Auslan translation

Auslan translation includes translation of documents or recorded material from either Auslan or English into the other language.

What is Auslan translation?

Auslan translation is different from interpreting. Interpreting occurs in real-time, whereas translation involves a text or video.

When translating a text, we engage the services of a Deaf consultant to ensure the language is accurate and culturally appropriate for the audience.

Translation is generally used for text, videos or recorded media that will be viewed more than once.

Examples of translation include:

  • Videos in English that require an Auslan version
  • Training materials that require Auslan for accessibility
  • Police or legal recordings that require Auslan to English translation
  • Translation for personal use, correspondence and contracts

Typically, personal translation can be funded by an appropriate NDIS plan.

How to book this service

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Auslan Connections

Auslan Connections provides Auslan interpreting, VRI (Video Remote Interpreting), notetaking and captioning services. 

Auslan Connections is a joint venture of Expression Australia and Deaf Services. We provide interpreting across the whole of Australia. 

All profits from Auslan Connections are invested back into services for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. 

You can book an interpreter via email, SMS, phone or using our online portal on the Auslan Connections website. 

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