Auslan Update - 7 April, 2021


Australian Unions push for more Australians to have the ‘right to disconnect’.

  • The "right to disconnect" allows workers to refuse after-hours contact.
  • Some of the biggest unions in Australia are pushing for Australians to be able to refuse phone calls, texts and emails outside of work hours.
  • Unions say this is especially important for those who work in highly stressful situations.
  • The ‘right to disconnect’ was first legislated in France and now Victoria Police have signed up to abide by it.


Man who partially destroyed Victorian Aboriginal site near Lake Bolac sorry for 'huge mistake'.

  • A man, Adrian, has shifted stone that were placed in the shape of an eel by Aboriginal people more than 1,500 years ago has apologised for his actions. The stone structure is known as Kooyang Stone Arrangement.
  • Lake Bolac resident Adrian’s family owns a property the stone arrangement sits on.
  • He moved them without realising they were culturally significant stones to try and tackle weeds in the area and look after the property.
  • Eastern Maar cultural heritage manager John Clarke says the damage has been "traumatic" for traditional owners to witness.
  • Adrian said he hoped the stones could be restored to their original spots with the help of traditional owners.


With the Tasmanian state election coming on May 1st, Liberals, Labor and the Greens have started announcing what they will do for the state if elected:

  • On the topic of education both Labor and Liberal parties have a strong focus on TAFEs, both pledging funding to support regional students and employing additional teachers.
  • Labor also said they will support older Tasmanians to enter apprenticeships and implement career education in schools.
  • On Health Liberal have a strong focus on reducing wait times for elective surgery and dental procedures, as well as proposing building a private hospital opposite Launceston General Hospital.
  • Labor focused more on mental health, promising funding to have mental health workers in every public primary and high school Tasmania as well as mental health programs in schools and sporting clubs.
  • On Climate Labor promised funding for setti up a climate action workforce, installing solar panels in schools and a loan fund for interest-free loans for batteries.
  • The Greens again are focusing more on policy changes, saying they will introduce a "Safe Climate Act" and update Tasmania’s State Policy on the Protection of Agricultural Land
  • They have also listed many other energy saving initiatives for the state.


The New Zealand government will allow Australian travelers to enter the country without mandatory quarantine.

  • Flights will not be as easily accessed as before COVID. This could make flights more expensive.
  • Australians will need to meet NZ Govt’s eligibility criteria. In the last 14 days before the flight, you must:
    • Not have had a positive COVID-19 test
    • Not be awaiting the results of a COVID –19 test
    • Not be experiencing a new or worsening couch, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of sense of smell or a fever of at least 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Air New Zealand’s website said When you arrive in New Zealand you will need to undertake a “screening declaration process”