Notetaking and captioning

A notetaker provides either hand written or digital notes for many different settings, including education and professional environments. Captioning is the conversion of spoken English to written English, typically with captions displayed on a screen.

What is notetaking?

Notetakers are engaged to take notes for events, classes and meetings.

Notetakers are often booked together with Auslan interpreters. This allows the Deaf person to concentrate on the Auslan interpreter without missing the opportunity to take notes.

Unlike captioning, notetaking does not intend to capture every word spoken; it intends to capture critical content in a brief summary.

Notes can be provided in a hand-written or digital format.

Notetakers only work from spoken English to written English. If you want to have a conversation with a Deaf person who uses Auslan, you should engage an Auslan interpreter.

What is onsite captioning?

An onsite captioner will attend your meeting or event and will record information in written English, word-for-word, as it is spoken.

This data can be broadcast to a personal device or displayed on a screen for the entire audience.

What is remote captioning?

A remote captioner will connect to your meeting or event via a phone line or VoIP link, and stream the written English to your venue in real time.

This data can be broadcast to a personal device or displayed on a screen for the entire audience.

The organiser must guarantee a good audio connection, and someone must be available to connect with the captioner before the meeting or event begins.

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Auslan Connections

Auslan Connections provides Auslan interpreting, VRI (Video Remote Interpreting), notetaking and captioning services. 

Auslan Connections is a joint venture of Expression Australia and Deaf Services. We provide interpreting across the whole of Australia. 

All profits from Auslan Connections are invested back into services for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. 

You can book an interpreter via email, SMS, phone or using our online portal on the Auslan Connections website. 

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