Right Hear, Right Now. Art Exhibition

Event Date
August 12, 2016
34-40 Jane Bell Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening on Friday 12th August, No Vacancy Gallery presents Right Hear, Right Now by award-winning Sydney-based artist Kate Disher-Quill. Using photography, film, multimedia and installation, Right Hear, Right Now is a sensory experienced which provides an insight into what it is like to live with hearing loss and breaks down
barriers on an issue which is often seen as taboo. 

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Disher-Quill spent over a year connecting with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing adults, teenagers, parents and children, photographing and documenting their stories. From the daily realities of hearing aids, cochlear implants, lip reading and sign language, to personal stories of overcoming insecurities and celebrating differences, Right Hear, Right Now brings to light a myriad of experiences and issues surrounding a complex theme.

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