Farewell Brent Phillips

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Hello, my name is Andrew Lyall and I’m the interim CEO of Expression Australia. I’m here today to announce that Brent Phillips has unfortunately resigned from here to move to an exciting role at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). It’s wonderful opportunity for Brent and he will be outstanding in his new role.

But for us here at Expression Australia it is a loss. Brent has worked here for 8 years, initially in the role of Manager, Community Relations. He was responsible for the interpreting program, Auslan training and video productions. Three years ago he was promoted to Director, Language, Partnerships and Innovation. He achieved many successful outcomes, and I will mention a few, not all as the list is extensive: partnering with government such emergency services, police and fire services, Melbourne PolyTechnic to ensure the two organisations had a strong relationship to support the success of their Auslan program, working with Deaf Services to establish Auslan Connections.

More recently Brent has been responsible for the daily Auslan updates – it was Brent’s initiative and drive that has made this so successful. Everyday Brent reads the script before it is put into Auslan to make sure it is appropriate. He works very hard behind the scenes. Brent advocated for weekly Auslan news with the ABC News and now every Sunday the news is interpreted – this has been an amazing outcome.

Many other things I’d like to comment on but I will save that for his farewell. For now I am just announcing his departure.

Brent’s last day at Expression Australia (Vicdeaf) is 9 October.

Brent I wish you much luck and congratulations; you will be fantastic in your new role. We will miss you here at Expression Australia so much.

Thank you



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