Complain to the Disability Services Commissioner Auslan

Making a Complaint

The Disability Services Commissioner (the Commissioner) is independent of government, the Department of Human Services and disability service providers and has been created to work with people with a disability and disability service providers to resolve complaints.

There are many benefits to raising a complaint with your disability service provider and to identifying a solution as soon as possible. The complaints process can lead to better services for people with a disability in Victoria, so coming up with solutions together is good for everyone.

Complaints about the provision of disability services can be made directly to the service provider and to the Commissioner.

If you're unable to resolve your complaint or raise it with your service provider, the Commissioner can assist.

As part of the Disability Act 2006, all disability service providers must have a complaints management process in place. It's worth asking for information about this process to help determine the best way to resolve your complaint.

Wherever possible you should try to resolve your complaint with your disability service provider first before referring it to the Commissioner.



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