Hearing Awareness Training

Hearing awarness training

What is Hearing Awareness Training?

Hearing Awareness Training helps people better understand your hearing loss and its impacts on your life.

Our training can be tailored to suit the specific situation, interests or knowledge level of the audience. It can be delivered to employers, workplaces, various organisations and community groups.

Training runs for approximately 1 hour.

How Hearing Awareness Training can help you

Hearing Awareness Training helps your colleagues, family and friends better understand hearing loss and its impacts.

Our training provides those around you with practical information and strategies for better communication with you and other people with hearing loss.

"I wanted to say a big thank you for running Hearing Awareness Training with my workplace two weeks ago.

I received great feedback from my colleagues and many have continued to talk to me about my hearing and communication needs well into this week."

- Rachel

How to get this service

You can access this service via your NDIS plan.

Funding is also available via Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) and Job Access program

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