International Day of Signed Languages - ABC News Interview

Source: ABC News

Deaf Community members, Stef Linder and Tony Tran were interviewed by ABC News on the International Day of Signed Languages. They were asked about their language, Auslan, and what it means to them.

"Auslan is a a visual and gestural modality", Stef explained. "Which means that we use space, first person, perspective and facial expression a lot when we communicate in Auslan." 

"Australia has its own sign language, Auslan and it has differences from other signed languages", Tony continued. "The signs for koala, kangaroo or emu don't exist in other signed languages because they are cultural and embedded here in our language."

"Sign language is a genuine language. my first and preferred language. I use it every day in my work and life." Stef said.

"I grew up with hearing parents," Tony explained. "There were barriers with my parents not being able to sign and so when I use sign language in the community, at work and in study, I feel included because I 'm able to communicate with people."

September 23 - 29 is the International Week of Deaf People.



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