Do you need Assistive Technology?

Many people get a bit of help from technology these days, and it’s often the small devices that have the biggest impact. 

Do you know if some one is at your front door?  How do you know if there is a fire, or if your baby is crying? These are all times when technology could help.

Expression Australia can provide different kinds of assistive technology devices, e.g. flashing light doorbells, smoke alarms, baby cry alarms, TV listening devices and RF/Bluetooth microphones, and lots more.

Many of these devices are available through the NDIS. If your NDIS plan has a budget called ‘Assistive technology’, or the words “low-risk technology” appear in your ‘Core supports’ budget, then you may be able to purchase devices through Expression Australia and pay with your NDIS funds.

Have a look at what devices we have available by looking through our devices catalogue.

If you have a Support Coordinator, then best talk to them; but if not, please contact Expression Australia directly:

SMS/FaceTime: 0402 217 586
Phone: 03 9473 1111
Skype: expression.australia



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