Auslan Update - 31 March, 2021


Queensland records two new community COVID cases linked to Princess Alexander hospital cluster

  • Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed both cases are connected to the existing cluster.
  • The two new cases are another nurse and her housemate.
  • One of the new cases recorded today was a nurse at the hospital who received her first dose of the vaccination nearly a fortnight ago.
  • More than 33,000 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours.
  • If testing rates remain good across Queensland tomorrow this will be encouraging sign that lockdown could be lifted tomorrow.
  • An update on the situation will be provided tomorrow at 9am.

Covid-19 returns to NSW, one case has been confirmed in Byron Bay.

  • NSW Premier has announced social distancing restrictions will tighten in response to the case.
  • Restrictions will remain until the end of Easter in the following areas: Byron Bay, Ballina, Tweed and Lismore. Restrictions include:
    • Wearing masks while shopping or catching public transport
    • Masks will be mandatory for hospitality workers
    • The four square metro will apply in hospitality venues
    • Patrons must be seated, not standing
    • A cap of 30 visitors at homes, with records of attendance
  • There is concern for further positive tests to be revealed after the person attended a hen’s party last Saturday where one of the Brisbane cases attended.


Victorian tourism vouchers sell out again, as regional Victoria prepare for Easter.

  • 50,000 regional travel vouchers sold out in 3 minutes online this morning after being released.
  • The $200 discount vouchers are the latest campaign to support the recovery of the Victoria’s tourism.
  • Regional tourism is booming after lockdown restrictions ended however it is expected that challenges will continue into the coming months.


Tasmania's hire car shortage leading to holiday cancellations

  • Tasmanian tourism is suffering due to car hire shortage.
  • Businesses are reporting cancellation of trips due as cars are not available until mid-April.
  • Tourism operators are requesting free car travel on the Spirit of Tasmania ferries to help with the situation.


Google maps to start ‘eco friendly’ routes.

  • The Google Maps app will soon start to provide drivers with routes that generate lower carbon emissions.
  • Drivers will be able to compare routes based on ETA (estimated time arrival) and the CO2 emissions impact.
  • Maps users will also be able to compare car, biking, public transport and other transport options all in the one place.
  • The ‘Eco-Friendly’ routes feature will launch in the US later this year and then to the rest of the world.