Jaqui: Courier

Hi, my name is Jaqui and I’m a courier

As you know people who are Deaf or hard of hearing have different skills and abilities just like people who hear. Sometimes, people think we can’t communicate and therefore we won’t be good at our jobs but guess what…we are!

Here’s my story so that you can learn more about people who are Deaf and how we work.

I love my job...

I drive a delivery van and I really love my job. When customers receive their parcels, I feel like I’m Santa giving out gifts. My job keeps me fit and healthy and I get to meet all sorts of people.

I overcome challenges...

Every day has little challenges when delivering parcels.

For example, when there's an audible doorbell. So, I place my hand on the button, press it and feel it vibrate, and I ‘hear’ it ring in another way. If people are home and there’s a camera, I hold up the parcel, and people get there is a parcel. If no one answers, I leave a delivery slip.

When all the shops were closed due to coronavirus, my delivery route changed. I met my manager and interpreter on Zoom every day. Everyone has problems using Zoom, like forgetting to mute, but luckily for me this isn’t an issue ;)

I’m just one of the team...

I am a quick worker and learner. I always complete my round on time and love to help others in my team with their work if needed.

I was promoted to a Senior Postal Delivery Officer (SPDO). I started on a trial and my bosses could see I was able to do the job, and I wasn’t limited in performing my duties because I can’t hear so I got the job permanently. Over time, I would love to train to become a Team leader and teach others my little tricks for doing the job well.

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