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Victorian Deaf Parenting Groups/Programs

Auslan Story time - Glen Waverley Library

Click here to see times for 2015 at the Glen Waverley Library.

Bilingual Mother Goose Program – Victorian College for the Deaf

The VCD Bilingual Mother Goose Program focus on the language and cultural experiences where parents and carers share stories, songs ( Auslan) and having fun with their child/ren. The program encourages connections through rhythm, interactive play and meaning of language to help parents/carers experience positive engagement with their child. The Rose Program is a bilingual language immersion program for children aged 4+. This is an early years program where hearing and deaf children learn through play and storytelling activities. Auslan and English are demonstrated as two separate languages which provides the children a positive and strong language experiences.

VCD Bilingual Mother Goose and Rose Program is open to all parents, carers and their children. Those who may have interest in this program may include:

  • Deaf families with deaf children
  • Hearing families with deaf children
  • Deaf families with hearing children
  • Hearing families with hearing families using Auslan or interested in using Auslan.
  • If you have a young child between 0 - 5, you are welcomed to attend this program.

If you have any questions about our programs, please contact the VCD Bilingual Mother Goose Program Coordinator Vanessa Ravlich on victorian.ds@edumail.vic.gov.au or SMS 0416905371. Click here for the full brochure. 

Signee Tots & Family Support – John Pierce Centre

JPC provide a range of programs to strengthen family relationships. Workshops on parenting issues are held throughout the year, along with family camps at least every two years.

Pastoral workers can visit parents and couples in their homes to offer support and assistance with daily matters. All families have their ups and downs and a pastoral visit can provide confidential and encouraging support in times of difficulty.

JPC also provides regular fun activities for Deaf families with primary school aged children. Those with pre-school aged children might be interested to attend Signee-Tots our playgroup for Deaf parents with hearing or deaf babies and toddlers.

Signee-Tots encourages a better understanding of Deaf culture, recognition of Deaf role models, and development of sign language. Meets every Tuesday on a fortnightly basis.

Contact: Josephine Hynes Mobile: 0433 595 931 
Email: j.hynes@jpc.org.au

Deaf Parents Victoria

A facebook group for deaf, hearing impaired and hard of hearing parents (and their hearing partners) to share experiences, ideas and challenges as a deaf parent of hearing or deaf children. 

This group will have regular playcentre or playground gatherings throughout the year.

How to join?
Search Deaf Parents Victoria on facebook and become a member.  


Deaf Children Australia 

DCA organises Auslan interpreted activities for children, please click here to see what is on. 

Auslan Resources

Auslan Storybooks

An excellent website where you can enter the magical world of Auslan Storybooks. 

Here you will see "books" of stories - in Auslan. Deaf and hearing people of all ages who use Auslan can enjoy a wide range of stories. May it be a fantasy story, a true story or a science-fiction story. Enjoy a short story or a long story divided by chapters just like a written novel.


My Friend is Deaf

An Auslan story book and DVD for children. Click here for more information. 

Vivid Expressions

Vivid Expressions provides Australian made Auslan materials for the home. Their ever expanding range of products for families with a Deaf parent or child combine Auslan and English in educational and stylish ways. Whether you are learning or proficient, you too can bring signing into your home using their creative and stylish home furnishing merchandise.

Their products make great purchases for families using or learning Auslan, for a range of ages and abilities.  Products include finger spelling alphabet and numbers posters, fingerspelling letter prints, sign name portraits and many more!


Other Deaf Parents Video Resources

Raising Children Network - Parents with a hearing impairment

A short Auslan video on Deaf parents sharing their parenting experiences. The video is subtitled.


Parenting by Sign 

A video on a deaf couple in NZ who is about to become parents. A deaf couple who already became parents provided them advice.


International Deaf Parenting Resources

Deaf Parenting UK
Deaf Parents with Hearing Children USA
Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International - Deaf Parents with Hearing Children

Resources about bilingualism (raising kids with two languages)

Raising Children Network - Bilingualism and raising bilingual children



Vicdeaf Alarm Subsidy

Baby Cry Alarm Loan Scheme