ABC Education Story Time in Auslan

A collection of Australian children's books signed for you in Auslan by presenters from Expression Australia.

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Access Hub

Access Hub is a website with information for people who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, and/or have a speech impairment, and need to communicate over the phone.

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Deaf Emergency Information

Learn how to stay safe in the event of a bushfire and what to expect afterwards.

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Archibald Prize 2021-2023

Producing translations for the 52 finalist works in the exhibition each year has been a collaborative, Deaf-led process with Expression and five artists from the Deaf community.

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About the NDDA

The National Disability Data Asset will connect information from different government agencies with the aim to better understand the experiences of people with disability.

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NDIS information

Many NDIS concepts have not previously been translated in to Auslan so equivalent ways of signing them is required. A diverse linguistic team was formed to create the signs to ensure they are accurate and reflect the diversity of language in Auslan across Australia.

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Inclusive Juries – Victorian Law Reform Commission

The Commission considered how to make juries more inclusive by changing legislation and practices to enhance access for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision who wish to serve as jurors in Victoria.

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Auslan Update - James Webb Space Telescope

As part of our Auslan Update series, Nicholas Steer and Grant May chat about the James Webb Telescope, the new images, and what it means for the future of space exploration.

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Climate Change

Part of a series of three videos funded by the ILC Project designed to inform and empower the community to take action against climate change.

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What autism

What is Autism?

"What is Autism" is an animation explaining what Autism is and how it presents differently in each person on the spectrum. This video was an Auslan translation for Positive Partnerships.

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