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    • 30 May, 2019
    New home for Expression Australia
    Expression Australia announce our future plans to develop an innovative and vibrant new space for the Victorian Deaf community.
    • 21 May, 2019
    Victorian Senior of the Year Awards
    Celebrate older Victorians who make a valuable difference to your community by nominating them for the 2019 #VicSenioroftheYearAwards.
    • 22 March, 2019
    Victoria Police Deaf Community Videos
    We recently worked with Victoria Police to develop and launch a series of video resources for the Deaf community. The videos cover what police officers do, how to seek help and interact with them, as well as important information such as what happens during an arrest.
    • 22 March, 2019
    Students complete the Native Auslan Interpreting Course
    Expression Australia, in partnership with Deaf Can:Do, recently completed a five-weekend Native Auslan Interpreting Course in Melbourne. All the students participating in the course were CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults).
    • 22 March, 2019
    Do you need Assistive Technology?
    Many people get a bit of help from technology these days, and itís often the small devices that have the biggest impact. Do you know if some one is at your front door? How do you know if there is a fire, or if your baby is crying? These are all times when technology could help.