2019 Primary School Sports Day

Above: Sam Cartledge and Maxine Buxton share a quick update of the fantastic event as well as name all the schools who attended.

On a warm and sunny Tuesday, October 29, Expression Australia attended the 2019 Primary School Deaf Sports Day in Doncaster where more than 250 kids from 18 schools competed. Led by teachers and Auslan interpreters, the children participated in numerous events such as 100m sprint, shotput, long jump, discus and many more. When they weren't participating in events, the children were busy cheering on other schools and socialising with other students under the shade in the stands.

There were many primary schools from around Victoria to compete against each other for the title. Schools had travelled from all over the state to attend and even the Visiting Teacher Service (VTS) was strongly represented with 47 students from numerous schools.

On the day, Sam Cartledge dressed up in his Deaflympic Games uniform and got to chat with many future Deaflympians. He also had the opportunity to discuss with parents ways to make their local sports clubs more Deaf friendly and aware of Auslan. One suggestion he had was to have a discussion with the coach and teach basic Auslan signs relevant to the sport.

Maxine Buxton and Brent Phillips also attended the sports day to chat with the many schools, teachers and parents about their experience and how Expression Australia can support them. This included using our NDIS support coordinators, finding an in home Auslan tutor and enrolling in an Auslan course close to home.

The Primary School Sports Day was a recipient of the Expression Deaf Grant with funds covering two interpreters to provide communciation access throughout the day. The interpreters would go around with the students to each event to interpret instructions about how to throw a shot put correctly, show students where to leap from in long jump and alerting competitors when the starting gun was fired.

The trophy awarded to the school that came first was presented by Expression Australia staff member, Sam Cartledge and fellow Deaflympian Glen Flindell. Congratulations to Bendigo who won overall on the day and for all the students for participating!



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