Employee benefits

At Expression Australia, you will enjoy a wide range of employee benefits. Find out more about them below.

Diverse and inclusive workplace

  • We are passionate about ensuring that our workplace is diverse and representative of all people; deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, people of different ethnicities and the LGBTIQA+ community.
  • Including everyone with respect is important to us. We want people to feel that we work together to break down barriers.
  • We help staff to develop in the career they want.
  • Click the link below to learn more about our culture.

Our workplace and values

Training and development

  • When you first arrive, we will provide you with in-depth induction training to give you the best start and to ensure you have a positive experience and understanding of Expression Australia.
  • We provide employee with ongoing learning opportunities, including training, workshops and conferences, ongoing career planning as well as study leave.
  • Expression Australia has implemented a “Workforce Strategy”. The workforce strategy will help us know what support and development opportunities you need and want. We need people with the right skills to support our clients and to provide services that match our organisation’s objectives.

Our Workforce Strategy has 5 focus areas:

  1. Understanding the organisations training needs
  2. Adapting to change
  3. Growing our ability to lead
  4. Attracting and keeping our best staff
  5. Increasing our ability to perform at our best

Flexibility and work-life balance

  • Full time, part time and casual positions are available.
  • Flexible working arrangements can be negotiated.
  • Employees are entitled to paid parental leave.

Highly engaged workforce

  • Each year our employees complete an annual “employee engagement survey”.
  • Our survey results show we have staff who enjoy working at Expression Australia and think providing services to people is important. We have evidence that people like working at Expression Australia more than in other Disability Services sector.

Employee well-being

  • Employees have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free counselling.

Free Auslan Courses

  • We are a bi-lingual organisation where both Auslan and English are the utilised languages.
  • Our employees who can’t sign are provided with free, in-house Auslan courses and ongoing coaching.