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PACS Pro 17 custom earplugs

How will custom made earplugs help me?

We provide a range of different earplugs that are used for different purposes including:

  • Specialised filtered earplugs are great if you are a musician or just want to listen to music more safely  
  • Reducing loud noise workers in noisy environments, shooters and motorsport enthusiasts 
  • Helping you get a good night’s sleep if you live on a busy road or you have a partner who snores
  • Helping swimmers who cannot get water in their ears

How our custom hearing aids are made

Our custom-made earplugs are made from a soft silicon material that fits your ear exactly, so you don’t need to worry that it will move around or fall out during use.    

Your Audiologist will take a mould, also known as an impression, of your ear, which the earplug will be built from - so that it fits you perfectly.  

We then work with several high-quality manufacturers to ensure we can find the product that is best for you and your requirements.

How to get this service

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