly 64,000 green sea turtles.

  • The area is the last breeding area the turtles have left.

  • Today a video filmed from a drone was uploaded to the internet showing turtles in the ocean, visible up the length of the coast.

International news:

  • During BLM protests in the UK on Sunday, protesters in Bristol pulled down the statue Edward Colston and pushed it into a river.

  • Edward Colston made his money as a member of a company that transported and sold black slaves.

  • During Colston's 12 years working for the company, the shipped 84,000 African men, women and children from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas.

  • 19,000 of them died on the ships before they could be sold again.

  • Yesterday 1000 people in Oxford protested peacefully asking for the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes.

  • He was involved in British takeover of southern Aftrica, becoming the Prime Minister of what is now South Aftrica (Cape Colony).

  • He believed that the British should control everything, simply because he felt they were better than other people.

  • There also used to be a statue of him in Cape Town, South Africa, but it was torn down in 2015 because of Rhodes' association with white rule.

  • The South African #RhodesMustFall movement has now inspired the protests at Oxford, but the statue hasn’t been taken down yet.

  • A statue of Robert Milligan has also been removed in the Docklands, UK.

  • He made most of his money is slave trade, and he himself held 526 slaves on his sugar plantations.



Auslan Update - 9 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Yesterday 2.20pm at Mount Disappointment, north of Melbourne, William (Will) Callaghan, 14-year-old boy with autism, walked away from family while hiking and is now missing.

  • Authorities searched through the night in freezing cold weather, and advised the conditions were ‘life-threatening’.

  • Today over 300 volunteers continue to search for him.

  • He was last seen wearing blue track pants and blue hooded jumper, and he may communicate by tapping his chest.

  • Victorian Police are asking for locals to please check their homes and properties as he may have wandered in searching for food and shelter.

National news:

  • In April, the Federal Government set up the free childcare scheme to keep the childcare centre’s operating so parents could continue to work during the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The Federal Government has announced it is ending the scheme on 12th July.

  • This means parents will go back to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) payment scheme.

  • Some families are concerned they will not be able to return to work and afford childcare for their children.

  • This morning at Adelaide airport, the first international flight landed since the international travel ban began in March due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • The flight was from Singapore to Adelaide, with 2 passengers on board.

  • All passengers will have their health checked at the airport and then sent to a hotel for 14-day quarantine.

  • Singapore airlines have scheduled daily flights from Singapore to Adelaide.

Victorian news:

  • The Government has announced a plan for Melbourne’s second safe injecting room.

  • The new site is planned to take pressure off the existing service in North Richmond.

  • The Government's preferred site is opposite the Queen Victoria Market.

  • The Government said the City of Melbourne was chosen for the second site because it had the second-highest number of heroin-related deaths in the state.

  • The planning process will be finalised by the end of the year.

  • On Saturday, in Melbourne’s CBD more than 10,000 protestors filled the streets for the Black Lives Matter protest.

  • Victorian police have advised organisers of the protestthey will be fined for breaching the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

  • Health authorities are concerned of the risk of spread of COVID 19 due to the lack of social distancing at the protest.

  • The organisers of thprotest told people who attended to ensure they self-isolate for at least 14 days after the rally.

Tasmanian news:

  • Last year the Tasmanian Government announced that it will be banning the use of mobile phones by students in government schools.

  • The ban was due to start in Term 2 2020, but was put on hold due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Today, students from grades 7 to 10 are returning to schools across the state, and the mobile phone ban will be enforced.

International news:

  • Democrats in America have put forward a new Bill called The Justice in Policing Act.

  • The act would make it easier to prosecute police officers.

  • Before proposing the bill, Senate Democrats knelt for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which was the same amount of time a white police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck before he died.

  • The bill still needs to be passed by Republicans in the senate before it can become law.


Auslan Update - 5 June, 2020

Breaking news:

National news:

  • This weekend cities around Australia will hold protests to highlight the Black Lives Matter movement, and to protest the deaths of Black and indigenous people in police custody. 
  • Since 1991, 432 indigenous Australians have died in custody. 
  • PM Scott Morrison has insisted that people not attend these protests, asking them to them to find another way to express their feelings. 
  • This afternoon the NSW police announced they will take the Black Lives Matters protest organisers to court. 
  • Originally the government had approved the application for a small protest of 50 people. 
  • Now with more than 10,000 people expected to come to the protest while the social distancing laws include that gatherings over 500 people is illegal.  
  • NSW Police Commissioner said the only options are for people to decide not to protest, or for NSW police to go to the Supreme court.  

Victorian news:

  • Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter protest will be held tomorrow at 2pm in front of Parliament House. 
  • Victoria police have asked the event organizers to cancel the event. If more than 20 people turn up, they will be fined.  
  • This morning Victoria’s Chief Health Minister asked people to choose to stay home and find other ways to protest. They are worried that the protest may cause second wave of COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • A prep student in Craigieburn has tested positive for COVID-19 
  • She had no symptoms before getting tested. 
  • The school is closed to cleaning. 

Tasmanian news:

  • Today from 3pm Tasmania will move from stage one to stage two restrictions. 
  • That means people can go on holiday and visit friends overnight. 
  • Restaurants and bars can have up to 40 people.  
  • There can be up to 20 people in cinemas, gyms, beauty parlours and tattoo studios.   
  • Funerals can now be attended by up to 50 people. 
  • Social distancing must continue in venues.  
  • The company TasNetworks, once called Hydro Electric Commission, have found that some plant killing poison used by the company has been linked to 3 types of rare cancer.  
  • Of 400 past and current employees, 70 wanted to be tested. One man in his 60s was found to have one of the cancers.  
  • TasNetworks will be paying compensation to the employee in his 60s, and the family of a past employee who died in the 1980s, after he developed one the rare cancers. 
  • If more employees develop one of these cancers, they will also receive compensation money.  

International news:

  • In the US state of Virginia, there is a large, 6m tall statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee. 
  • For years there have been calls for the statue to be removed, as Lee fought for the confederate army, who fought not to end slavery.  
  • Finally, it has been announced today that the statue is to be removed as soon as possible. 
  • A descendant of Lee’s brother said that the family completely supports the plan to remove the statue. 


Auslan Update - 4 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • In May 2007 Madeline McCann, aged 3, disappeared from her family's holiday accommodation, while her parents ate dinner at a restaurant close by.
  • Today British police have announced a new suspect in her ongoing murder case.
  • An unnamed German man, currently in German prison for an unrelated crime, is now being investigated.
  • Police are asking for the public to come forward with any new information.

National news:

  • Today, the Federal Government announced a building and construction scheme.
  • Eligible Australians who own and live in their home will be given $25,000 to build or renovate their homes.
  • However, recipients will need to meet strict eligibility requirements before funding will be approved.
  • The Government hopes this will support the economy and keep builders employed.

Victorian news:

  • This Saturday outside Melbourne’s Parliament House, members of Victoria’s Aboriginal communities have organised a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest to bring awareness to Aboriginal deaths in police custody and police brutality in Australia.
  • Police are expecting thousands to attend.
  • They will not fine people attending the protest, but they warn the event is against social distancing restrictions and a risk for the spread of COVID 19.
  • Victorian police are investigating reports of a group of women posing as spiritual healers who have stolen money and jewellery from at least two people in Melbourne's south.
  • Police said the scammers would advise the victims to gather their money and jewellery and they would pray over it, then steal it.
  • Police believe the group is targeting older Eastern European women.
  • Police have released photos of three women they wish to speak to as part of the investigation.

Tasmanian news:

  • Premier Peter Gutwein has announced they will open the first home builders funding of $20,000 for any owner-occupier to build a house.
  • The Federal Governments $25, 000 building grant on top of this will give eligible home owner-occupiers $45,000.
  • Strict eligibility requirements apply.
  • He also announced 1,000 new social houses.
  • This will support jobs and the economy in Tasmania.
  • Today, unfortunately brings to an end Premier Peter Gutwein’s COVID 19 media updates with our Tasmanian Auslan interpreter team.
  • He thanked Stephen, Allie and Joyce for their presence.

International news:

  • All four officers involved in the killing of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis have now been charged.
  • The officer who knelt on his neck was originally charged with third degree murder, but this has now been increased to second degree unintentional murder.
  • The other 3 officers involved have been charged with aiding murder.
  • This week on Instagram you may have seen many plain black square posts pop up on your feed and wonder why?
  • #BlackoutTuesday was started in America and spread quickly across the world.
  • Encouraging awareness and support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the black communities that have been and continue to be affected by police brutality.


Auslan Update - 3 June, 2020

National news:

  • Yesterday a police officer in Sydney was filmed kicking a 16yo indigenous boy’s feet out from under him and holding him on the ground.

  • The police officer is now on restricted duties while there is an internal investigation by police.

  • NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that because the police officer has been on the force for three and a half years with no reported incidents means he was probably ‘having a bad day’.

  • Today treasurer Josh Frydenberg admitted Australia to go into it’s first recession in 29 years after the costs of the recent bush fires and the early stages of COVID-19 pandemic.

  • While Australians have been spending more on groceries and exports are up, the losses in travel spending as well as other services has greatly impacted the economy.

Victorian news:

  • This week in Victoria, news cases of COVID-19 have been found at MacLeod Preschool, the Embracia aged care facility and the Amcor Packaging.

  • All cases are being traced, and safety measures are in place.

  • A Victorian Farmer has developed a new app called ‘Backpicker’, designed to link backpackers on working visas with farmers who need workers for picking season.

  • Backpacker must download the app, then fill in information about skills, how long they are staying in Australia and their VISA details.

Tasmanian news:

  • Today the Tasmanian parliament will sit to discuss plans to boost the economy.

  • Today Peter Gutwein said that businesses will need to adapt and find new ways to be profitable in  COVID-19 environment.

  • There are plans for $3.1 billion dollar package for construction, with specifics to be announced tomorrow.

International news:

  • With 13 people having died during protests and 700 people arrested in New York. One man has opened his home to protesters.

  • Rahul Dubey from Washington DC saw frightened protesters being rounded up by police, pepper sprayed and arrested.

  • He opened the door to his house shouting to people to come inside.

  • 50 people stayed in his house until curfew ended at 6am, so that they wouldn’t be arrested.


Auslan Update - 2 June, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Today is the seventh day of protests in the USA since the killing of George Floyd last Monday in police custody.

  • Many cities across the USA remain in chaos.

  • Today, President Trump warns he will call in the US military if state Governors do not regain control over the chaos from protestors and violence

  • Protests have spread across the world.

National news:

  • Last night in Perth, WA, hundreds of peaceful protestors gathered for in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’.
  • Protestors held signs and wore masks saying: “We can’t breathe”.
  • Chanting: “The system is broken in America; it’s broken in Australia and it’s broken in Western Australia”.
  • Bringing attention to Aboriginal deaths in police custody here in Australia.
  • Nathan Turner died 26th May in Blackwater, Queensland, his death was initially thought to be as a result of COVID 19.
  • Overnight, his autopsy report has revealed the testing results were wrong and he did not have COVID 19.
  • Queensland Government advised they need to treat every suspected case with caution and act fast.
  • They apologised and thanked the family and community for their cooperation.

Victorian news:

  • Victoria’s State of Emergency will be extended until 11.59pm on 21 June 2020.
  • For more information on restrictions in Victoria please see the link in comments below.
  • Today is ‘Thank a First Responder Day’.
  • We are encouraged to say thank you and show our appreciation to those people who work in emergency services, including those in office roles, volunteers and their families who support them.

Tasmanian news:

  • Today, the Premier announced the plan for Stage 2 restrictions, will be brought forward to this Friday from 3pm.

  • Camping and overnight stays in hotels and other accommodation will be allowed.

  • Pubs and clubs, not including nightclubs, will be allowed up to 40 people.


Auslan Update - 1 June, 2020

International news:

  • Protests continue to spread to cities across America. The protests began nearly a week ago after an unarmed black man, George Floyd's death.
  • The officer who put his knee on Mr Floyd's neck, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with murder. All four officers have been fired. 
  • Curfews have be imposed around the country, but they have had little impact on stopping the confrontations between police and protestors. 
  • There continues to be reports of property damage and looting as the Army Guard has been deployed in some states.
  • A truck driver in Minneapolis was arrested on Saturday after he appeared to drive his truck at a crowd of protesters.
  • While some US police officers appear to be reacting violently against protesters, there's also some stories about officers using this moment to connect with their communities.
  • One example - The police in Flint, Michigan, put down their batons and marched in solidarity with protesters.

Victorian news:

  • Today, many restrictions are easing across Victoria.

  • Premier Daniel Andrews has said Victorians may be able to go back to the office in a "staggered return" from July, if the state is able to keep control over the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Mr Andrews said more outbreaks of COVID-19 were expected, which was why it was "so important" people were tested.

Tasmanian news:

  • Tasmania has relaxed some hospital visitation restrictions.

  • From today, visits will now be able to occur between 2pm and 6pm, with a maximum of one visitor per patient at a time for most areas.

  • Visitors must complete the visitor screening tool on arrival · But you must not visit a hospital, outpatient department or clinic if you are feeling unwell


Auslan Update - 29 May, 2020

National news:

  • Last night, a family in Blackwater held a candle lit vigil (standing in the drive way of the turner families home, holding candles) to mourn and support Nathan Turner’s family after his sudden death from COVID 19.

  • Nathan’s partner is currently in isolation, she does not have COVID 19 but isolated as precaution.

  • Blackwater is a small community where everyone knows everyone, it is important to come together and support each other during this time.

Victorian news:

  • Until now the recent advice from the Victorian Government has been ‘if you can work from, you should continue to work from home’.

  • Today Premier Daniel Andrews announced that people who have been working at home through the lock down must continue to work from home.

  • This means that businesses that have unnecessary staff back in the workplace next week will risk penalties.

  • Andrews said that penalties will be given to people in charge of the work place, not necessarily the staff returning to work.

Tasmanian news:

  • Last week a woman in Tasmania and her trainee truffle dog found a 910g truffle the size of a cantaloupe.

  • Usually truffles are roughly the size of a golf ball.

  • Truffles are worth around $2,500 a kg.

International news:

  •  Protests have continued over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the American town of Minneapolis.

  • The US National Guard has been called into the town to try to control protesters. Police have fired tear gas to break up crowds.

  • Shop fronts have been smashed, some buildings have been set on fire and police cars have been vandalized (smashed windows).

  • Crowds chanted: “No justice, no peace! Prosecute the police!

  • One civilian commented: “Well what is the way to react now? When we weren’t setting fires and we weren’t burning down buildings, all you said is “everything takes time.”. Well the time is up.” 

  • Earlier this week, Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to make marriage equality law.

  •  Many couples organized to have their weddings the same night that the law was passed.



Auslan Update - 28 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • This morning, on the Monash Freeway at Dandenong North, a man, appearing to be upset, was standing on the freeway.
  • Police officers arrived, and after several attempts to negotiate with the man, he had a knife and charged at the officers.
  • He was then shot by an officer and died at the scene.
  • Police will conduct an intensive investigation into the incident and the police actions.
  • Authorities have advised the officers followed Victorian police protocols.
  • Police has requested anyone with dashcam footage of the incident to please contact police.

National news:

  • Tonight, the NRL season returns.
  • Tonight’s game in Brisbane is the Brisbane Broncos VS Parramatta Eels.
  • The game will go ahead without a live audience.
  • You can support and watch the game on channel 9.

Victorian news:


  • Today, the Cedar Meats Factory in Melbourne reopens.
  • The factory had 110 positive cases of COVID 19.
  • All 300 staff have now been tested.
  • Those staff who do not have COVID 19 have returned to work.

Tasmanian news:

  • Today, Launceston resident Chloe Dunn turns 109 years old.
  • She celebrates surrounded by flowers and balloons in her aged care facility under COVID 19 restrictions
  • She has lived through the Spanish Flu (1918), two wars, the Great Depression. Tasmanian floods (1929) and now COVID 19 pandemic.
  • She says her secret to a long healthy life is eating fresh vegetables and spending time in her garden.

International news:

  • Across the USA, Black Lives Matter protests continue to erupt after the killing of George Floyd in police custody on Monday.
  • Many leaders have commented on social media including the Mayor of Minneapolis, calling for the police officer to be charged and sent to jail for his actions.
  • Today, hundreds of protestors have marched the streets of LA, ignoring social distancing, blocking streets, smashing a police car window, all to bring awareness to George Floyds death and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • The Black American community is again mourning after the history of many Black Americans dying at the hands of white police officers. 


Auslan Update - 27 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • 30-year-old man in Queensland dies from COVID-19.

  • The youngest death from COVID-19 in Australia (next youngest 42-year-old).

  • The man’s partner came home at 4.30pm yesterday to find the man unresponsive. No one knew he had COVID-19 until he was tested after he died.

  • His partner has symptoms, but COVID-19 test came back negative, they are still being isolated.

  • Heath officials are working to find out how the man contracted COVID-19, because the town had no reported cases until now.

Victorian news:

  •  On Tuesday night 19-year-old woman was driving in the suburb of Mount Pleasant, Ballarat, when she pulled over to let a light-coloured sedan pass, because she thought it was following her.

  • The sedan parked in front of the woman's vehicle, one man and two women got out of their vehicle and forced the woman into the boot of their vehicle.

  • Police say the woman was driven around for about 10 minutes before she was released.

  • Police have urged anyone who witnessed the incident or might have dashcam footage from the area around the time of the incident to contact Crime Stoppers.

  • Dan Andrews urged Victorians to remain working from home as possible until end of JuneIt is possible that Victorians need to work from home beyond June.

Tasmanian news:

  • Last week Tasmanian service for the homeless, Safe Night Space, started to offer 24 hours services, changing it’s name to Safe Space.

  • Demand for the service has been increasing, will an original capacity for 10-12 people.

  • Earlier this year they expanded the services to be able to take in 17 people, and just recently they have expanded again to accommodate up to 20 people.

  • On Tuesday the Australian Defence Force donated 200 frozen meals to the Salvation Army to hand out to homeless and vulnerable Tasmanians.

International news:

  • Monday in Minneapolis a man, George Flloyd, died while in police custody after police were called the scene "on a report of a forgery in progress".

  • Witnesses filmed the event and posted the video on social media.

  • The video shows a black man, George Flloyd, on the road with a police officer kneeling on his neck. George can be heard repeatedly yelling “I cant breathe”.

  • At one point in the video George says “Please don’t kill me”.

  • Witnesses begged police to take him to their police car and get off his neck.

  • By the time an ambulance arrived he was unresponsive and died at the scene.

  • Tuesday evening protesters gathered (estimated thousands attended) at the site where the incident occurred.

  • As they marched, protestors yelled “I cant breathe, I cant breathe”.

  • Police sprayed protestors with chemical irritants.

  • FBI now investigating.

  • All 4 police officers involved have been stood down (fired) .

  • Due to coronavirus many thousands of high school graduations across America have had to be cancelled.

  • Yesterday a group of school bus drivers in Ohio have arranged 22 of their school busses to spell ‘2020’.

  • The school’s art teacher then used a drone to take a photo from above.

  • The photo was posted to social media to congratulate the 392 graduating students, to let them know their teachers and bus drivers are proud of their achievement.


Auslan Update - 26 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Yesterday, all students in NSW schools returned to classes full time.

  • This morning, Waverley College and Moriah college in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have closed and are in lockdown after 2 students tested positive for COVID 19.

  • All staff and students were evacuated as a precaution.

  • Authorities are investigating and tracing the student’s movements.

National news:

  • Today, is National Sorry Day.
  • Today we remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their families and communities, which are known as The Stolen Generations.

  • We acknowledge the strength of Stolen Generations Survivors and reflect how all Australians can come together for future change.

Victorian news:

  • Today, the first human trials of a potential COVID 19 vaccine have begun at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

  • Approximately 130 healthy volunteers, aged 18 – 59 years old are involved in phase one.

  • The trial has three phases and is expected to extend over 12-18 months, they expect to see results from phase one in July.

  • Researchers hope the vaccine will strengthen the body's defence against the virus.

Tasmanian news:

  • COVID 19 impacted world oil pricescausing the price of fuel to decrease Australia wide, however Tasmania’s fuel prices remained high.

  • This morning, the Tasmanian Government announced mandatory fuel price updating by all retailers.

  • The Government will monitor and fine retailers who do not follow the new rules and pass on cheaper fuel prices to their customers.

  • From July, a free app will be available to download so people can search for the cheapest fuel price across Tasmania.

International news:

  • WHO stops clinical trials of anti-malaria drug due to report showing risk of heart problems and death.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 25 May, 2020

National news:

  • A massive storm is wreaking havoc on southern coastal parts of Western Australia started on Sunday
  • thousands of homes without power, trees down and reports of widespread property damage 
  • Wind gusts of up to 132 kilometres per hour were recorded at Cape Leeuwin 
  • Damaging winds would continue for much of the south of the state throughout Monday

Victorian news:

Easing of restrictions from 1st June.

Restaurants and Cafes 

  • Up to 20 seated patrons per enclosed space 
  • Venues are required to request contact details, first name and phone number, of every customer to assist in rapid contact tracing 


  • You will be able to stay in a holiday home or private residence 
  • You will be also able to stay in tourist accommodation, including caravan parks and camping grounds, as long as you don’t use any shared facilities like bathroom. 

Social gatherings 

  • Public and outdoor gatherings can be held with limit of 20 people.  
  • Home gatherings can have up to 20 people including yourself and people you live with.  


  • Be sure to keep social distancing with people who you don’t live with and practice good hygiene by washing hands.  
  • If you or your friends, family or partner are feeling unwell you should not visit anyone 
  • Most public spaces like shopping centre, you need to follow the limit of customers per store as shown on signs.
  • As of tomorrow, all prep year 1 and 2, Year 11 and 12 are returning to school on campus.  
  • All Victorian State school students will return by June 9

Tasmanian news:

  • As of today, kindergarten to year 6 students will return to their classrooms, as will year 11 and 12 students at extension schools and colleges.
  • Tasmania has now moved to allow two visitors, once a day, to aged care centres.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 22 May, 2020

National news:

  • Today Wesfarmers, the owners of Target and Kmart, have announced that between 60-75 Target and Target Country stores will close.

  • Between 62 and 102 will be converted into Kmarts.

  • Wesfarmers have said that workers at stores that are being changed to Kmarts will be offered jobs at the new Kmart store.

  • They also said they expect let go of 1,000-1,300 workers over the next 12 months. They said most of these will be let go next year.

  • Over 2 months ago, in SA, Paul Faraguna, 68, contracted COVID 19 when aboard the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

  • He was the first COVID 19 patient to be admitted to the ICU at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

  • He suffered organ failure and was placed in an induced coma.

  • Yesterday he was the last remaining COVID 19 patient in South Australia.

  • As he left, he was given a standing ovation by staff from the infectious diseases ward.

Victorian news:

  • 1st June Victorian restaurants, cafes, and pubs are set to reopen.

  • Customers have started making bookings already.

  • There is still some confusion among venues over guidelines, for example what constitutes a 'genuine meal'.

  • Strict rules will be in place including venues able to cater for up to 20 customers at a time, one person per four square metres, two hour session limits, Increased hygiene measures for staff and patrons will also be required. 

  • State Government regulations require every customer's name, contact number, and address will be recorded on a database that could be accessed by health authorities.

  • The Government hopes to be able to allow up to 50 patrons from June 22, with up to 100 permitted during the second half of July.

Tasmanian news:

  • In TAS due to COVID 19 restrictions the CSIRO's new ship named ‘Investigator’ is stuck in port in Hobart.

  • Scientists onboard are using its atmospheric data collection to monitor Hobart's air quality.

  • The data collected will show particles, greenhouse gas and natural gas levels.

  • The air quality is measured to make sure we have good air quality, so everyone's health is protected.

International news:

  • After protests in Hong Kong last year, the Chinese Government are bringing in new National Security laws.

  • These new laws will be made by the Chinese Government without consulting with Hong Kong officials.

  • These laws are said to ban any criticism of the government, or any plans to protest, as well as stopping Hong Kong from becoming an independent country.

  • People in Hong Kong who want an independent government are worried that the new laws will take away the little power that the Hong Kong government has now.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 21 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • After months of applications for a travel exemption and rejections from the Australian Government, NZ woman Christine Archer, was finally granted a travel exemption to travel to Australia to care for her dying sister in her final days.

  • She was quarantined and tested negative for COVID 19.

  • Today, she was reunited with her sister in NSW.

  • She thanks the Australian Government but hopes in future better compassion will be shown to others.

National news:

  • The state Government leaders are currently in debate around opening state borders.

  • WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and Queensland all closed their borders to those states that had significantly higher numbers of COVID 19 cases and local transmission.

  • Their borders currently remain closed.

  • Each state leader will decide when their states borders will open to both domestic and international travelers.

Victorian news:

  • In November 2017, after a long investigation, Victorian police arrested Ali Khalif.

  • He had plans to use a truck to hit and kill people at New Year's Eve celebrations in Federation square.

  • He also had other plans including a knife, gun or bomb attack.

  • Today, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his planned attacks.

  • In recent months communities in Victoria and NSW have been hit hard by drought, bushfires and the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Farmers in north-east Victoria are donating tonnes of fruit and vegetables to help an emergency food providers feed struggling families and communities.

  • Around 30 farms, have joined the project run by Albury Wodonga Regional FoodShare.

  • Each week the organisation feeds up to 3,000 people in southern NSW and north-east Victoria communities.

Tasmanian news:

  • Today, Premier Peter Gutwein announced Tasmanian’s are no longer restricted to travel within 30km radius from their home.

  • Further travel within Tasmania for day trips is now allowed, but strictly no overnight stays.

  • He encourages people to continue to travel local and support local businesses.

International news:

  • IAtacma desert, Chile, astonomers using a very large telescope have observed the birth of a planet for the first time.

  • It will take millions of years for the planet to fully form.

  • Little is known how planets are born, scientists are excited to research more.

  • The European Southern Observatory's (ESO) are building a 39meter telescope to research more.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 20 May, 2020

National news:

  • Total active cases for Australia is down to 534.
  • The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) has reported that reports of child abuse have increased 123%.

  • Australian Federal Police also found that the amount of child abuse material on the dark web is growing.

  • Research by ACCCE found only 52% of parents and carers talk to their children about being safe on the internet.

Victorian news:

  • A patient who tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday and who has been using the COVID Safe App, has given permission to DHHS to use the information on their phone to trace anyone they were in contact with and may have spread the virus to.

  • This is the first time Victoria has used the technology to contact tracing.

  • 5.9million Australians have downloaded the app.

Tasmanian news:

  • Last night emergency services were called to a house fire in Greeveston, south of Hobart.

  • The house was completely destroyed, and later a body was found inside.

  • Today Fire Investigators are trying to find out what started the fire.

  • We don’t know the identity of the body.

International news:

  • super cyclone has formed off the coast of Bangladesh and Western India.

  • Super cyclone Amphan is expected to be the worst storm to hit the two countries in over 20 yearswith major floods, and waves up to 3.5m high expected on the coast.

  • Evacuations have been slowed by social distancing rules, as Bangladesh tries to move 2.2million people to safety, and 300,000 people are being evacuated in West Bengal, India.

  • People are having to make the choice between staying and waiting out the cyclone, or risk being infected with COVID-19 at a shelter.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 19 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Last night China confirmed an 80% tax on Australia’s barley exported into China for 5 years.

  • In 2019, Australia's barley exports to China were worth $600 million.

  • Australia will appeal decision to the World Trade Organisation and look to other countries to export.

  • Government says there is no trade war, this decision was in planning over past 18 months.

  • Other Australian export industries including wool, beef, wine, are now concerned.

National news:

  • On 5th April the Government set up free childcare to support parents and guardians to continue working in essential services during COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Today the Government announced the free childcare scheme may end by 28th June.

  • They said the scheme has hugely impacted the economy.

  • They will consider returning to Commonwealth Childcare Subsidy (CCS) scheme.

  • On 6th April in Adelaide, a woman with disabilities (Ann Marie Smith) died from severe pressure soresmalnutrition, and other complications.

  • She lived alone and relied on a carer from Integrity Care, through NDIS for her needs.

  • Yesterday, SA Premier announced a task force will investigate gaps in the disability care system.

  • The NDIS and SA police are now investigating this as a major crime.

  • Regular checks on all NDIS participants receiving personal care services from the Integrity Care will be enforced.

  • Today the Australian COVID 19 death toll reaches 100.

  • This morning, 93-year-old woman from the Newmarch House aged care facility in NSW has died.

  • The Newmarch House COVID 19 outbreak death toll now reaches 19.

Victorian news:

  • In 2014 a bushfire at the Hazelwood Power Station (,145.2891606,9z Hazelwood location map)burned for 45 days covering surrounding areas with thick smoke and coal dust.

  • Todaystation operator was fined more than $1.5 million.

  • Investigation showed the operator failed to assess the risk of fire, did not have an adequate water system, failed to remove surrounding vegetation and delayed wetting down areas around the mine.

  • Yesterday, a resident at a Caulfield aged care facility tested positive for COVID 19.

  • Today further testing showed the resident to be negative.

  • The facility is in lockdown.

  • Health authorities treating case as positive and will test staff and residents.

Tasmanian news:

  • Tasmanian premier announced their boarders will remain closed.

  • In July, he will reassess and look at a date for reopening boarders.

International news:

  • USPresident Trump boasted he is taking anti-malaria drug just in case he gets COVID 19.

  • There is no evidence it prevents or treats COVID 19 but he continues to promote it.

  • The drug can cause significant side effects in some people, including changes in heart rhythm and heart failure.

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned against use of anti-malaria drug for treatment of COVID-19 outside of hospital.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 18 May, 2020

Breaking news:

  • Australian Defence Force has recently volunteered to do a clinical trial to test antimalaria drug on their personnel.
  • However, army veteran has went through clinical trial before and currently experiencing health issues over many years.
  • The veterans want the trial to be stopped, the military group is not suitable group to do trial on.
  • Veterans explained that the trial voluntarily but if they refuse to do trial, they will not be able to be deployed.

National news:

  • Queensland’s border with New South Wales could remain closed until at least September. Although the state is easing restrictions The Queensland Premier is concerned about the rates of community transmission in the southern states.

Victorian news:

  • 12 McDonald’s restaurants across Melbourne’s north and west have been closed and hundreds of workers asked to self-isolate after a delivery driver tested positive for coronavirus. The truck driver made deliveries to the restaurants and interacted with a small number of restaurant employees while not displaying any symptoms.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews said the outbreak, was “obviously a really big concern”. He said the McDonald’s cluster highlighted how rapidly the virus can spread and why testing was so important.

Tasmanian news:

  • From today, Stage 1 restrictions being eased in Tasmania includes:
  • Visitors to households increasing to up to five people at any one time;
  • Gatherings increasing to 10 people (not including event or premises staff) for indoor and outdoor gatherings;
  • There is more from Tasmania Government, for more details on what has been eased:

International news:

  • In Brazil, the mayor of São Paulo has warned that hospitals have reached 90% capacity and are “near collapse” and could run out of space in 2 weeks.
  • Brazil has 241,080 confirmed cases (4th highest globally) and has recorded 16,118 deaths.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 15 May, 2020

Active cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia  745 active cases 
  • Victoria – 115 active cases 
  • Tasmania 22 active cases 

International News 

  • Sunday 17th May is IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia).

  • This day commemorates May 17th 1990, the day the WHO removed homosexuality from the Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

  • IDAHOBIT celebrates LGBTIQ+ people globally and raises awareness for the work still needed.

  • People around the world are encouraged to wear rainbow colours.

  • Australian Queer youth organisation Minus 18 worked with Snap Inc to make snapchat lenses for the special day.

  • The Rainbow Flag first became a symbol for the LGBTIQA+ community in 1978.

  • Made by openly gay artist Gilbert Baker, who was encouraged by Harvey Milk to make a symbol of pride for the community.

  • Baker chose a flag because it was a way for LGBT people to be visible, to say ‘This is who I am!’.

  • Barker chose a rainbow because he felt it was a natural flag in the sky.

  • Each colour has it’s own meaning: hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit.

  • On June 25, 1978 the first rainbow flags were flown for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day parade.

  • On Monday 18th the WHO will hold the 73rd World health Assembly.

  • Countries will discuss the Global vaccine action plan, as well as other global health concerns, like wiping out meningitis by 3030.

Australian News:

  • Today the AFL announced it’s plan for restarting the 2020 season.

  • Training will start again on Monday 18th with no contact training in groups of maximum 8 people for one week.

  • On Monday 25th players can start contact training. All together they will have 3 and a half weeks of training before the season restarts.

  • Season to restart Thursday June 11th.

  • The 2020 fixture will be released in the next 10 days.

  • Today was planned to be the largest nationwide protest for climate change but due to COVID 19 pandemic street protests have now been moved online.

  • The Australian leaders of the children's strikes are expecting hundreds of thousands of people online.

  • Tonight at 8pm there will be a 4 hr live stream on YouTube, including live interviews, Q and A sessions, musical performances and storytelling on climate and COVID 19 crisis.

  • The aim of the online protest is to show the Government the movement isn’t going away, and people will continue protest from home.

Victorian News:

  • Victoria has recorded 21 new cases overnight.

  • 2 from the Fawkner outbreak, 1 more from the Ceder Meat factory outbreak.

  • Today Victoria Chief Health Minister Brett Sutton said they should have acted sooner to stop the outbreak.

  • Sutton said they should not have waited until the third case was found before testing other staff.

  • He also said they should have closed the whole factory, not just the area infected staff worked in.

  • Victoria Police have fined 8 people for breaking public health rules when protesters climbed onto the roof of the Mantra Hotel in Preston to protest the holding of over 65 asylum seekers.

  • Protestors barricaded themselves in the hotel and climbed onto the roof holding up signs saying ‘#End Detention’ and ‘Freedom Now’(they did pay for a night's accommodation).

  • Protesters are concerned that the asylum seekers, brought to Melbourne for medical attention, are not safe in on going lockdown, all sharing the one floor of the hotel.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 14 May, 2020

Active cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia  717 active cases
  • Victoria –  119 active cases
  • Tasmania 25 active cases

International News:

  • The World Health Organisation has warned that the COVID 19 virus may never go away.

  • Currently there are over 100 potential vaccines in development - but other illnesses, such as measles, have still not yet been eliminated even though there are vaccines for them.

  • Emergencies Director Dr Mike Ryan compared COVID 19 to HIV saying HIV has not gone awaybut people with HIV can live a healthy long life with medical treatment.

Australian News:

  • Today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced 594, 000 people have lost their job in Aprilimpacted by COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Over the coming month’s he predicts further hard news for Australians.

  • He said, “It is important on a day like today that we remember to support each other."

  • In Australia visits to Doctor’s and pathologists are down by up to 40%.

  • Health authorities are concerned the people are ignoring their health issues or not managing their existing health issues properly.

  • Health authorities have advised now is safest time to visit your GP due to the extensive infection control methods in place.

  • Please contact your Dr if you have any health concerns.

Victorian News:

  • Last Thursday, a staff member at McDonalds restaurant in Fawkner tested positive to COVID 19.

  • Today, the number of positive cases linked to the restaurant is now eight, this includes staff and family members.

  • More than 90 staff at the restaurant have been tested and self-isolated pending the outcome of their test results.

  • After the first positive case was confirmed, the restaurant was closed.

  • After deep cleaning and the installation of protective shields, the restaurant's drive thru has reopened and staffed by employees from surrounding restaurants.

  • Today, the NSW Police have arrested and charged Ricardo Barbaro for death of South Melbourne woman named Ellie Price.

  • Last Monday, the body of Ellie Price was found in a South Melbourne apartment.

  • Victorian Police said the arrest was the result of an extensive investigation and thanks the public for their support after receiving lots of public assistance.

Tasmanian News:

  • The Mersey Community Hospital is due to reopen on 31st May.

  • The reopening will be staged, with emergency room opening first.

  • They have a new plan in place including infection control, staff training, increased accessibility to PPE etc.

  • The Government has thanked thcommunity and the surrounding hospitals for their support during North West region outbreak.

  • Rural towns in the middle of Tasmania previously busy with business from tourism are now ‘ghost towns’, struggling due to COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Towns including Campbell Town and Ross rely on tourism.

  • When restrictions to the area have been lifted, locals are urging people travelling between Hobart and Launceston to support their businesses.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 13 May, 2020

Active cases of COVID-19:

Australia – 746 active cases

Victoria – 111 active cases

Tasmania – 25 active cases


In international news:

  • A disease found in children, similar to Kawasaki Disease, has killed 3 children in New York.
  • Cases of the same disease have been found in children in the UK and Italy as well.
  • All 3 of the children who died either tested positive for COVID-19 or had antibodies.
  • At least 73 children have symptoms of the disease in New York.
  • There is no proven link between this new disease and COVID-19 yet, but the UK’s NHS has alerted doctors that the two may be linked.
  • The Chinese city of Wuhan has announced it will be testing all 11 million residents over 10 days.
  • The city has had no new cases of COVID-19 since April 3rd, but over the weekend the city found 6 new cases.
  • The hope is testing all residents will catch and stop a second wave of cases.

In national news:

  • The Australian Federal Government has requested urgent advice about this mystery illness and whether it is linked to COVID-19
  • Yesterday a 49-year-old man from Sydney was arrested in relation to the 1988 murder of Scott Johnson.
  • In 1988 Scott Johnson’s body was found at the bottom of a cliff at Manly’s Blue Fish Point.
  • Police first thought his death was a suicide, but two more inquests were conducted and found that Johnson was a victim of a gay hate crime.
  • In 2018 the NSW Government offered a $1m reward for information that would help find Johnson’s killer.
  • In March this year, the victim’s brother added another $1m to the reward, totalling at $2m.

In Victorian news:

  • From today, Victorians will be allowed to visit family and friends, with up to 5 people allowed to visit.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews said this does not mean that we can start having parties or inviting everyone you know visit. Visitors should just be close friends and family only.
  • Please still continue to social distance and wash your hands regularly.

In Tasmanian news:

  • Yesterday, we shared information that the restriction changes will commence on 11th May, the information was an error, the restriction changes will commence on 18th May (this Monday)




Coronavirus Auslan Update - 12 May, 2020

Active cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 766 active cases
  • Victoria – 133 active cases
  • Tasmania – 27 active cases

International news:

  • Today marks International Nurses Day.
  • Nurses around the world are finally being acknowledged for their hard work they do, especially now during COVID 19 pandemic.
  • People have praised their bravery and courage for their hard work during COVID 19.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

Australian News:

  • Australia's livestock farmers now under threat in growing trade war with China.
  • Major Australian meat factories have been banned from selling red meat into China. Australian barley may also be affected as China announced plans to introduce an 80 per cent tariff (tax).This is believed to be retaliation from PM Scott Morrison's call for investigation into the origins and handling of COVID 19.
  • With all states now relaxing restrictions Chief Medical Officer (Brendan Murphy) is concerned about the possibility of a second wave of COVID 19.
  • The Australian Government has tried to prepare as much as it can to prevent it. But he stressed the importance of people taking personal responsibility for social distancing and personal hygiene.

Victorian News:

  • On the 26th of May students in Prep, grade 1, 2, 11 and 12 will return to school. The return of other students will be staggered. Students in Government schools in years 3 – 10 will return by the 9th of June.
  • Parents across Victoria are relieved!
  • Overnight 17 new COVID 19 cases were reported, 8 of which are linked to Melbourne meat factory.
  • Victoria continues to dominate other states with new COVID 19 case numbers, however this may be due to increase in COVID 19 testing.

Tasmanian News:

Today marks the fifth day with no new reported COVID 19 cases.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 11 May, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

  • Global - 4,023,539 with 279,309 deaths
  • Australia  (6,941 total) with 97 deaths (6,163 recovered)
  • Victoria – (1,489 total) with 18 deaths
  • Tasmania  (227) wit13 deaths 

International News 

  • Confirmed cases have reached 4 million globally.

Victorian News: 

  • The Premier Daniel Andrews has announced an easing of Coronavirus restrictions.

  • From Wednesday, Victorians will be able to have up to 5 visitors in their home.

  • Fishing, hiking playing golf and walking in groups will be allowed provided people maintain physical distancing.

  • Professional sporting teams, including the AFL, can resume training.

  • Weddings can have up to 10 guests.

  • 20 people can attend a funeral indoors and 30 people can attend an outdoor funeral.

  • 10 people, plus the additional people required to run the service, will be allowed to attend religious gatherings.

  • restaurants and cafes are still restricted to takeaway only.

  • There is now a 5th reason that Victorians are allowed to leave their home – to visit family and friends.

  • But the Premier said "This is not an invitation to be out visiting family and friends every lunch and every dinner, every day of May. That would not be smart," he said. "This is about seeing those you need to, if you need to." 

  • They are close to finalising a plan that would allow face-to-face learning resume in schools.

  • The easing of restrictions has come after testing blitz of more than 161,000 Victorians has shown that the state's number of cases are stable.

Tasmanian News:  

  • Tasmania has taken the first steps in easing restrictions, including: 

  • Funerals have increased from 10 to 20 attendees; 

  • Aged care visits have moved to one visit per week, and no more than two visitors, managed by the facility; 

  • Breast screening services have resumed; 

  • National parks and reserves will open to residents within 30km drive of their home;

  • TasTAFE campuses and training facilities may open for small groups of students attending practical learning and assessment sessions. 

  • Mobile testing clinics has recently been focused on the North West. These clinics will now be redeployed to new areas to ensure that testing is as broadly as possible. 

  • This coming weekend (16-17 May), there will be mobile clinics stationed at Scottsdale, Bothwell and Geeveston. 


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 8 May, 2020

Total active cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia  857 active cases
  • Victoria –123  active cases
  • Tasmania  35 active cases

National News:

  • Today the Prime Minister has announced the government’s 3 stage plan for restrictions being eased:

  • Stage 1- Gatherings with a maximum of 10 people, working from home if it suits worker and employer, children back in classrooms, some cafes opening for take away, funerals up to 30 people, weddings with a maximum of 10 people.

  • Stage 2- Larger group gatherings, gyms/indoor fitness, cinemas, organised community sport, beauty parlours etc.

  • Stage 3- Gatherings with a maximum of 100 people, interstate travel, bars and clubs and gaming venues with some restrictions.

  • Before moving to the next step there must be medical evidence of no risk for a second rapid increase in cases, widespread testing, new cases must be traceable.

  • State Governments will decide which stage is safe for their state.

  • Plans for the stages will be reviewed every 3 weeks, changes will be made if needed.

Tasmanian News:

  • Premier Peter Gutwein has announced Tasmania’s response to the 3-stage plan from the federal Government.

  • Stage 1 starting next week Monday. National parks will be open for day trips if they are within 30km of your home, aged care facilities are allowed 1 visit a week with up to two people. Funerals will be allowed up to 20 people.

  • On 18th May, gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed. You can have 5 visitors in your home. Funerals will allow up to 30 people.

  • Stage 2 is planned to start 15th June. Gatherings of up to 20 people will be allowed. Funerals are allowed up to 50 people.

  • People will be allowed to travel and stay in different parts of the state. Beauty services and gyms will re-open, with gyms allowed upto 20 people.

  • Stage 3 is planned to start July 13th. Gatherings of 50-100 people will be allowed; the exact limit will be announced closer to that date. Aged Care facilities will be allowed 5 visitors.

Victorian News:

  • Premier Daniel Andrews will release the plan for easing restriction for Victoria on Monday.

  • Today Victoria Police have asked people planning to attend protests in Melbourne this weekend to please stay home.

  • They have asked organisers to cancel the protests.

  • There are two protests planned to happen in Melbourne, one against vaccinations and 5G phones, and one against lock down rules.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 7 May, 2020

Total active cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia  876 active cases
  • Victoria – 105 active cases
  • Tasmania  41 active cases
  • From now on we will be giving the number of active cases around Australia, not the total confirmed cases.

International News:

  • In Mexico, the brewing industry warns the country will soon run out of beer due to the impact from the COVID 19 pandemic.

  • Weeks ago, beer production stopped due to the Government not including the industry on list of essential servicesso factories were forced to close.

National News:

  • Todaythe royal commission investigation findings from Cardinal George Pell’s case have been released to the public.

  • The findings reveal Pell knew information about many inappropriate incidences involving priests and young children since 1973 and hide this information.

  • Pell’s conviction was overturned in 7th April 2020.

  • Some families with children with disabilities are struggling to home school their children and provide the support they need during the lockdown period.

  • Families have reported having to use more of their NDIS funding to pay for support workers and have concerns that the money will soon run out.

  • NDIA have said extra funds will be available through the NDIS to meet the increased needs of the community during the pandemic period.

Victorian News:

  • Today, Premier Daniel Andrews expressed his thanks and pride in all Victorians who are following rules.

  • The Government's aim for testing was 100, 000, testing numbers have now reached 106,000.

  • To date we have 70% of test results back, and more will come today and tomorrow.

  • This will impact the future restriction changes.

  • He confirmed there will be no changes to restrictions until 11th May, this incudes Mother’s Day.

Tasmanian News:

  • Premier Peter Gutwein has announced restrictions will remain until 15th May, this includes no changes for Mother’s day; including aged care facilities.

  • He is however hopeful restrictions may change earlier for parks, green spaces and funeral gatherings.

  • The best present for mum, is to keep her safe.”


  • excuses to leave the house, physical distancing, look below for more information.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 6 May, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia  984 active cases 
  • Victoria – 101 active cases 
  • Tasmania  42 active cases
  • From now on we will be giving the number of active cases around Australia, not the total confirmed cases. 

International News:

  • UK death toll rises higher than Italy with 29,427 deaths in England and Wales.  

  • When Ireland and Scotland's deaths are added, the number is expected to be 32,313. 

  • There are calls for an investigation into how the pandemic was managed. 

National News:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport has released a 3 stage plan for restating sports across Australia. 

  • We are now in Level A, which for most sports means training alone. 

  • Next week they are planning to move to Level B, with most sports allowed small group training with no more than 10 people. No physical contact.  

  • Level C will mean full training sessions and full contact is allowed. There is no date for Level C yet. 

Victorian News:

  • A nurse at Sunshine Hospital, who treated one of the workers at the Cedar Meat factory for a cut finger before they know they had COVID-19, has tested positive. 

  • The first case from the factory was found April 2rd but the worker said they had not been working. 3 weeks later 2 more staff tested positive. 

  • More cases were confirmed at the factory April 29th. After these cases were found, all staff were tested, and the factory was closed. 

  • There are now 49 cases linked to this outbreak. 

  • Victoria has had 17 new cases of COVID –19 in the last 24 hours. 

  • 4 are from the meat factory outbreak. 

  • 7 are people who have arrived from overseas and have been in hotel quarantine since they arrived in Victoria. 

  • 6 are being investigated. 

Tasmanian News:

  • The new helicopter landing pad is open at the Royal Hobart Hospital.  

  • This means transporting people from regional areas will be faster and safer. 

  • Don't need to use ambulance crews on the road to transport emergency or critical patients. 

  • The Premier has said that Tasmania will not open borders until the virus in other states is under control. 


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 5 May, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia  980 active cases 
  • Victoria – 85 active cases 
  • Tasmania  43 active cases 
  • From now on we will be giving the number of active cases around Australia, not the total confirmed cases. 

International News:

  • Yesterday, world leaders met via video conference, pledging 7.4 billion euros ($12.5 billion) for testing, treatment and development of a vaccine for COVID 19. 

  • Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged $352 million. 

  • Leaders from the USA, Russia and China did not attend. 

National News:

  • Australia’s economy is currently losing $4 billion a week, due to the COVID 19 shutdowns.  

  • It is predicted that there will be a loss of $50 billion by the June quarter. 

  • This will be addressed on Friday, when national leaders meet to discuss lifting restrictions. 

  • COVIDsafe app users have experienced issues with the app including registration problems, issues when using wifi to download, and Telstra customers and iPhone users may have also experienced issues. 

  • The Federal Government is looking into these issues and updates. 

  • The Federal Government continues to urge all Australians to download by this Friday. 

Victorian News 

  • Overnight, 17 new COVID 19 cases were reported including 11 cases linked to the Melbourne meat factory outbreak. 

  • A total of 45 cases are now linked to the outbreak at Cedar Meats business. 

  • The meat factory is now closedand the general manager has assured the community any meat processed at the factory is safe to eat. 

  • Health authorities continue to investigate. 

  • The Victorian and Federal Governments urge Australians to report racist attacks to the police when they see them and to not blame Chinese Australians for the COVID 19 pandemic. 

  • Several recent attacks in Victoria against Chinese Australians is concerning and state leaders want the community to be aware of this growing issue. 

Tasmanian News:

  • Today services including birthing services, the ICU, radiation and medical records will reopen in the Northwest region.  

  • Later this week surgical services and paediatrics will also reopen. 

  • Today the National Cabinet meet and discuss opening a travel route between NZ and Australia.  

  • This could result in direct flights between Tasmania and New Zealand for the first time in more than 20 years. 

  • Tasmanian Prime Minister says this arrangement could be amazing for Tasmania. 

  • The meetings outcomes will be known later today. 


  • excuses to leave the house, physical distancing, look below for more information. 


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 4 May, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Global - 3,505,761 with 247,431 deaths 
  • Australia  1,009 active cases (6,7005 Total)  with 95 deaths (5,696 recovered) 
  • Victoria – 1,406 with 18 deaths 
  • Tasmania  221 cases with 13 deaths 

National news: 

  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has accepted an invitation to join a meeting of the National Cabinet tomorrow. Ms Ardern, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state and territory leaders are expected to discuss the two nations' approaches to the pandemic, and the COVIDSafe tracing app. 
  • Last night, Scott Morrison also had a phone call with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They discussed how to ease restrictions and open the economy, as well as a review to improve future responses to virus outbreaks. 
  • On Friday 8 May, the National Cabinet will consider the first phase of easing coronavirus restrictions. Their decisions will be based on expert medical advice. 

Victorian news: 

  • There are 22 new confirmed cases of coronavirus. This includes 19 that are linked to a cluster of cases at a Melbourne meat processing plant.
  • The Premier, Daniel Andrews, said a record 13,000 Victorians were tested for coronavirus yesterdayThe Government is aiming to test 100,000 Victorians to gather data to help them decide whether to lift some restrictions when the current State of Emergency ends on May 11. 
  • Victoria Police issued another 44 fines in the 24 hours to 11pm Sunday, as people continued to gather in groups and breach the coronavirus physical-distancing restrictions.  

Tasmanian news:  

  • Over the weekend, there were no new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Tasmania. 
  • There is still a focus on identifying any cases of coronavirus in the North West. Anyone who lives in the North West and has had respiratory symptoms like a cough, sore throat, runny nose, or fever should arrange testing through the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 or their GP. 
  • Next Monday, Tasmania will ease restrictions around visits to aged care homes to allow additional visits. 


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 1 May, 2020
Confirmed cases of COVID-19:
  • Australia – 1,034 active cases with 93 deaths (5,639 recovered)
  • Victoria – 1,361 with 18 deaths
  • Tasmania – 221 cases with 13 deaths
  • From now on we will be giving the number of active cases around Australia, not the total confirmed cases.
International News:
  • Captain Tom Moore, from England, aimed to raise 1000 pounds for the NHS by doing 100 laps of his garden while in isolation but has now raised 30 million pounds ($58 million AUD).
  • Today he has been honoured on his 100th birthday by being made an honorary Colonel.
  • Military planes flew over his house, the Prime Minister gave a public thank you and happy birthday video, and he has received 140,000 birthday cards from people across the UK.
National News:
  • Clive Palmer recently paid for ads on Facebook saying he will buy 1million tablets of anti-malaria medicine.
  • Health professionals have warned against building people’s hopes for a cure before proper trails are done.
  • We do not know if this medicine actually helps with COVID-19, with studies done in China, France and America all coming back with mixed results. Some patients improved, while others got worse, some even passed away.
  • The world Health organisation has announced a global trial for promising medications for COVID-19, including this anti-malaria medicine, which will give more definite answers.
  • A woman in New Zealand has had four applications for travel to Australia rejected. She is wanting to come back to Australia to care for her sister who is dying from ovarian cancer.
  • Australian Government is remaining strict about the travel ban even in cases of travel for compassionate care.
Victorian News:
  • Yesterday funerals began for the four police officers who died in last week’s horrific Eastern freeway accident.
  • The funerals were attended by small groups and were live streamed in accordance with the COVID 19 restrictions.
  • Victorian landmarks are being lit up in blue light to show respect for the officers.
  • Full public memorials will be held after the COVID 19 restrictions are lifted.
  • Hotel for Heroes Program has expanded to include front line workers including Victorian firefighters, police, staff working in disability supported independent living, Aboriginal community health organisations and hospital lab workers.
Tasmanian News:
  • New laws passed last night give police the ability to give out on the spot fines to people breaking COVID-19 rules.
  • On the spot fines of $750 for individuals.
  • On the spot fines of $5000 for businesses.
  • This Sunday night additional restrictions for the North West region will be lifted.
  • Monday morning April 4th businesses and services that were closed due to these additional restrictions can reopen, including retailers, bookstores hairdressers and tobacco shops.
  • Schools will also reopen for children who cannot learn at home. If you can learn at home, you should continue to learn at home.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please call your GP or public health hotline and they can organise a test for you in the next couple of days.
  • 4 excuses to get out of house, physical distancing, look below for more links This Sunday night additional restrictions for the North West region will be lifted.
  • Monday morning April 4th businesses and services that were closed due to these additional restrictions can reopen, including retailers, bookstores hairdressers and tobacco shops.
  • Schools will also reopen for children who cannot learn at home. If you can learn at home, you should continue to learn at home.

Coronavirus Auslan Update - 30 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia  6,751 ( 1054 active cases) with 91 deaths ( 5, 610 recovered) 
  • Victoria – 1,361 with  18 deaths 
  • Tasmania  219 cases with 12 deaths  

International News:

  • Online criminals are selling alleged COVID 19 ‘cures’, ‘passive vaccines’ and personal protective equipment, thought to have been stolen from factories. 

  • Researchers from Australian National University have found some websites in the ‘Dark Web’ are selling anti-malaria drugs, animal trial vaccines and passive vaccines, including blood allegedly from a recovered COVID 19 patient in Wuhan, China being sold as vaccines for COVID 19. 

  • Some items are priced up to $25 000. 

  • These websites are being investigated by the authorities. 

National News:

  • Some state governments have started to slowly lift their restrictions. 

  • WA, QLD, NSW, NT, are all experiencing various changes to their restrictions. 

  • Scott Morrison said all states are different and cannot be compared. the Federal Government is not far off easing restrictions and will reassess on 11th May. 

  • Please look at your states Department of Health website to clarify your states restrictions. 

  • The Government is allocating $74 million for mental health services that are coming under strain during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

  • This money will be used to support services like 24 / 7 counselling services through Beyond Blue, Lifeline, Kids Helpline, health and wellbeing services for frontline health workers. 

Victorian News:

  • VIC health authorities are investigating a possible new spread of COVID 19 cases in a Melbourne aged care facility. 

  • number of cases linked to the Hawthorn Grange residential aged care are under investigation. 

  • It is unknown if a staff member or visitor brought the virus to the facility. 

  • He said the facility would contact people who needed testing, including visitors.  

  • Yesterday, three new COVID 19 testing sights opened in Chadstone, Doncaster and Highpoint shopping centres.  

  • Today, six more testing sites have opened at Bunnings Footscray West, Pacific Werribee, Pacific Epping, Watergardens Town Centre, Westfield Fountain Gate and Bayside Shopping centre in Frankston. 

  • People are encouraged to be tested if they have mild flu like symptoms. 

  • Call the COVID 19 hotline if there are no testing sites in your area 1800 675 398.

Tasmania News:

  • Yesterday the results from the investigation into the cause of the North West outbreak were released, stating that the North West outbreak was most likely from the Ruby Princess Cruise Ship. 

  • 2 Covid-19 patients from the Ruby Princess were admitted to the North West Regional Hospital in late March. They are believed to have been the origins of the outbreak. 

  • The Premier has said “No passengers from the cruise ship are to blame, no health care workers are to blame.  


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 29 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia   6,741 (1,081 active cases) with 89 deaths (5,573 recovered) 
  • Victoria – 1,354 with 18 deaths 
  • Tasmania  218 cases with 11 deaths 

International News:

  • America is the first country to have 1 million confirmed cases of Covid 19. 

  • In Iran over 525 people have died from drinking methanol alcohol since February 20, due to rumour that it would stop COVID-19. 

  • 90 people have become blind or damaged their vision. Over 5000 people have been poisoned from drinking methanol alcohol. 

  • Please check any suggested treatments with your GP. 

National News:

  • 10 million testing kits bought from China for $320 million. 

  • 2.8 million Australians have downloaded the COVID-19 app. Need that number to get to around 10 million for it to work properly.  

  • The University of Queensland have tested a possible vaccine for COVID-19 on animals. The test showed animals had an immune response. 

Victorian News:

  • Victorian Government to give $45million to support struggling international students, there are roughly 150,000 international students in Victoria now. 

  • International Students must prove loss of income to receive up to $1,100 (the equivalent of 2 weeks job seeker payments). 

  • We want international students coming back when Covid 19 is over, as they bring a lot to the Victorian economy, $12.6 billion in the last year.  

Tasmanian News:

  • Today the North West Regional Hospital is being handed back to staff after 2 weeks of AusMAT and Australian Defence Force staff cleaning and making sure the hospital is safe after the North West outbreak.  

  • Australian Medical Assistance Team (AusMAT) and Australian Defence Force workers will finish the hand over today, then will be leaving Tasmania. 


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 28 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia  1,112 active cases (6,727 Total) with 85 deaths (5,530 recovered) 
  • Victoria – 1,351 with 18 deaths 
  • Tasmania  214 cases with 11 deaths 

National News:

  • 2.44 million Australians have downloaded the Covid 19 app  

  • Almost 530,000 tests done around Australia. 

  • In the last 24 hours only one case that we don’t know where it came from. 

  • 5 different reports released about the effects of online study for students from different universities and educational institutions.  

  • One study found that 46% of children will be negatively affected by online learning, with impacts on their physical and mental health.  

  • Some families are struggling, possibly due to recently losing their jobs, experiencing homelessness or may not have access to proper internet or appropriate technology. 

  • Government gives $95 million to zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks to support animal care costs. This will cover costs of food, vet bills and water and electricity for enclosures. This will also support conservation projects and the making of antivenom. 

  • Now have 75million masks. 500,00 for disability sector, half for Primary health networks and half going to NDIA. 

  • 7,500 ventilators available around Australia. 

Victorian News:

  • In the last 24 hours Vitoria Police have handed out 56 fines to people breaking social distancing rules. 

  • While NSW government has decided to ease some restrictions this Friday, Premier Daniel Andrews has said that restrictions in Victoria will stay as they are until May 11th. 

  • Today the Rosebud Respiratory Clinic opened. It is one of many temporary clinics set up across the country. People can go to these clinics to be assessed by a heath care professional and be tested for the virus.  

  • These centres will ease the pressure that increased testing is putting on hospitals and GP clinics. 

Tasmanian News:

  • One person in the south of Tasmania might have covid-19. This person is been in isolation while they have been sickDHHS is back tracing who this person may have been in contact with. 

  • 744 people came in for testing yesterday.

  • This afternoon the mobile clinic will not be in Smithton because it needs to be restocked. It will be back in the area Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. The ‘Hospital in the Home’ has been program launched. This means some hospital patients can receive hospital quality care in their home. This will relieve pressure on hospitals. 


  • If you are feeling unwell, please call your GP or public health hotline and they can organise a test for you in the next couple of days. 

  • 4 excuses to get out of house, physical distancing, look below for more links.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 27 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia  1,133 active cases (6,631 Total)  with 82 deaths (5,498 recovered) 
  • Victoria – 1,349 with 17 deaths 
  • Tasmania  212 cases with 11 deaths 

National news: 

COVIDSafe app 

  • The Federal Government has released a COVID-19 tracing app, named COVIDSafe, and they say if many people use it will play a large part in helping us to ease restrictions in Australia. 
  • COVIDSafe uses the Bluetooth in your phone to record anonymous IDs from other people who are within 1.5 metres of you for 15 minutes or longerOnce someone is diagnosed with COVID-19 the authorities are able to find out who they we near in the previous 2 weeks and let those people know.  
  • For example, if last week you were queuing in the supermarket behind someone who found out they have COVID-19, and you both have the app, the authorities who be able to contact you to tell you were close to someone who has COVID-19 and you should get tested. If you don’t have the app it will not work.   
  • COVIDSafe stores data on who you have been contact with including phone number, no one can see the data which protects your privacy. The data will not collect the locations where you have travelled to, it will only collect date, time and distance of another person. The data will only live in your app privately for 21 days, after 3 weeks the contact information that was stored will be deleted.
  • The app was released at 6:00pm AEST on Sunday and by 10:30pm 1 million Australians had downloaded it. The Government thought it would take 5 days for 1 million people to download it, but it only took 4.5 hours.  

How to download the COVIDSafe app: 

  • Check whether your smartphone is an iPhone or an Android phone (if it's not an iPhone, it's likely an Android). 
  • On an iPhone, you will have a little blue app called App Store. Click on that and search for "COVIDSafe". On an Android phone, the app will be colourful and say "Google Play". Go in there and search "COVIDSafe".
  • Click the button that says "Get" or "Download". Wait for it to download, then open the app on your phone and follow the instructions.
  • Keep your Bluetooth on, the app will not work if your Bluetooth is off.  

Education across Australia 

TAS -  The school term will begin in Tasmania on Tuesday, and students have been encouraged to learn from home wherever possible. Schools will be open through most of the state for students who for whatever reason are unable learn from home. 

VIC – Students must learn from home if possible. Schools are open for children who are unable to learn from home. The Government plans for all of term 2 to be done remotely.  
Testing for coronavirus is now available to every Australian with mild respiratory symptoms including a cough and sore throat 

Victorian News: 

  • Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews says 100,000 people will be tested for COVID-19 over two weeks before a decision is taken on easing stage three restrictions. 

Tasmanian News:  

Coronavirus Auslan Update - 24 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

Australia  6672 (active 1553) with 78 deaths 

Victoria – 1343 with 16 deaths 

Tasmania  205 with 9 deaths 

International news: 

  • China- Lock down rules are back in Harbin area of China because of concerns about possible new outbreak from US student from New York. 

National news:

  • This afternoon Prime Minister gave an update about the national cabinet meeting. 

  • When we ease restrictions, we will see more outbreaksDHHS team will track them and keep them under control. 

  • Starting today, in all states, anyone who has any flu like symptoms can be tested.  

  • Some people who work in ‘front line’ jobs will be tested even if they don’t have any symptoms.  

  • Chief Medical Officer, is not recommending people wear masks. Usually not good quality and people using them then don’t social distance properly. 

  • Tomorrow for ANZAC Day, the Prime Minister has said not to meet up to celebrate, to keep following social distancing rules.  

  • Memorial services from Canberra and local services will be shown in TV. 

  • Yesterday Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Jason Clare, said covid-19 will impact the housing industry. People will be less likely to be building houses or renovating.  

  • Carpenters, electrician and plumbers will be some of the professions that will have less work as we come out of lock down. 

Victoria news:

  • 14 cases have been linked to a Victorian private psychiatric facility. 5 staff, 5 patients, 4 household contacts. All staff and patients will be tested. No exclusion zone is being set up. 

  • In the last 24 hours Victoria police have done 661 checks and gave out 54 fines. 

  • The man who was pulled over by police Wednesday night before a truck hit and killed 4 police officers, has been arrested. 

  • Police have asked anyone who saw the accident or has dash-cam video of the accident to contact police. 

Tasmania news: 

  • Today is the first time in 3 weeks there have been no new cases overnight. 

  • In the North West area, additional restrictions for the area will be extended another week, ending Sunday May 3rd. Schools in the area will stay closed. 

  • For ANZAC Day Premier suggested standing at your front door or balconies with a candle or torch to watch the sun rise. 



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 23 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

  • Australia – 6654 with 75 deaths 
  • Victoria –  1337 with 16 deaths 
  • Tasmania –  205 with 8 deaths 

International News:

  • The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other world leaders are calling for an investigation into China and their response to COVID 19 outbreak. They want this investigation to include China’s wildlife wet markets which include exotic animals, as well as the concern that China may have hidden or not shared important information with the World Health Organisation.
  • WHO’s chief Tedros Adhanom at the COVID 19 media briefing says the world has a long way to go to tackle this virus and there is a growing concern for countries like Africa, where there are approximately 14, 000 new cases of COVID 19 daily.

National News:

  • The Select Senate Committee inquiry is currently underway looking into Australia’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy advised the Australian Government felt prepared, with a pandemic plan in place which had been previously set up for the possibility of a flu pandemic. He said he felt they acted fast when information was received from 1st January.
  • The Ruby Princess is due to leave Australian waters today heading back to it’s home in Bermuda.
  • There is still great concern for remaining 800 crew onboard, some of whom will be removed from ship today and placed in quarantine in Sydney hotels.  However, it has been reported that there are still 100 crew onboard with confirmed COVID19, and the question remains; what is the plan for them?

Victoria News: 

  • Yesterday evening, four Victorian police officers killed in a horrific crash on the Eastern freeway. Two officers pulled over a porsche for speeding, the officers decided to impound the porsche and called on two more officers for back up. As the four officers were out of their vehicles in the emergency lane a large refrigerated truck veered into the emergency lane and crashed into them, killing all four officers. An investigation is underway into what happened, as it is unclear why the truck veered into the emergency lane, it is believed the truck driver may have experienced a medical episode of some sort.
  • The driver of the porsche had fled the scene prior to the crash and avoided injury. He is said to be known by the police, and maky have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. Both the truck driver and the driver of the porsche are cooperating with police in this investigation.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews has asked all Victorians to pause and show respect for the Victorian police.
  • The NRL has announced they will begin games again on 28th May, with permission from Australian Government.
  • The AFL is working together with all states and territories to see if there is a possibility in restarting the 2020 season. There is current discussion of the possibly of creating a ‘quaratine hub’ in one city, for all 18 clubs.

Tasmanian News:

  • Overnight there has been 4 new cases of COVID19 in the North West region. Restrictions in North West are planned to be relaxed this Sunday, however Premier Peter Gutwein has advised if cases continue to increase in the North West restrictions may be extended, schools may not reopen, and therefore parents will need to have a plan in place if this happens.
  • We will see Category 2 and 3 surgeries resume however with caution. In the Northern area surgeries will be done in private hospitals and in the Launceston General Hospital and the Government is purchasing space at private hospitals to ease pressure on the Launceston General Hospital.  


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 22 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 6647 with 74 deaths
  • Victoria – 1,336 with 15 deaths
  • Tasmania – 201 with 8 deaths

International News:

  • Two teams of scientists in the UK have been working on a vaccine for Covid-19. The vaccine has been trailed on animals since late March. Today the UK Health Ministry announced the Team from Oxford University plan to start testing the vaccine on people this Thursday.
  • The team said they will look at producing the vaccine before the human trails are finished, so that if it does work safely will test subjects, they can have it available to the British people as quickly as possible.

National News:

  • Starting next week, restrictions on elective surgeries will start to ease. This will include category 2 (suggested surgery within 90 days of being put on a wait list) and some more urgent category 3 (surgery recommended within a year of being put on a wait list) plus IVF, screening for cancer and other diseases. This will mostly apply to private hospitals.
  • Australian crew are still stuck on cruise ships off the coast of America. America will not allow crew to get public transport or commercial (public) flights, so cruise line companies need to organise chartered (specially ordered) planes to get crew members home.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is currently aware of 128 Australian crew on 57 different ships. Crew on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line might be able to join a chartered flight with European crew that are flying to London April 28th.
  • Other ships’ crew may be able to join one ship that is sailing to England today.

Victorian News:

  • This week the house of a Chinese-Australian family was vandalised 2 nights in a row. Monday night the garage door was graffitied with ‘COVID 19 CHINA DIE’ and on Tuesday night a rock was throw through their window. This happened in Knoxfield. There have been other similar racist attacks in Victoria and across Australia since Covid-19 started spreading here.
  • Premier Daniel Andrews and the Prime Minister have said there is no excuse for this behaviour.  PM said about Chinese Australians: "They were the ones who first went into self-isolation, they were the ones who were returning from family visits up into China … It was through their care, it was through their commitment, their patience that actually Australia was protected in the first wave," he said.
  • The Victorian Government is predicting a 9% drop in house prices by the end of the year.

Tasmanian News:

  • Tasmanian Premier announced additional funding to support temporary visa holders.
  • There are 26,000 people in Tasmania on Temporary visas. Many left with no income. The additional funding will:
    Extend pandemic isolation assistance grant to people on temporary visas. Can receive $250- $1000 for families for immediate support.
    Financial support for people who can go home, to support them with getting home.
    Working with businesses who employ people on temporary visa who want to keep these workers for when they reopen. Eg hospitality, health care workers, fruit pickers.
  • The premier said that people with temporary visas contribute to our society, and now it is our responsibility to support them.
  • He also said there is no room in Tasmania for racism or abuse.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 21 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19: 

  • Victoria –   1,329 with 15 deaths.
  • Tasmania –  200 with 8 deaths.

International News: 

  • In the USA, for the first time in record history the price of oil has collapsed from $18million to $38 million, forcing oil producers to pay suppliers to take oil which they cannot store, this is affecting fuel prices all over the world, creating some of the cheapest fuel prices in Australia we have seen in some time. 
  • In New Zealand restrictions will ease after the 27th of April, this will allow some businesses to open, including take away food and delivery services. Also including the construction and forestry industry. 

National News: 

  • Virgin Australia airline affected by the COVID19 pandemic is now in voluntary administration. An independent assessor has taken control the company, they will assess their future options and see if the airline can be saved. 16,000 staff most based in Queensland have been affected by this decision. The airline has asked for the financial support of the Australian Government, but this request for support has been rejected. 
  • In Adelaide, the second flight in 24 hours has landed on Australian soil, carrying Australian passengers returning from overseas. Yesterday, marked the first flight from India, carrying approx. 374 Australian passengers, today’s, from India, carrying approx. 400 Australian passengers, this included many children. All have undergone testing for COVID19 at airport or upon their arrival at the hotel. These passengers will stay in an Adelaide hotel and quarantine for the required 14 days and have been provided with food, games, and essentials like nappies for their stay. 
  • In NSW, today, the Ruby Princess cruise ship which is currently docked in Port Kembia, will release 49 crew members from 6 different countries including the USA, UK and New Zealand. These crew members will be sent to a Sydney hotel for quarantine before flying home. More than 1,100 crew members remain on the ship as it is due to depart Australian waters this Thursday. 
  • In Queensland, the Cairns Hospital has undergone widespread testing after 5 people tested positive to COVID19 linked to a lab worker in the hospital. The Cairns community is being encouraged if unwell or a have cough, sore throat, respiratory difficulties to immediately see their GP or go to the fever clinic.  
  • This Saturday 25th April marks Anzac Day, at 6am all Australians are encouraged to stand in their driveways, front garden, balcony, to show their respects for our war veterans. The dawn service will still go ahead, including the laying of wreaths, playing of the ‘last post’ and a one-minute silence, but the community and public are asked to stay at home in line with the restrictions. 

Victorian News: 

  • Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has recommended widening our testing criteria to include the broader community to find people who have COVID19 but do not show with any symptoms.
  • Victorian Police are aware that there is a greater risk of domestic violence during this period of home isolation. Over the past two weeks, Victorian police have met with over 200 victims and made 13 arrests.   

Tasmanian News:  

  • There is a possibility for current retail restrictions in North West to be eased as if this Sunday night, however, further restriction changes will be made after 15th May if there are no other outbreaks in the state and the North West coast outbreak remains under control. 

 A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise.  


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 20 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Global - 2,401,379 with 165,044 deaths
  • Australia - 6,619 with 71 deaths (4,230 recovered)
  • Victoria – 1,328 with 15 deaths
  • Tasmania – 197 cases with 8 deaths

International news: 

  • There has been protests in some US states against current coronavirus lock down measures. US remains a global hot spot for coronavirus with 759,118 confirmed cases and 40,665 deaths.
  • President Donald Trump wants to reopen America by May 1.

National news:

  • The rate of infection I n Australia is still slowing with only 5 new cases in NSW, 1 in Victoria and 0 in Queensland.
  • Ruby Princess Cruise ship have reported additional 19 cases of COVID-19. 
  • A report has found up to 3.4 million people will be out of work as a result of government shutdowns and physical distancing.
  • There are problems with people in remote Aboriginal communities accessing food and essentials. The big supermarkets responded to panic buying by purchasing the bulk of goods from manufacturers and producers. This means there is not enough left over for independent stores in remote communities.  
  • The Government is developing a smart phone app to help track coronavirus cases. The Government wants Australians to use the app and says the app will not track people’s locations or be available for law enforcement agencies (like police) to access. 
  • When people download the app they will need to enter: Their name, age range, postcode and phone number.
  • When people were within 1.5 metres for 15 minutes, the app via Bluetooth, will record the other person's name and phone number.
  • Some Government MPs said they will not use the app because of privacy concerns.

Victorian News:

  • Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has warned it will still be some time before cafes and bars reopen because easing restrictions too soon could see even harsher rules imposed if cases of the virus spiked.
  • Victoria’s chief health officer has said the AFL will need to demonstrate how it can play games during the Covid-19 pandemic before it can restart the season. The AFL is preparing for a season without spectators.

Tasmanian News: 

  • There were over 309 tests conducted across Tasmania in past 24 hours. 270 of those were in the North West.
  • There have been 40 people go to the emergency room at the North-West regional hospital.
  • A new section at the Royal Hobart Hospital, K Block, has opened after delays due to construction issues. 

A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise. 

Please see below for sources and other links with more information.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 17 April, 2020

 Confirmed cases of Covid 19:

  • Australia – 6515, deaths 64
  • Victoria - 1302, 14 deaths
  • Tasmania -180, 7 deaths

National News:

  • After the national cabinet meeting yesterday, PM Scott Morrison announced that restrictions we have now will continue for at least 4 more weeks. State governments that had added other restrictions can decided if they keep these additional rules, and how they will make sure people follow those rules.
  • The Prime Minister said that before we ease restrictions, we need to be able to test even more people for the virus, and to be able to catch the spread of the virus more quickly. We also need local response teams who can act fast to control the spread.

Victorian News:

  • Over 24 hours Victorian police have done 540 spot checks and given 57 fines.
  • Last night in Melbourne, Western Bulldogs vice captain Lachie Hunter was fined $1652 for breaking social distancing rules and is expected to be charged for drink driving and crashing into parked cars.

Tasmanian News:

  • Last night it was confirmed that a healthcare worker who caught coronavirus and worked at North West Private and Regional hospital, also worked at 3 nursing homes: Melaleuca Nursing Home in East Devonport, Eliza Purton Home for the Aged in Ulverstone and Coroneagh Park in Penguin. No confirmed cases yet, all residents and staff will be tested today.
  • Tasmanian Premier has asked please, if you are not welling well, do not go to work.
  • The Tasmanian Health Minister asked people living on the North West coast to contact their GP or contact the public heath hot line to find out if you should be tested. (Public Health hotline 1800 671 738).
  • People traveling to the North West area or leaving the North West area will be asked by police why they are travelling. People can only leave North West if their job is under ‘essential services’.
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault, they can go to the 1800RESPECT website or contact them for counselling. 1800 RESPECT National sexual assault and domestic violence counselling service.

NRS/VRS: 1800 555 677
1800 737 732 

Website, in the top right corner of the site, click ‘Accessibility options’ there is an Auslan video about the website and how to get help and support for people experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. Auslan Connection provides VRI interpreting for emergency situations linked to Covid 19. This includes mental health, family violence, homelessness and attending a covid clinic.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 16 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia - 6462 with 63 deaths 
  • Victoria - 1299 with 14 deaths 
  • Tasmania - 169 with 6 deaths 
  • International - 2.06 million with more than 136908 

National News:

Our unemployment rate for March was 5.2% which is lower than the economists' predictions of 5.4%. In WA news, yesterday marked the first person to be sentenced to jail for breaching the hotel quarantine rules. A man who was quarantined in a hotel in Perth city, wedged open the fire exit door with a napkin and repeatedly snuck out of his room to visit his girlfriend and get food, he has been fined $2000 and sentenced to 6 months 2 weeks in jail. 

Victorian news:

  • Yesterday marked the first day back at school for Victorian students with 97% of students signed into remote learning from home. In the past 24 hours Victorian Police officers have conducted 1355 spot checks at homes and businesses and issued 54 on the spot fines for breaches of coronavirus restrictions. These include loitering, nonessential travel and friends meeting to play video games. 
  • People awaiting surgery that had been deemed nonessential and put on hold, but their condition has changed or worsened, have been asked to contact their GP to reassess their need for surgery. 
  • Many hospitals including the old Peter Mac Hospital, which has been unused for some time and Monash Clayton Hospitals are being prepared in case needed for a COVID 19 outbreak. The Monash Clayton hospital has a new temporary 2 floor building for coronavirus patients, which will be ready in a few weeks. 
  • Minister of Health Jenny Mikakos said that she hopes all these extra beds won’t be needed, but that she wants our hospitals ready for the worst case scenario. 

Tasmanian News: 

  • 6 adults and a 17-year-old face charges due to breaching coronavirus restrictions on Easter Sunday. Police attended a house in Winnaleah where 10 people including children were gathered. 

A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise. Please see below for sources and other links with more information. 



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 15 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia - 6,383 with 62 deaths (3,598 recovered).
  • Victoria – 1,299 with 14 deaths.
  • Tasmania – 165 with 6 deaths.

National News:

  • The International Monetory Fund (IMF) predicts a reduction in the economy by 3% worldwide. Treasurer, Josh Frydenburg is not surprised. The “Great Lockdown” would cause a recession similar to the 1930s Great Depression.
  • US President, Donald Trump, has cut US funding to the World Health Organisation. Australia will not do the same because “we see the World Health Organisation playing an important role… and that’s important to Australia.”
  • The Government wants Australians to download a phone app that will track their movements and help stop the spread of COVID-19. People would have to agree to the app. It could raise privacy issues and concerns about surveillance.
  • Australia’s domestic flights have been cut down to just a few flights which is reducing postal deliveries. The Australia Post union wants the government to provide emergency flights to make sure regional and rural Australians keep getting their mail.

Victoria News:

  • Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a $500 million package to support commercial and residential landlords and tenants during the coronavirus. This will include $420 million in land tax relief for landlords who provide tenants with rent discounts. $80 million will go towards rental assistance for Victorians experiencing problems paying rent. The legislation will go to Parliament to approve next Thursday.
  • Several school websites have crashed across Victoria this morning as students begin online learning for term 2. Victorian state schools are remaining open to the children of essential workers and those who cannot learn at home. Students who can learn from home must.

Tasmania News:

  • 50 members of the Australian Defence Force and 7 Australian Medical Assistance team members have arrived in Burnie to ensure emergency services at the North West Regional Hospital are able to come back online once the deep clean of the hospital has been completed.
  • Agfest 2020 will move online with the Tasmanian Government providing $65,000 dollars to create an online portal.
  • A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise.
  • Please see below for sources and other links with more information.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 14 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia - 6,383 with 61 deaths with 3,496 people recovered.
  • Victoria – 1,291 with 14 deaths.
  • Tasmania - 150 with 5 deaths.

National news:

  • The Treasurer, Josh Frydenburg, has said the Australian unemployment rate is expected to reach 10%. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, told the Nine network that the government does not expect to see Australia’s unemployment rate hit 20%, which was the projection before the government implemented the JobKeeper wage subsidy program.
  • The NSW Premier has said that the NSW Police investigation into what happened with the Ruby Princess cruise ship will take at least 6 months.

In Victoria:

  • To better track the spread of the virus in the community, Victoria is expanding the testing for COVID-19. Testing will now be based only on the clinical symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of age or occupation. These symptoms include any new fever, chills or breathing problems, specifically cough, sore throat or shortness of breath. Only people in the general community with these symptoms will be eligible for testing.
  • The Victorian Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, has commended the "exemplary behaviour" from the majority of people over the Easter long weekend. She added that it’s still too early "to be making predictions about when the restriction will be lifted".

In Tasmania:

  • Up to 5,000 people are now in quarantine after authorities ordered Burnie's North West Regional Hospital, and the North West Private Hospital, to close. 78 of Tasmania's 150 confirmed COVID-19 cases are linked to the outbreak.
  • Australia's Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, has taken back an earlier claim that staff from a Tasmanian hospital at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak attended an "illegal dinner party" together.Professor Murphy later released a statement saying that contact tracing had not confirmed that a dinner party took place.
  • A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise.

Sources: coronavirus-live-unemployment-rate-frydenberg-covid19-testing-jobkeeper-universities-nsw-victoria-queensland-police-latest-updates 

Coronavirus Auslan Update - 13 April, 2020

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia - 6,355, 61 deaths in total.
  • Victoria – 1,281, 14 deaths in total, 1,015 recovered.
  • Tasmania – 144.
National news:
  • Average of 89 new cases reported each day - most from NSW, then VIC.
  • Equal numbers of men and women, with most from international travel.
  • 353,000 tests have been conducted nationally, with 2% positive.
  • National Cabinet agreed to that households and small businesses in financial distress should have hardship support from essential services: energy, telecommunications, water and local government should offer; 
  • Flexible paymentsNo disconnections or restrictions to services
  • Deferring debt recovery and credit default listings
  • Waiving late fees and interest charges
  • Minimising planned outages
Victoria News:
  • State of emergency extended until 11 May – another four weeks.
  • This means that authorised officers, such as the police, can enforce rules from the Chief Health Officer about where people can travel, social distancing and isolation.
  • Low number of new cases show that the rules are working. We need to keep following these rules so that we keep on track.
  • The Government is committing money to help people with counselling for people with mental illnesses and needing support at this time.
  • Fines of $1,600 per person have been given to people playing sport – these gatherings should not happen.
  • Australians stuck overseas are being brought back to Australia, with flights from Peru, India and Uruguay. These Australians will quarantine for 14 days.
Tasmania News:
  • The North West Regional and North West Private Hospitals in Burnie have shut today after an outbreak. More than 1,000 people – including hospital staff and their households – will self-isolate for 14 days. Most patients will move to the Mersey Community Hospital (Devonport). The hospitals will have a deep cleaning.
  • The Tasmanian Government aims to reopen the North West Regional Hospital in two weeks. Emergency department, maternity, cancer and intensive care hope to open in 72 hours.
  • The Tasmanian Government has plans and resources in place to support healthcare in the North West area and can still respond to medical needs.
A reminder:
  • Only leave your home if you must - for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school; or exercise.
  • Please see below for sources and other links with more information.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 9 April, 2020, 4:00pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 6, 079 (yesterday there were 5,987), 51 deaths.
  • Victoria – 1,228 (110 suspected community transmissions) (yesterday there were 1,212), 12 deaths.
  • Tasmania – 107 (yesterday there were 98), 3 deaths.

National news:

  • Australian Government is assisting those overseas to come home on Qantas flights.
  • Job Keeper and Job Seeker legislation passes in Parliament- payments will be available soon.
  • All Australians urged to stay home and not travel for the Easter long weekend.

Victorian news:

  • New companies in Victoria will make more ventilators.
  • Victoria Police will increase their work over the long weekend to ensure people are safe and not doing the wrong thing.
  • A man who attempted to sail his yacht from Victoria to Tasmania has been rescued by Police.

Tasmanian news:

  • Stricter rules over the Easter long weekend with the Police fining those who do the wrong thing.
  • You may only go boating if close to home.
  • Everyone must stay within 5kms of home.


  • Remember, there are only 4 reasons to leave your home which we all know. It is not just about spreading the virus but also reducing the likelihood of needing other emergency services for a car accident, fall or another medical emergency.
  • Please stay home if you do not need to go out.
  • Remember, COVID-19 does not “go on holidays”!


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 8 April, 2020, 5:00pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 5,987 (yesterday there were 5,881), 50 deaths.
  • Victoria – 1,212 (yesterday there were 1,191), 12 deaths.
  • Tasmania – 98 (yesterday there were 89), 3 deaths.

World News:

  • There are now over 10,000 deaths in France which follows the trend of China, Italy, USA and Spain.

National news:

  • Job Keeper legislation is being debated in Parliament today.
  • Reminder to those with health conditions to keep up regular medical care, appointments, etc.
  • Warnings for those considering travel during Easter or for anyone acting in a dangerous manner and not following restrictions- there are penalties in place.

Victorian news:

  • The working for Victoria Program is open to both employees looking for work and employers needing staff.
  • Clarification around school arrangements starting Term 2. Those who can school from home, must but others- including children with disabilities can attend school if home is not suitable.
  • Premier urges people not to travel or socialise this weekend for Easter.

Tasmanian news:

  • Will now have a drive-thru testing station in Hobart.


  • Remember, there are only 4 reasons to leave your home which we all know. It is not just about spreading the virus but also reducing the likelihood of needing other emergency services for a car accident, fall or another medical emergency. Please stay home if you do not need to go out.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 7 April, 2020, 5:00pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 5,881 (yesterday there were 5,793), 45 deaths.
  • Victoria – 1.191 (yesterday there were 1,158), 11* deaths.
  • Tasmania – 89 (yesterday there were 86), 3 deaths.

Global/National news:

  • Despite all the coverage about George Pell, there is still plenty of new about COVID-19.
  • British PM, Boris Johnson has now moved to the ICU in hospital.
  • The Prime Minister and the Chief Health Officer spoke about three different approaches to COVID-19 and the impacts of these.
  • Australians have been encouraged to keep following the restriction and be patient.

Victorian news:

  • Update on Victorian schools which will resume on Wednesday 15 April only for those who cannot school from home.
  • Arrangements are being made for Year 12 VCE and VCAL students to ensure they can still finish the year and have pathways to further study or work.

Tasmanian news:

  • Visitors are now no longer allowed is hospitals with the exception of parents of a newborn or sick child, visits for those nearing the end of their life.
  • Police will continue to be strict about travel especially over Easter.


  • Remember, there are only 4 reasons to leave your home- for medical attention or supplies, for essential shopping, for exercise or for work/school if you can’t do this from home.

* after time of filming, 10 Vic deaths was updated to 11.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 6 April, 2020, 5:00pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

Australia – 5,793 (yesterday there were 5,668), 40 deaths.

Victoria – 1,158 (yesterday there were 1,135), 10 deaths. 

Tasmania – 86 (yesterday there were 82), 2 deaths.

Global news:

  • British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests.
  • A tiger in a New York Zoo has COVID-19.

National news:

  • Update on Ruby Princess Situation in NSW and Australia wide impact.
  • More people can now be tested for COVID-19.

Victorian news:

  • 180 more fines have been issued after 980 checks.
  • Some Protective Service Officers will now work in other areas as demand on public transport decreases.

Tasmanian news:

  • More cases of COVID-19 in healthcare workers and Ruby Princess passengers.
  • Outbreak in Northwest area a concern with nearby public and private hospitals helping with increased patient numbers.
  • One person who left a mandatory quarantine in Launceston has been arrested and will face court.


  • Remember, there are only 4 reasons to leave your home- for medical attention or supplies, for essential shopping, for exercise or for work/school if you can’t do this from home.
  • See comments for more information and Interpreted press conferences.



Coronavirus Auslan Update - 5 April, 2020, 5:00pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 5,668 (yesterday there were 5,454), 34 deaths.
  • Victoria – 1,135 (yesterday there were 1,115), 8 deaths. 573 people have recovered.
  • Tasmania – 82 (yesterday there were 80), 2 deaths.

National news:

  • The ABC National News on channel 24 will be Auslan interpreted tonight.
  • Information regarding mask use provided by Professor Paul Kelly.

Victorian news:

  • New “Hotels for Heroes” program announced.
  • More Victorians fined for not following Stage 3 restrictions.
  • Further information on COVID-19 in your local council area now available.

Tasmanian news:

  • More restrictions on the use of holiday shacks and boats.
  • People will no longer be warned, they will be given a fine if not following the rules.
  • 3 healthcare workers form Northwest Hospital diagnosed with COVID-19, also a child from a cruise ship.

Good news: the Easter Bunny is considered an essential service so will still be allowed to deliver Easter eggs!


  • ABC national news (on ABC channel 24) tonight at 6pm for the news with Auslan Interpreters and Deaf segment in Auslan.


Coronavirus Auslan Update - 3 April, 2020, 4:30pm

There are now over 1 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide.
Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia – 5,316 (266 more than yesterday), 27 deaths.
  • Victoria – 1,085 (49 more than yesterday), 7 deaths. 447 people have recovered.
  • Tasmania – 74 (2 more than yesterday*), 2 deaths.

National news:

  • Positive signs of slower increases due to Australians following the rules.
  • A reminder that these rules may be in place for 6 months.
  • A new Government website with daily updates will be launched soon.
  • There will be more announcements about support for tenants and landlords but people who can pay their rent, must continue to do so.

Victorian news:

  • There are now 62 cases of community transmission not at all linked to someone from overseas.
  • Some Victoria Police station front desks have closed to focus on COVID-19 work but you can still get police help by calling or via their website.

Tasmanian news:

  • Term 2 for schools will commence with a focus on at home and online learning.
  • Parents who need to send their children to school so they can work, can do so.
  • Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases in Devonport, anyone with symptoms can now be tested.
  • A tour guide linked to 2 mainland visitors now has COVID-19.
  • The Tasmanian borders may be closed for some time to mainland visitors.


  • Only leave your house for essential shopping, medical care, exercise, or work/school.
  • *Please note Stef accidentally signed “5 more” for Tasmania- should be only 2 more.



Auslan summary update - 2 April 2020, 4:30pm

Confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • Australia -5,050 (yesterday 4,707), 23 deaths (yesterday 20).
  • Victoria – 1,036 (yesterday 968), 5 deaths.
  • Tasmania - 72 (yesterday 69), 2 deaths.

In national news:

  • the Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that there will now be a program for free childcare for parents who need to go to work.

In Victoria, Flu shots and other vaccines are now more easily available for some people at pharmacies or during a pharmacy visit.

  • There are some changes to how Victoria Police will operate their stations with more police officers focusing on COVID-19 work rather than being available for walk-in support at police stations or community activities. Please contact police by phone (131 444) through the NRS, online or call 000 in an emergency. Police are stepping up their work in making sure the community follow the rules about COVID-9 and will continue to issue fines for people or businesses doing the wrong thing.

In Tasmania, more restrictions have been put in place.

  • Races- both horse and greyhounds are now banned, TABs will be closed, and garage sales must stop.
  • Farmers markets can continue to operate only with fresh food.
  • Food trucks are no longer allowed to be open.

A reminder to everyone to only leave your home if you must- for essential shopping; medical appointments or care; work or school if you can’t from home; or exercise.

Please see below for sources and other links with more information:

Auslan summary update - 1 April 2020, 4:30pm


Australia - 4,707 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 20 deaths.

Victoria - 968 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (51 more cases than yesterday)

Tasmania - 69 (no change from yesterday)

Premier of Victoria at press conference today

  • Victorian Government will fund $1.3 billion to support our medical care services. The funding will increase ICU beds from 500 to 4,500 and additional equipment for ICU in Victoria. Also, the funding will support to provide training for nurses, doctors and health care workers to increase staff numbers in ICU.
  • Now 10 people or businesses have received fines for not following the rules on businesses that need to shut or social distancing.
  • For Victorians: If you do not follow the Stage 3 restrictions, you will be fined with $1,652 or $9,913 for businesses.


  • There were no new cases from yesterday detected yet, but people must continue to be careful and stay inside to stop community transmissions.
  • For Tasmanians: If you do not follow the restrictions, you will be fined up to $16,800 or 6 months jail. More information about restrictions in Tasmania is in comment section.

What is “community transmission” and “contact tracing” and why are these important to help slow the spread? 


  • It is important to stay home and do not go out unless it is necessary. You cannot visit your partner for socials reason, you should not go out without 4 reasons - food & medicine shopping, exercise, work or school and health support.
  • Even if you do leave your home, you should still follow the rules for physical distancing.



Auslan summary update - 31 March 2020, 4:30pm


  • 4,413 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 250 more cases.
  • 19 deaths - 1 more from Tasmania happened last night.
  • VIC - 917 (96 more cases) 291 have recovered.
  • TAS - 69 (5 more cases) Two deaths from Tasmania is from the cruise.

Heath Minister address today

  • The spread rate is slowing which is great but there is lot of work to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as possible.
  • Federal Government is currently collaborating with private hospitals to keep them open and the beds available for everyone especially for those who need intensive care. Private hospitals will support those who are in need, you do not need any health insurance to receive care from private hospitals. 

JobKeeper Payment

  • The purpose of the subsidy is to keep businesses survive through the pandemic and keeping people in job. The subsidy will start now but the money will not be available 'til May.
  • If you are an eligible employee - staff or casual, you will receive your pay directly from the employers after the employers receive their funding from government. However, it is up to the employers to apply for this JobKeeper subsidy if your workplace is eligible.
  • If your workplace is receiving the subsidy, you will receive minimum of $1,500 a fortnight even if your pay is less.
  • If you were employed after 1 March and even if you were stood down between 1 March and now, you are eligible to receive the payment.

Victorian Heath Minister & Chief Heath Officer Press conference today:

  • Found 4 pre-school children confirmed of COVID-19 cases and they are not severely ill. Currently there is no evidence that the children have spread the virus.
  • 1 case transmitted from someone who came from overseas. 3 cases is still in investigation.
  • Pub in Fitzroy was fined of $9,900 after not following the restrictions as announced from Victorian Premier.


  • Public gatherings still at limit to 2 people only. You should only have 4 reasons to leave the house: for work or school (if you can’t work or school from home); getting supplies like food or medicine; medical care like GP appointment; or for exercise.
  • Even if you do leave your home, you should still follow the rules for physical distancing.
  • Please look in the comments on this Facebook post as we often add other links for more information.


Auslan summary update - 30 March 2020.


  • There are 4,163 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia. 18 deaths.
  • VIC - 821 - 52 cases increase.
  • TAS - 66 - No updated information yet.
  • Tasmania recorded their first death relating COVID-19 today.

National updates from Prime Minister:

  • National Cabinet agreed to change maximum number of people allowed to gather to 2.  People who live in the same home as you are not affected.
  • New rules for people renting business or residential properties. No one can be evicted in the next 6 months if they cannot pay their rent because of financial problems due to COVID-19.
  • People over 70 are encouraged not to leave the house. This is the same for people over 60 with existing diseases or over 50 if they are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.
  • PM Scott Morrison also held a press conference today to explain more financial support for businesses so they can continue to pay workers even if there is little or no work for them. This can be for full time, part time and casual employees so talk to your boss to see if this can help you keep your job.


  • Victorian Premier have announced Victoria is in Stage (Level) 3 restrictions (strict rules) will start from midnight tonight.
  • This means that skate parks, playgrounds or outdoor gyms will now be closed.
  • On the spot fines can be given to people or businesses who are not following these rules.
  • If you want to travel & stay at your own holiday home, you are allowed to do so.


  • If you fail to follow their restrictions, the police force will arrest and charge you for not following the rules.
  • You are not allowed to travel & stay between your primary and secondary (holiday) homes. 


  • You should only have 4 reasons to leave the house: for work or school (if you can’t work or school from home); getting supplies like food or medicine; medical care like GP appointment; or for exercise.
  • Even if you do leave your home, you should still follow the rules for physical distancing.
  • Please look in the comments on this Facebook post as we often add other links for more information.



Auslan summary update - 29 March 2020.


  • Australia has 3,935 (almost 4,000) confirmed cases of COVID-10, 14 deaths.
  • VIC – 769. Today up 84, yesterday- Saturday up 111. Now, 4 people have died in Victoria.
  • TAS – 62. 20 more than Friday.
  • You may have also seen on the news that British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has COVID-19 so this is proof that anyone can get it.

How is COVID-19 spreading and what is the Government doing to slow the spread?

  • It has been discovered that most cases of COVID-19 in Australia are from people who were recently overseas- many different countries not just China, Italy or the US.
  • We know that returning travelers have been told by the Government for several weeks now to self-quarantine at home for 14 days, however some have not been doing this. This has allowed the virus to spread from person to person.
  • You may have seen on the news that people arriving from overseas will now be taken to hotels by the police and army staff for quarantine. This is not because they definitely have COVID-19, but to protect the community just in case they do and are not aware.
  • These people will be given food, any required medications and care and will not have to pay for the hotel stay.
  • The Government is doing this because people who have been overseas have a very high chance of being exposed to the virus and the risk of them spreading it is high.

Announcements from the Government Press Conference today:

  • New WhatsApp service you can sign up to receive updates about COVD-19 in Australia. You can sign up by going to on your mobile phone and follow the clicks to send the message and then updates can be sent by the Government to your WhatsApp.
  • iPhone and Android App - You can access Government information about COVID-19.
  • Federal Government announced it will allocate $1.1 billion to support better telehealth services (this means appointments with your Dr via phone or Skype so some people don’t need to go into a clinic) and funding for mental health and domestic violence support services as need for these can increase at this time.
  • You may have seen information about Stage (Level) 1, 2 or 3. The states relate to rules becoming more strict about businesses having to close, rules about social gatherings and overseas travel for example. At the moment we are in Stage 2, but this may change to 3 which is more strict- this may happen in some states before it happens in other places.
  • National cabinet meeting again tonight so there may be more updates - tonight or tomorrow.


  • Even if you are well, have not recently returned from overseas or had contact with someone who has COVID-19, wash your hands often and stay home if you can. If it is essential for to go out for food or medicine- please practice Social Distancing. Social Distancing saves lives.
  • Please follow the advice of Police officers as the are following the rules and are trying to keep us safe. Some states now allow Police to give on the spot (immediate) fines to people and businesses who are not doing the right thing.
  • Lastly, we know there are a lot of news articles, tv reports about COVID-19. It is important to stay informed, but make sure when you are watching news that it is relevant to your state and location.


Auslan summary update - 27 March 2020, 4pm.


  • Australia has 2,996 confirmed cases of COVID-10, 13 deaths - last death occurred from Cruise in Perth.
  • VIC – 574 (54 more than yesterday).
  • TAS – 47 (5 more than yesterday).


  • The Prime Minister held a press conference today and thanked the Australian people as many are doing well to follow the rules to stay inside unless it is urgent to leave.
  • It is important that people understand that most people who have COVID-19 have recently returned from overseas or have been in contact with someone who had. That is why it is important that people returning from overseas remain in quarantine for 14 days.
  • The Prime Minister announced that from midnight on Saturday, anyone who arrives to Australia will be sent to a hotel or other facility to stay for 14 days for the quarantine period.
  • This new system will be paid for by the Government and travellers will be quarantined in the first Australian city they arrive in even if they live in another state.
  • New 'finger-prick' test for COVID-19  will rollout in Australia soon. The new method is quicker and cheaper than current one which is a throat and nasal swab.
  • Prime Minster have met with G20 leaders to discuss how countries can collaborate and overcome pandemic by speeding up research and find vaccine for COVID-19. Australia will work with other countries in our region- like the Pacific and may support other countries who do not have strong healthcare systems.


  • The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews held a short press conference (without an Interpreter) this afternoon.
  • Premier Andrews confirmed that the Victorian Government is working with hotels in Melbourne and country areas to set up special 14 day quarantine accommodation for those returning from home.
  • People in these hotels will be well cared for, provided with food and will not need to pay for this accommodation or food.
  • This will help some people who work in hotels who have recently lost their jobs as they will be able to come back to work to support this new quarantine rule.
  • We are still in stage 2. We have not moved to Stage 3, but when we do full details will be explained to the community.


  • The Tasmanian school term will end four days early on April 3 to give teachers time to plan to provide home learning delivery for students for Term 2 if it is required.
  • The Premier of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein said schools will remain open until April 3, but parents should keep their children home from school if they can.


  • If you have travelled, or have been on contact with someone who has COVID-19  it is important to self-isolate home you cannot even go to the shop or chemist. Ask a friend or family member to drop off supplies.
  • Even if you are well, have not recently returned from overseas or had contact with someone who has COVID-19, stay home if you can. If it is essential for to go out for food or medicine- please practice Social Distancing. Social Distancing saves lives.
  • Wash your hands often. 




Auslan summary update - 26 March 2020, 4pm.


  • Australia has 2,790 confirmed cases of COVID-10, 12 deaths.
  • VIC – 520: 54 more than yesterday.
  • 3 deaths overnight- all over age 70- died in Hospitals.
  • TAS – 42: 6 more than yesterday.


  • Recently had a press conference with the Health Minister and Chief Health Officer in Victoria.
  • We are still in Stage 2 Restriction. The Premier will decide when we will go to stage 3.
  • There will be a new order made to make it easier for Victorian people on regular medication (like blood pressure and cholesterol for example) to get a script and get their regular medicines. They will not need to go to the GP. This will help people who are at risk to stay in their homes but still have access to their medication.
  • The Government is still concerned that people are not following the rules to stay at home for 14 days when they have been told to (recent arrived from overseas, or contact with someone known to have COVID-19).
  • Police are visiting homes and if you should be home and you are not, you can be fined $20,000.
  • Even if you are well, have not recently returned from overseas or contact with someone who has COVID-19, it is important to stay home if you can, if it is essential for to go out for food or medicine- please practice Social Distancing. Social Distancing saves lives.


  • Tasmania Government introduced $985 million funding to support health, economy, businesses, individuals and community.
  • Health- for more medical supplies, equipment and staff. Also- family and child protection from violence and mental health supports as these could go up because of COVID-19.
  • Business and Jobs, individuals and community organisations will also receive support like extra funding, no-fee loans, some cancellation of fees and a promise not to increase rent if you live in public (HC) home.
  • Currently, there is no evidence in community transmission- this means so far the only people to have COVID-19 have come from overseas or have had contact with someone who has or who has COVID-19.


  • If you have travelled, or have been on contact with someone who has COVID-19  it is important to self-isolate home you cannot even go to the shop or chemist. Ask a friend or family member to drop off supplies
  • Wash your hands often. 
  • Even if you are well, have not recently returned from overseas or had contact with someone who has COVID-19, stay home if you can. If it is essential for to go out for food or medicine- please practice Social Distancing. Social Distancing saves lives.


Auslan summary update - 25 March 2020, 4pm.


  • As of today, there are over 2,300 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • VIC: 466 - 55 more cases than yesterday.
  • TAS: 36 - 8 more than yesterday.

Update from National Cabinet meeting held last night:

  • The National Cabinet have decided to start Stage 2 Restrictions (strict rules).
  • These rules are stricter and will result in more businesses closures for example: libraries, museums, gyms, pools/spas, play centres.
  • Other activities will have to stop for example: tattoos, nail salon, wax, auctions, house inspections, massage (physio and professional health allowed).
  • There are also now new limits on how many people can attend a wedding- 5; funeral- 10; outdoor PT session 10.
  • Cafes, restaurants and food courts can still only do takeaway, so no sit down and dine together; each state premier will decide about other markets and if they can remain open or not.
  • A full list is included in the comments.

Other Government announcements:

  • The Prime Minister established the National COVID-19 Co-ordination Commission (NCCC) so that the best and most accurate information is in one place to help Government make decisions about things like food, jobs and making sure people are safe.
  • In many states, public and private hospitals had been working together to try and get those on the waiting list for elective surgeries done quicker. After midnight tonight, only urgent elective surgeries will continue so hospitals can keep equipment like masks and beds available for when the numbers of COVID-19 cases rise.


  • Overseas travel is now banned for ALL AUSTRALIANS. You may only go with special permission (if you work in foreign aid for example).

It is important that we all work together and follow these rules. If you have recently come home from overseas, have COVID-19 or have been told to self-Isolate, you MUST do this or you can be fined- up to $20,000 in Vic or $8,400 in Tasmania. Someone else must do your food shopping for you and drop off for example.

For everyone else- even if you do not think you have COVID-19, try to only leave your home for urgent things like food shopping, medical care or exercise- but maintain distancing.



Daily Auslan summary update about COVID-19, 24/03/2020 at 5pm.

The video is an Auslan only summary - English summary below:


  • Almost 1,900 confirmed cases of COVID in Australia.
  • VIC 411 (56 more than yesterday)
  • TAS 28 (6 more than yesterday)
  • Federal Government have ordered 100,000 more test kits and are looking to allow more people to get tested.

Support for people who have lost work:

  • Last night, Parliament in Canberra worked until very late to approved increased new Centrelink payments for Newstart/Jobseeker, Parenting and Student payments to support people at this time.
  • It is estimated that a million people have lost their jobs due to the impact of COVID-19 and are asking Centrelink for support.
  • Unfortunately there have been long lines at Centrelink and long wait times online and by phone, so please be patient and if you visit in person and are lining up, maintain social distancing.


  • Reminder that Victorian schools are now closed until term 2. The Government will advise if schools will start again term 2 or if the break will be longer


  • As the Victorian Government announced recently, the Tasmanian Government has also allocated funds to support businesses and employees. $420 million will help some businesses get tax money back and will extend the first home owners grant until June 2022.
  • The Tasmanian Government has now banned any non-essential travel by Spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Tasmania.

Stricter conditions on businesses being asked to close, travel and group gatherings like weddings are happening all over the world like in NZ. These may soon start in Australia, so be prepared. Continue to be safe- wash hands regularly and avoid contact with other people.


ABC News - Coronavirus Tasmania halts spirit travel
Health Tasmania - Coronavirus update
ABC News - Centrelink minister - Coronavirus students to get 550 extra
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Beehive NZ - Covid-19 alert level 3

23 March 2020, 5pm.

The video is an Auslan only summary - English summary below:

Cases in Australia

  • The ABC has updated its website at 1.30pm today and there are now more than 1,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia.
  • Victoria - 355 (59 more than yesterday)
  • Tasmania – 22 (5 more than yesterday)

Updates from the national cabinet meeting held last night:

  • Australia is now at Stage (Level) 1 Shutdown started today at lunchtime- this was decided by the Prime Minister and state Government Leaders.
  • This means that all non-essential places where people come together must close. It includes pubs, clubs, nightclubs, Crown Casino, and licensed venues in hotels and pubs. It also includes gyms, indoor sporting venues, places of worship (Churches Mosques etc), cinemas and entertainment venues. This also applies to outdoor spaces that are busy with people like the well-known Bondi Beach in NSW that was closed on the weekend.
  • Restaurants and cafes are allowed to operate but can only provide takeaway and home delivery services.
  • People are advised to cancel all non-essential travel and trips- even those within Australia or your state- you should cancel your school holiday plans.
  • There are now stricter rules on visiting elderly people in nursing homes such as no recent overseas travellers, visitors of only 2 people per day and no children or young people allowed.


  • The Victorian Premier announced yesterday that school holidays will start early so from tomorrow all schools are closed until 14th April. This means today is the last school day for term 1.
  • For all other states, the Federal Government said the schools will remain open for rest of term. If you decide to keep your child at home, you are responsible for their care and supervision. No one should be hanging out in groups at shopping centres for example.

Update from Victorian Premier

  • The Victorian Police have established a new Coronavirus Squad of 500 officers who will make sure people are following the rules about social distancing, self-isolation for recently returned people from overseas and others or who have been advised to self-isolate.
  • If you are told to self-isolate you MUST NOT leave your home for any reason even for food shopping. Contact friends or family to ask them to drop off food at your doorstep or call the Coronavirus hotline via the NRS on 1800 675 398 as they can assist in delivering supplies.
  • Tasmania will follow the national Stage 1 Shutdown and unlike Victoria, at this stage schools will remain open. No further Government announcements from Tasmania.

These rules for Stage (Level) 1 Shutdown may increase to Stage (Level) 2 and become more strict if we continue to see the number of people with COVID-19 increase so quickly. It is important that ALL Australians follow these rules and try to limit being out of their homes and seeing other people- this is the only way we can slow the spread of the virus.


Prime Minister - Coronavirus measures
ABC News - Coronavirus cases data
ABC News - Coronavirus tally in Tasmania
Department of Health - Coronavirus health alerts


22 March 2020, 5pm.

The video is an Auslan only summary - English summary below:

  • Numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia- now over 1,200- 26 people recovered. Still only 7 deaths. Victoria- 296 (67 more than yesterday) Tasmania- 16 (5 more than yesterday)
  • As you may know, State and Federal Government leaders have been meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Tuesday meeting has been moved forward to tonight (Sunday) so there will probably be more announcements tonight or Monday
  • There have been many announcements about funding and tax or fees back for businesses, individual supports for people who are losing work- like higher Centrelink payments and being able to get it quicker and yesterday $15.6 million for more research into COVID-19
  • BUT the Prime Minister says we must all work together to try and slow the spread. Please stay away from other people! Do not go to crowded places like pubs, clubs or the beach! You may have the virus but not know it and by being near other people you can spread it.
  • We have seen very strict changes overseas in Italy the UK and the US like many cities and towns closing businesses except for supermarkets and chemists, hospitals and other essential health and safety services. Now, some states like Victoria and NSW are asking the Federal Government to close “non-essential’ services like business and shops. We need to be prepared if similar rules begin here in Australia.

Victorian schools and services:

  • The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that Victorian schools WILL CLOSE from Tuesday March 25. The Victorian Government will let the community know if schools will open for Term