Why interpreters work with Expression Australia

Each interpreting shift is an opportunity to help someone. Everyone matters. Everyone deserves to be understood. The reasons for working with Expression Australia are very clear:

Work with purpose: Work for a non-profit provider that invests every dollar back into services and programs for the Deaf community.

Be where you’re needed: Expression Australia interpreters work in the State’s courts, police stations, hospitals, and emergency management centres. When things get complicated, people call Expression Australia. Inform people about the big decisions and emergencies that affect them.

Leading the way: We are pioneering the role of Deaf interpreters in Australia.

Work with the market leader: The most available hours, and deepest roster of clients.

Incentive program: bonus payments for casual interpreters working multiple hours with us.

Multiple ways of working: The biggest pools of casual hours in the State, VRI opportunities for remote work, staff positions for part-time or full-time stability.

Tailored services: The local knowledge to pair interpreters with the clients who need them most, so you’re giving the end user the best possible result

More jobs available in more locations. We have intern programs for developing interpreters, a debriefing and mentoring program delivered by the best interpreters in Australia. Professional development opportunities, free monthly learning sessions and structured development plans that align with NAATI accreditation requirements. If you want to develop, we will assist you in achieving your goals.

Our partnerships mean opportunities to work in unique environments, like in the biggest AFL games, on the ABC News, Government press conferences, Emergency Management and much more. We Understand the community and match clients to interpreters ensuring the best fit for both.

We are helping to building the sector: Working with educational institutions to close training gaps and develop a new credential for Deaf interpreters.

Deaf Interpreters

We are leading the implementation of Deaf Interpreters in Australia. While this is common in the US and UK, we are driving their adoption here. Deaf interpreters – who are Deaf themselves – work with Auslan interpreters to provide deeper context and wider understanding between English-speaking and Deaf audiences.

Two men having a conversation in Auslan

Working with the ABC

We fund a Deaf-led news broadcast on ABC TV. Every Sunday at 5pm, all around Australia, the ABC TV News is accompanied by a Deaf Interpreter, and followed by a specialised news segment that is produced by a Deaf-led team, for a Deaf audience. We provide about $250,000 a year to fund the segment with the ABC, which provides in-kind support of the studio and newsreader. We also provide interpreting services for the government, police, courts, and emergency services.

Working with Government

We work with all level of governments to provide Auslan interpreters for press conferences and other events. When there's key information to convey from government, emergency services, the police and many others, they turn to Expression for the exceptional standard and professionalism of our interpreters.

Karen Clare interpreting for Daniel Andrews at ABC news briefing

Collingwood AFL team walking on to the field at sports venue

Working with AFL

We present the AFL and major events, playing a key role in connecting Deaf Australia to culture and community. We are proud to provide live translation services for AFL speeches to connect Deaf audiences. This also includes captioning club theme songs.

Woman presenting seminar at Expression Australia AGM 2018


We work in partnership with police, courts, and emergency services to provide the State’s essential services and keep people safe and informed.

Two women having a conversation in Auslan outdoors


We are not-for profit. That means every dollar we make is proudly put back into the community we serve.

Interpreter assisting another man with laptop


We match clients to the interpreters that are best for them. We use our understanding of the community to build lasting connections and provide lifelong access and assistance.