Our Partners

Our Partners and Projects

Our partners have helped us had a positive impact on our communities. Contact us to learn about the impact you could make through partnering with us.


Our vision is that our community lives in an accessible, inclusive society with equal opportunity in all areas of life.

For Deaf and hard of hearing people, progress toward achieving this vision will be made if knowledge and use of Auslan is the norm and feeling included is the rule, not the exception.

To achieve this vision, the challenge of communication needs to be shared. The starting point was to create a mobile solution for learning Auslan, to make learning Auslan tailored, fun, intuitive and on-demand to anyone, anytime: Auslan Anywhere

Unlike other apps, Auslan Anywhere content is created and curated by the Deaf community. This enables learners to discover more relevant signs and build a more meaningful connection with the Auslan language and culture.  It's a highly visible, dynamic and engaging experience, celebrating the ever-evolving Auslan language and culture.

ABC News

We have partnered with ABC News to provide an Auslan interpreted and captioned national news broadcast on Sundays at 6:00pm, allowing Australians who are Deaf and hard of hearing to access the news in their first language.

This is an important step in raising the awareness of Auslan and the right of people who are Deaf to have access to information.

Department of Education and Training

Early childhood services will offer children in the year before school, the opportunity to learn in Auslan as part of the Department of Education and Training’s Early Childhood Language Program. The purpose of this guide is to give teachers and educators in services delivering the Early Childhood Language Program some information about Auslan.

Collingwood Football Club

We were proud to be a Collingwood Football Club community partner, allowing us to provide an Auslan interpreter on screen during pre/post-game entertainment and all game breaks for selected home games. This helps to raise awareness in the AFL community of the importance of improving Auslan access on game day so that everyone can enjoy the experience.