Deaf Awareness Training with NDIS

Deaf Awareness Training provides information about working and communicating with people who are Deaf. NDIS funds can be used to provide training in your workplace, recreation group or sports club and make it more inclusive. Australian Sign Language (Auslan) courses can also be included.

What is NDIS Deaf Awareness Training?

Our training delivers practical information and strategies for creating an inclusive work environment for all staff.

Your staff will learn about working with Deaf people and how to effectively and respectfully communicate. 

Our training can be delivered as a one-off session or a series of tailored sessions designed to meet the needs of your workplace and ca be delivered either in person or via your preferred videoconferencing platform.

It will include practical strategies to use Auslan and communicate with the Deaf community. 

Types of NDIS Deaf Awareness Training programs we provide

  • One-off Deaf Awareness Training sessions on working with people who are Deaf and understanding the Deaf community 
  • Deaf Awareness Training combined with a basic Auslan course for your staff to establish an fully inclusive workplace 
  • Basic Auslan course for teams and staff members to learn the language of the Deaf community 

All profits from Auslan courses are invested back into services for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

How to get this training 

This training can be accessed via the NDIS and the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF). Click here to see more information about EAF.

Click the button below. When you click the button you will have 2 options: 

  • Option 1: you can submit a video enquiry in Auslan 
  • Option 2: you can fill in a form in English 
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