Natasha: Community Support Worker

Hi, my name is Natasha and I’m a Community Support Worker

As you know people who are Deaf or hard of hearing have different skills and abilities just like anyone else. Sometimes, people think we can’t communicate and therefore we won’t be good at our jobs but guess what…we are!

Here’s my story so that you can learn more about people who are Deaf and how we work.

I love my job...

I support children with disabilities as well as their families. I love my job because I am able to contribute and use both my personal experience as well as my professional experience to give back. I feel good knowing I have made a change and contributed to people’s lives. It’s my passion.

I overcome challenges...

I support a variety of clients, with varying needs, including a young girl who is Deaf and has cerebral palsy. I help her to shower, dress, with her schooling and to communicate with her teacher or therapists.

I work with all my clients to help them overcome challenges and enhance their understanding. We problem solve by using gestures, sign language, drawing pictures and even making things. I can often communicate with my clients when others can’t because I understand their frustrations and challenges.

I’m just one of the team...

I am dedicated to my job and I am a reliable person with strong organisational and time management skills. I love my work and am flexible with whatever is thrown my way. I am part of a team that helps my clients have a better life. It’s great to contribute.

I’m proud of what I do.

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