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    deafaccess Hume - July 2019

    Welcome to the July Newsletter.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - December 2015

    Christmas time is here. Itís time to get together and celebrate with family and friends. A wonderful time to reflect on the important people in our life and let them know we appreciate them.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - November 2015

    Welcome to the November Newsletter.
    Itís such an exciting time of year with lots of events leading up to the Christmas period to get involved in.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - September 2015

    Finally our days are getting longer and warmer. Just a few more weeks and we get to enjoy our daylight savings again.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - July 2015

    Welcome to the July newsletter. My name is Brooke and I will be doing Stephen's job for the next six months. I know I have some very big shoes to fill, Stephen has done an amazing job over the last 2 years.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - June 2015

    Winter has arrived here in Gippsland and our winter season starts for three months. That means skiing and snowboarding time for us in the mountains. There have events in the last few weeks and photos are included in this newsletter for you to have a look.

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    deafaccess Gippsland - May 2015

    Autumn season is now here, we have cooler weather and tree leaves are changing colours at the moment. There have lot of things happening during Mayóboth workshops and social events. All information are included here for you to have a look.
    You may remember that we had an interesting information session about...

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    deafaccess Gippsland - April 2015

    I hope you had a good Easter long weekend and eating these delicious chocolate eggs. You may remember that we had an interesting information session about Emergency safety through bushfires and/or flooding or extreme weather condition...

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    deafaccess Gippsland - March 2015

    AUTUMN season is hereóthat means colourful leaves coming soon across Gippsland!