The smoke alarm alerts users to fire hazard through sight (flashing light) and tactile (vibrating pad) to ensure safety within your home, particularly when asleep.

To be eligible you must be

  • Deaf or hard of hearing with a severe to profound loss or a severe high frequency hearing loss ≥70dB (2,3 & 4khz)
  • A resident of Victoria
  • Not eligible for other funding scheme such as NDIS

The smoke alarm pack retails at $629. Those who are eligible will receive the pack for a $50 out of pocket fee. The fee can be waived for those who hold a Pension Concession Card.

To apply for the subsidy, please complete the application form below and return it to Expression Australia head office Level 4/340 Albert Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002 or email to

Smoke Alarm Subsidy Application Form

This form will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and you'll need to upload your proof of Deafness.

Your Personal Information

NOTE: To receive a Smoke Alarm Kit, you need to make a $50 co-payment. If it is difficult for you to meet this cost, please contact for solutions.

NOTE: You can apply for more than one smoke alarm per household. For example, five profoundly deaf people live together can have five smoke alarms in the same house.

Living Arrangements

Client Responsibilities

The Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme is part of the State Government’s Victorian Aids and Equipment Program. As a client, you are responsible for the following. Please agree to all the conditions below in order to receive your smoke alarm below.

Maintaining the alarm

Test the alarm weekly to ensure it is working. Please see the attached instructions on how to test the alarm.

Refrain from making inappropriate use of or modification to the smoke alarm.

Contact Expression Australia immediately if:

The alarm is broken or faulty for a replacement within the two-year warranty period.

The alarm is broken or faulty for a replacement outside of the two-year warranty period. A replacement alarm can be provided for an additional $50 co-payment.

I change address or my contact details.

General Conditions

I understand that my $50 co-payment is a non-refundable contribution to the cost of the smoke alarm, and the Victoria State Government will cover the rest of the cost, by co-paying $650.

Minimise putting any member of the public at risk through the inappropriate or negligent use of the smoke alarm.

Proof of Profound Deafness

Please choose ONE of TWO options and attach the statement to this application.

I have attached a referee letter from a Teacher of the Deaf, Audiologist, Case Manager, Expression Australia staff, Deaf Victoria staff, Able Australia staff OR Doctor (GP) stating that I am profoundly deaf or have a severe high frequency hearing loss.


I have attached a most recent audiogram (within the last twelve months) proving that I am profoundly deaf or have a severe high frequency hearing loss .

Permitted file types, Word doc, JPEG, PNG, PDF. Max size 2MB