Hearing loss management and rehabilitation

A grandmother a her toddler grandson are laughing while looking at a smart phone. If your hearing challenges are impacting your relationships Expression Audiology can help.

What is hearing loss management and rehabilitation?

Hearing loss management and rehabilitation aims to help you with your hearing loss to better accept and manage your hearing, especially in noisy or challenging environments.

It helps your family, friends and co-workers to better understand your hearing loss and its impacts.

This service can be provided via a private appointment or a group presentation.

How hearing loss management and rehabilitation can help you

  • It helps you, your family and your friends to better understand and manage your hearing loss
  • It gives you tools and increased confidence to better manage difficult communication situations
  • It can help you to better use your hearing aids to maximise their effectiveness
  • It helps you have a better quality of life

How to get this service

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