Hearing assessments with NDIS

People applying to the NDIS for hearing require the results of an updated hearing test - this is also known as an audiogram.

I need a hearing test to apply for NDIS

We are a registered NDIS provider and our audiologists have lots of experience with NDIS applications for hearing loss eligibility.  

Our audiology team can complete a comprehensive hearing test and report for you to submit the NDIS. 

I have an NDIS plan for hearing 

If you have an NDIS hearing plan you can access the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP). 

Participants who already have NDIS plans for hearing can access subsidised hearing tests through the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP). 

How to get this service

You might have funding for this in your NDIS plan. If you do not know, you can contact us.

Click the button below. When you click the button you will have 2 options:

  • Option 1: you can submit a video enquiry in Auslan
  • Option 2: you can fill in a form in English
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