Speech therapy

A speech therapist is sitting at a table with a young woman. The speech therapist is giving instructions on how to say a word. Contact Expression Audiology for support from our adult speech therapy service.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is also known as speech pathology. Speech therapy is an assessment of your speech and communication ability.

A speech therapist can work with you on your goals to improve speech and communication.

This service can be at a clinic or in your home.

How can a speech therapist help you?

A speech therapist can help you:

  • to speak more clearly
  • improve your oral communication skills so that you can express yourself more clearly to others
  • read and understand written English better
  • write better in English

How to get this service?

This service is for adults and there is a fee for this service. The fee may be funded by your NDIS Plan if you have one. This service can be provided at a clinic or in your home.

Expression Australia does not currently offer this service, but we recommend visiting Speech Pathology Australia for more information.

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