Our workplace and values

We have a unique workplace culture at Expression Australia. Learn more about it below.

What makes Expression Australia a great place to work?

  • We are fortunate to be a unique organisation, with a rich culture and history dating back to 1884.
  • We are an iconic and progressive community organisation that is rapidly evolving, and we are a leader in providing services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or who experience barriers to participation.
  • We are a bi-lingual and bi-cultural organisation.
  • We have staff that communicate in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and in English. We respect both languages equally and encourage our staff to be bilingual.
  • We celebrate the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the Deaf community.
  • We live and breathe our organisational values and what we stand for.

Our Strategic Plan

We have the vision of giving all people who are Deaf and hard of hearing every opportunity to connect with and contribute to society. To have the freedom to develop in all aspects of life, in their language of choice, and for our support to extend to their families.

Our Strategic Plan is available in Auslan and English.

For more information, contact us:

Email recruitment@expression.com.au

SMS / Facetime 0402 217 586

Phone (03) 9473 1111