Hearing tests and assessments

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What is a hearing test? 

A hearing test takes place in a soundproof booth or room:

  • You will listen to a range of sounds through headphones
  • You will press a button when you hear a sound  
  • You may also listen to words or sentences to measure how clear they are for you  
  • This will show the audiologist the level and type of hearing loss you have in each ear 

How can a hearing test help you?

A hearing test will give you information about what options may be suitable to help with your hearing. 

A hearing test can help support your application for the NDIS. We are a registered NDIS provider.  

How can I access this service?

If you are eligible for NDIS you should have a hearing assessment in your plan 

If you have a Pension Concession Card you are eligible for a free hearing test. 

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