Downloadable Flash Cards to Assist Communication

If you're attending a vaccination hub, these cards can assist in informing staff of access requirements

My Language is Auslan

Download My Language is Auslan

I Am Hard of Hearing

Download I Am Hard of Hearing

Communication Techniques

Download Communication Techniques

We Help to Explain the COVID-19 Vaccination

We hosted an online Q&A session for the community with a Specialised Immunisation Nurse and Expression staff to answer any questions that came up.

Deaf Victoria debunk the myths around COVID-19

Deaf Victoria has produced this amazing resource explaining some information around the Covid-19 vaccination

The first of six videos which discusses the various types of vaccines, which we are eligible for and what they actually do.

The second video discusses the AstraZenaca eligibility for people over 60 and the TTS risks

The third video in the series discusses where and how you can book your vaccination

The fourth video in the series discusses the approval process for vaccinations. How are vaccinations approved and who approves them

The fifth video in the series discusses your rights and obligations around the wearing of masks

If you still have questions, the Australian Government has created a collection of videos in Auslan explaining Australia's COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

COVID-19 vaccination videos in Auslan