Board Announcement - CEO Appointment

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 After an extensive search, the Board of Expression Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Long as our new Chief Executive Officer.  

Ms Long brings a wealth of experience from her career in the not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Ms Long’s most recent role was CEO of Maddie Riewoldt’s VisionMs Long is community-orientated and has built close working relationships with communities and stakeholders. We look forward to welcoming her to Expression Australia. 

We value the input, questions and views of our clients and community and invite feedback via Auslan video or email to Board will respond to all feedback. 

Board Announcement - Video Transcript:

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Expression Australia’s new CEO after an extensive national recruitment process. 

In consultation with the Board, the Senior Leadership Team and the outgoing CEO, it was clear that what we need from the next CEO is someone who is able lead the organisation to thrive and grow.   

We agreed the CEO needs to be responsible for: 

  • Being able to drive our vision to access, inclusion and equal opportunity to empower Deaf and hard of hearing people who experience barriers to inclusion and how they want to live 

  • Financial sustainability and marketing in a competitive NDIS environment, and grow our streams of income through the NDIS, our services, Government grants, and other philanthropic avenues 

  • Leading and steering the organisation effectively so that Expression Australia can deliver excellent services to Deaf, hard of hearing and Rainbow communities 

  • Deliver our Strategic Plan and focus on delivering innovative and better NDIS services, plus more investment and effort in developing Deaf and hard of hearing leadership inside and outside Expression Australia 

  • Be able build a strong culture in the organisation and lead people in a bilingual bicultural workplace 

The Board started a very detailed recruitment process to find the right CEO.  

The recruitment process was long and was interrupted by COVID-19. We made sure it was a bilingual, bicultural approach, the role advertised in Auslan and English and applications could be made in either language.  

We prioritised the search to focus on trying to recruit Deaf and hard of hearing candidates from across Australia. Candidates were shortlisted and interviewed by a balanced panel of Deaf and hearing board directors.  

We had a strong field of candidates and a very difficult decision.  

I am pleased to announce we have now selected a new CEO, Nicky Long. She will be starting with us on 16 November, 2020.  

Nicky has a background in not-for-profit organisations and is currently the CEO for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision. 

She brings to Expression Australia: 

  • Extensive experience on how to deliver strong financial and commercial outcomes, including government, corporate and philanthropic funding 

  • Extensive experience in using branding and marketing to deliver results to ensure that the organisations she works with thrive and grow  

  • She has a great attitude, community focused and ability to develop trusting and authentic relationships with people 

The Senior Leadership Team have been advised of the appointment and have assisted us to develop a transition program with the right people and we thank them for their assistance. 

As a Board we are confident we have chosen the right CEO who can lead us through these challenging times and can help us grow as an organisation, however, I can understand that some people may feel disappointment because of our goal as a Deaf Society for strong Deaf Leadership, which was what we wanted when we looked for a new CEO.  

However, we as a board will prioritise development of Deaf leadership inside and outside Expression Australia by helping to improve experiences and skills of Deaf professionals. Our new CEO already has some great ideas how to do this. We will work with her on this. 

If you have questions or concerns, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please contact us via  

We would like to thank and acknowledge, all Expression Australia staff for your excellent work leading Expression Australia through this difficult time and for your resilience, work and flexibility in adapting to change through the COVID-19 environment and making sure that Deaf and hard of hearing people are still supported through this time.  

On behalf of the Board, I would like to congratulate Nicky and we look forward to her joining the team and navigating our way out of COVID-19 together, and starting to deliver on our Strategic Plan to continue to serve the Deaf and hard of hearing communities as best we can, together. 



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