1988 USA Deaf Hard of Hearing Youth Exchange Reunion

  • 08 February, 2018

Letter from Sharon:

30 years ago I was one of 20 deaf and/or hard of hearing students who were selected out of whole of Victoria to go on a youth exchange program to the USA. For most of us if not all of us at the time it was a trip of a lifetime. In the lead up to going to the States all the students and their families got meet and know each other. Through our leaders Kay and Kim we learnt basic english and american sign language so we could not only communicate with each other, but also so we could communicate with our american host sibling and their families. We lived with our host families in the Anaheim area of Los Angeles for two weeks and the third week was spent going to theme parks and travelling around. All in all, everyone had a wonderful experience.

I shared this with the hope that it might jog peoples memories who I am still looking for. I wish to get in touch or for them to get in touch with me as I would like to invite them to our 30 year Reunion that I am currently organising.

To get in contact please contact Sharon Sellick on 0429621843 or email: ssellick@outlook.com or look for USA’ 88 Reunion on Facebook.

I hope to hear from you all.




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