How to get an NDIS plan

Find information on how to join the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Steps to get an NDIS plan

  1. Contact the NDIS using the National Relay Service (NRS) link below.

  2. They will ask you questions like

    - Are you born here or are you an Australian citizen?
    - Are you aged under 65?
    - Where do you live?
    - Were you born with a disability, did you grow up with a disability, or, will you have a disability for the rest of your life?

  3. If you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions, they will ask you for your email address or postal address so that they can send you an Access Request Form.

    You can also get an Access Request Form from your local NDIS office. Find your local NDIS office using the link below.

  4. You need to complete the Access Request Form to register for the NDIS.

    The Access Request Form will ask you for proof of your age, citizenship or residency. Examples include birth certificate, passport and/or electricity bill.

    They will also ask you for evidence of your disability. Example include doctor’s letter or Audiologist’s letter.

  5. When you have finished the Access Request Form you need to post or email it back to the NDIS.

  6. The NDIS will then process your form and contact you to organise a pre-planning meeting.

It may take the NDIS a few months to contact you because there are many people trying to get the NDIS.

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Contact the NDIS

NDIS phone number: 1800 800 110

Click here to make an NRS chat call to the NDIS.

Click here to find your local NDIS office.

How we can help with NDIS

We can help answer your questions about the NDIS or the Access Request Form.

We can also help you fill out the Access Request Form (ARF) and help you contact the NDIS.

Get help with NDIS

Click the button below. When you click the button you will have 2 options:

  • Option 1 you can submit a video enquiry in Auslan
  • Option 2 you can fill in a form in English
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