How to choose hearing aids

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Questions to ask yourself when choosing hearing aids

  1. What is the severity and degree of your hearing loss?  
    Our audiologists will recommend a range of hearing aids that are suitable for your hearing situation  
  2. How easy is the hearing aid to manage?
    Think about things such as can you easily change disposable battery changes or would a rechargeable model be better?
  3. What degree of sound quality do you need?  
    This can increase in level of performance   

  4. What type of environments are you in on a daily basis?  
    Do you need to talk to people in noisy environments such as cafes and restaurants?  
  5. What additional devices are you using on a daily basis (phone, TV, radio)?  
    Do you need your hearing aid to sync to devices via Bluetooth?  

  6. What is your budget?  

  7. Are you eligible for and funding sources?  
    For example: private health care rebate, Senior’s Card, Pension Concession Card, NDIS.   

Once you have answered the questions above, book an appointment and our audiologists can help you choose the right hearing aids for your hearing needs and lifestyle goals.

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