Students complete the Native Auslan Interpreting Course

Expression Australia, in partnership with Deaf Can:Do, recently completed a five-weekend Native Auslan Interpreting Course in Melbourne. All the students participating in the course were CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults).

“We see this course as strategically important at a time in which the Deaf Community is experiencing growing issues around the availability of Auslan interpreters throughout Australia”, said Christine Mathieson, CEO of Expression Australia.

“It makes sense to grow the pool of Auslan interpreters using people who have grown up using Auslan”, added Judy Curran, CEO of the Can:Do Group.

We recognise the value and passion that this cohort brings to us and our community. We'd like to thank our teachers Julie Judd and Stef Linder for leading this course as well as those who played a part in developing and delivering this course. 

We wish all our students good luck as they sit the NAATI exam and begin their journey in the deaf community. We are very proud to support this much-needed initiative - another example of how Expression Australia invests in and supports the deaf community.



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