Latest hearing aid technology 

A pair behind-the-ear hearing aids are displayed in front the their carry case which is also their recharging device. Expression Audiology can provide you with all the latest technology in hearing aids.

Key hearing aid features:

  • Modern digital hearing aids have extremely efficient sound processing capabilities, making sound quality comfortable and clear .  
  • Rechargeability is available in a range of hearing aid options meaning there is no need to handle disposable batteries, making your hearing aids much easier to manage.  
  • Bluetooth Connectivity is available in a range of styles, allowing the user to stream phone calls, podcasts, and music straight from their smart phone/device to their hearing aids.  
  • Noise reduction features identify speech from noise signals and process them separately. This allows for enhancement of speech and reduction of noise. 
  • App remote controls are available for users to download on their smart phone/device. This allows discrete control of your hearing aid volume, program chance and microphone direction without having to reach for the buttons on your hearing aid.  
  • Acoustic motion sensors allow real time sound processing even when a user is in motion giving the user the best chance of understanding speech from multiple directions.   
  • Directional microphones improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the speech in front of you.   
  • Tinnitus therapy is available in a range of hearing aids with varied signals such as ocean waves and static noise available.   

Speak to our university-trained audiologists about finding the latest hearing aid technology to suit your situation.   

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