After-hours emergency Auslan interpreting

The after-hours emergency Auslan interpreting service is predominately for police and hospitals who may require an interpreter out of hours in the case of an emergency. Can be available as part of your NDIS package.

After-hours emergency Auslan interpreting hotline:

Phone (03) 9473 1174

If you are involved in an emergency

All Deaf people have the right to a certified interpreter when they are a patient in a hospital or when they are talking to the police.

It is the responsibility of the hospital or police to book and pay for the Auslan interpreter.

Expression Australia has an after-hours phone number that hospitals and police can call to arrange an Auslan interpreter.

When is the after-hours emergency Auslan interpreting hotline available?

The after-hours emergency service accepts requests in Victoria and Tasmania.

The after-hours emergency service operates:

  • 5pm – 8am weekdays
  • 24 hours a day on weekends
  • 24 hours a day on public holidays

For emergencies in states other than Victoria and Tasmania, please contact your local Deaf Society or language service provider.

If you have NDIS funds, there are times you may use your own funds for an interpreter. For example, if you are not injured yourself, but want access to information for a family member.

How to get this service

If your emergency happens outside of business hours, call the hotline below:

After-hours emergency Auslan interpreting hotline:

Phone (03) 9473 1174

Remember, if your emergency is during business hours, please contact Expression Australia directly on the details listed below.