Learn Local with Expression Australia

Last year, Expression Australia started a new Learn Local program, called 'Workwise for Deaf People'. This program aimed to help upskill and prepare students for future employment and study opportunities. The program was tailored to the students who gave feedback explaining that they wanted it to be taught by a Deaf person in Auslan. This was because learning through interpreters to get information in the classroom is sometimes difficult as the teachers may not understand the learning needs of Deaf students

The program ran over 10 weeks, one day a week with different topics and activities like a traditional course. As the course progressed students had the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s experiences sharing their thoughts and feelings.  

Expression Australia adjusted the course to accommodate more discussion and group learning in a safe learning environment for the students.

The classes throughout the course covered skill development, problem solving, working in teams, organisational skills, working with hearing colleagues and much more. The last sessions were devoted to career counselling and unpacking what options were available for the students in their professional lives. 

After 10 weeks, the group learnt a lot and using this momentum, Expression Australia organised a real life group interview for positions available at Expression Australia. A number of people now have regular work from that interview and there are even more people that we are looking to engage in a mentoring program to further develop their skills. 

Expression Australia will be running another Learn Local program this year and are asking for your feedback about ‘what type of programs you think would benefit you, your colleagues, friends and family. Please email your suggestions to info@expression.com.au.

We are proud of the Learn Local 'Workwise for Deaf People' program and the impact it has had on participants. We look forward to holding the program again later this year and will let you know when registrations open. 

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