Auslan Anywhere Competition Winners

13 May 2021

Last month we released brilliant interactive platform website app Auslan Anywhere! Since launching, over 1000 Learners have registered and almost 500 videos from our Creators.

We held a competition from April 17 - May 1 where if a Learner made three requests, their name would go into a draw once and the same if Creators responded to three requests. The lucky winners of the draw will receive a $100 Prezzee voucher.

The winning Learners are:

  • Mia Sattler from Victoria
  • Gayle Cerchi from Victoria
  • Garry Leach from Victoria

The winning Creators are:

  • Jacob Clarke, ACT
  • Melissa Bryson, Victoria
  • Lauren Fox, Victoria

If you’re fluent in Auslan, we encourage you to join as a Creator and respond to requests from Learners to help people learn Auslan. A lot of families with Deaf and hard of hearing children have joined Auslan Anywhere so they can better communicate with their children.