Employment Assistance Fund (EAF)

The Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) helps people with barriers access work related modifications, interpreting, services and disability awareness training.

What is the Employment Assistance Fund?

  • The Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) is available to people with barriers. For example: hearing loss, vision loss or mental health conditions
  • It is available for people currently working or about to start a job
  • EAF is also available to people with barriers who are self-employed
  • EAF can be accessed for Auslan interpreting at job interviews

How can the Employment Assistance Fund help you?

EAF provides funding for work related modifications and services including:

  • Modifications to your workplace or work vehicles
  • Assistive technology for your workplace. For example: flashing alert systems and pagers
  • Auslan interpreting in the workplace, including for job interviews
  • Services for people with learning disorders or mental health conditions. For example: counselling
  • Disability awareness training for your workplace
  • Deaf awareness training for your workplace
  • Mental health first aid training for your workplace
  • Auslan training for your colleagues

How to get this service?

To be eligible for the EAF, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have an ongoing barrier that impacts your ability to work
  • Be working in a job that will continue for more than 13 weeks
  • Be working 8 hours per week, or 20 hours per week if you are self-employed

For more information or to apply for EAF, click the link below: