Announcing New Board Members

10 July 2024
New Board Members 1

Expression Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Board Directors.

Andrew Crisp AM APM, and Melisa Sloan commence their terms from 1 July 2024.

Andrew is an experienced public sector senior executive. His forty year career with Victoria Police included opportunities to work on national and international projects and working in Papua New Guinea and with the United Nations in Timor Leste. In 2018 at the rank of Deputy Commissioner, Andrew was asked to become Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner. Andrew was a trusted leader during five years of intense activity that included significant, bushfires, storms, floods and the response to COVID-19. Andrew has a wide range of skills and experience from strategic planning to community engagement and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the important role of Board Director at Expression Australia.

Melisa is the founder of Madison Sloan Lawyers, a published author, speaker and loves helping people to create beautiful legacies. Melisa has practised law for almost two decades predominantly in estate planning and probate with a particular emphasis on sophisticated complex estate planning matters and has featured in a number of publications as an authority on these topics. Drawing on her life experience, Melisa brings her knowledge and expertise in leadership, strategy, financial literacy and business management to the board.

We caught up with Andrew and Melisa to ask them about their appointments:

Andrew: "Expression Australia was an organisation I knew something about through working closely with many interpreters over the last 5 years and I was always impressed with their commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing community. Expression always kept me focused on thinking about what more I, and the broader emergency, services could do to better communicate with the community. I knew this was an organisation I wanted to work with and learn more about.

Based on my senior police and emergency management roles I believe I have strong a strong and broad skill set from community engagement to strategic planning. My real passion is really about working with people, to learn from them and support them to be more effective leaders.

I am very keen to support the Board, Rebecca and leadership team with the work they are doing to ensure that EA has a financially sustainable operating model that is underpinned by a positive culture."

Melisa: "I have long admired the work that Expression do and the exciting pathways that they undertake and their strong engagement with the deaf and hard of hearing community on a national level. The work Expression undertakes makes a different to the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages and I was keen to join the board so that I could impart my skills and expertise to assist in making a difference to this wonderful community.

Expression is doing some wonderful work and the strategic plan focuses on the implementation of some wonderful projects. I look forward to working with the board and executive team to bring these project to fruition, and to continue to support Expression in listening to the deaf and hard of hearing community so that we can assist in achieving their needs, making a difference to their lives and assisting them in having the same opportunities as every other child and adult has.

I was born with a severe/profound hearing loss and attended Princess Elizabeth Junior School for the deaf, so my whole life I have experienced the obstacles faced being hard of hearing. I think it is important to look at these obstacles as challenges and devise strategies to overcome them. In respect to my legal career, there are some aspects that I would not feel comfortable undertaking, for example litigation and having to engage in court matters. I have a wonderful team that I have built in my firm that allows me to successfully practice law, and who support me with the things that are challenging as a hard of hearing person."

Thank you Andrew and Melisa and welcome to the Expression Board!